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Top 10 Herbs And Foods For Breast Augmentation

Breast is an essential part of every woman’s body as it significantly contributes to her beauty. Women with big breasts are perceived as healthier and more fertile. There are a lot of women who dream about having bigger breasts and perceive it as the ultimate solution for getting the perfect body. Hence, they try every possible solution available to maximize their size in every possible way they can.

There are numerous solutions, including dome easy home remedies on the internet and combining them might increase your chances of getting those big melons. It is a fact that certain foods increase your breasts size and contribute to their augmentation. However, the diet should be combined with exercising and the use of extra products such as some creams and lotions.

Fenugreek for bigger breasts

get bigger breasts

Phyto-estrogens will help increase your breast size by stimulating the estrogens produced by your body, helping the milk ducts get bigger, which will make your breasts bigger and larger.

Soya Beans and Milk

Soy contains estrogen which is a natural,female growth hormone. It contains phytoestrogens, which binds to estrogen receptors. Estrogen makes your boobs bigger.

get bigger breasts

Cashews, peanuts, walnuts, and peca

Nuts are an excellent source of fat and protein. They are considered as an excellent natural way to give your breast size a nudge.

get bigger breasts

Fennel seeds for bigger breasts

Fennel has definitely proven to bust breast size through the stimulation of milk glands in the boobies.

get bigger breasts

Dong Quai Root

Dong Quai makes your skin elastic giving more space for your breasts to grow. It gives more room for milk production increasing your breast size even when you are not lactating.

get bigger breasts


it is rich with estrogen, aiding those who suffer from hormonal imbalance …A refreshing papaya and milk juice will help you increase your cup size.

get bigger breasts

Prawns, Oysters, shellfish, spearfish and all kinds of seafood

Seafood has a high level of manganese, which levels up hormones and grows breasts tissue.and who does love seafood ??

get bigger breasts

Also, if you want to lose weight without depriving yourself from food you love, here are some foods you can eat and still lose weight!

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto makes sure that estrogen flows freely by blocking the testosterone in your body.

get bigger breasts

Healthy Oils

Some natural oils hold numerous antioxidants that considerably influence your boobs’s size. By constantly rubbing your breast. They are said to highly increase breast size by the making of new cells.

get bigger breasts

Dairy products to get bigger breasts

Dairy products include hormones comparable to those in the human body. Cow milk has hormones have similar to progesterone and estrogen which are necessary for milk production. Unless you are lactose intolerant then you can use one of the solutions above.

get bigger breasts

In short, all these natural products can help you get your dream pair. You can try each one apart before you decide what is ideal  for you. If you are looking for faster results, then the best way is to combine all the methods mentioned in this. And if you are allergic to any ingredient don’t use it.

Don’t forget, using natural products with creams and pills together could change your results.

And don’t forget Big boobs or Small boobs, you’re beautiful either way.


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