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Your Go-to Summer Fruit: Mango!

Mango is a summer fruit mostly found in South Asia. It grows in trees that can go as high as 100 feet, hence the name “Highest fruit”. First found in India during the worldwide expeditions of the 15th century. Mangos have now become one of the most eaten fruits in the World. From Mexico to Pakistan, this green-ish berry doesn’t only taste extremely good but also has tons and tons of benefits for your health.

I mean doesn’t it feel good to be eating something not only tasty but also will not kill you. Or make cancer cells dance the Tchu-tcha in your body?

I thought so.

So for you and only you!

Here are all the benefits of Mango you wish you knew earlier


Mango the summer fruit : May help improve your eyesight

Mangos contain a LOT of Vitamin A ( 20% of your daily needs). This Vitamin helps improve your eyesight. It is mostly present in food like carrots and sweet potatoes. And now you know it’s present in Mangos!

Keep those eyes healthy, you’ll want them as strong as possible this summer!

Mangos imrprove eyesight

Your immune system will want you to have Mangos

In Addition to Vitamin A ( which is excellent for your immune system also). Mangos contain Vitamin C and provide about 80% of your daily needs in it.  Vitamin C helps white blood cells function better and triggers your immune system to produce more of them.

So basically,

Mangos can prevent you from getting sick!

I mean, sick during the summer?


immune system

Mangos might become your new happy pills

Mangos contain Vitamin B6 that is known to create neurotransmitters that regulate emotions. And improves the level of serotonin and dopamine ( they are basically chemicals that give you the feeling of motivation, excitement. And happiness during the day ).

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Mango the summer fruit: Keeps you happy

Mango the summer fruit: May prevent Anemia

Vitamin B6 is not only good for your mood but it also helps with blood deficiency diseases like Anemia. This chemical triggers the production of Hemoglobin. (A protein found within red blood cells and carries oxygen in the body). And this helps the blood flow and consistent production of blood cells.

Mango the summer fruit helps with anemia

 No cholesterol

Yes, you heard me, NO CHOLESTEROL in Mangos. And including Mangos in your diet may help decrease risks of high cholesterol.

And thus prevent strokes, heart attacks and other sudden death causes that we don’t really want to get into.

Mangos do not have cholesterol

Help during pregnancy 

As you may have noticed, Mangos have a tremendous amount of vitamins. These vitamins are not good for you but also for your baby. Including Mangos, a regular fruit to eat during pregnancies helps a normal and better growth of the embryos.

Mango summer fruit: helps with pregnancy

Mango the summer fruit: Helps you lose weight

YES. Mangos do help with weight loss! A whole Mango contains about 200Kcal. Just to make you understand this, a snickers bar is 488Kcal. It doesn’t have any good impact on your health, in fact, it could cause diabetes and cholesterol and of course gain weight. 

Eating an amount of 100g of Mango ( half a Mango) will not only keep you full for several hours. But will also give tons of nutrients and energy you will be needing throughout your day!

Mango summer fruit: helps with weight loss

So what do we say to unhealthy foods?


not today

Eat your Mangos!


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