Worst Hairstyles: Bad Hair You SHOULD Care

A good hairstyle is what finishes a good look. But luck doesn’t always have your back. And you end up having a really bad hair period and wearing caps 24/7.

From bad haircuts to simply having a terrible day. Today’s article will be all about the worst hairstyles.

I mean during our whole life. It’s only normal to at least have had one terrible hair day. In my case, every day is funny hair day.

Get ready to find humor in hair problems. Brought to you by your favorite writer.

The Worst Hairstyle For Grandma:

Grams?! Who convinced you that this bad hairstyle looked good on you??

Bad Hair Day?

bad hair day

I wonder what she was thinking of describing this funny hair for the hairdresser. “Well Sarah I was hoping you turn my hair into a hairy man’s package”

Either way, you won’t have just a bad hair day darling. You’ll have a whole year.

Ball To The Hair

weird hair

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you took a ball to your hair?? Bad hair is what you get my dear.

Well, we answered your question with a very interesting visual. This is exactly what you would look like if someone were to strike you on the hair.

But look at the bright side. You would bring laughter to all your friends and family with that bad hairstyle.

Your Zipper Is Down Miss?

zipper hir cut


This bad hairdo is just the worst. Bad to the point where it deserved an honorable place in our worst hairstyles list.

When you go to the barbershop and ask for an easy-open hair look this is what you should expect.

Bad Hairstyle On National TV

bad hair day

Guess he did not see what they did to the poor grandmother.

For this reason, you don’t ask your grandchildren for a hairdo if you have an important televised interview. Bad hairstyles are their favorite. Next thing you know they put you in a bad hair meme.

The Tree

tree bad hair

You’re a nature lover? Flower and trees make you very happy? Then this is the perfect bad hairdo for you.

You want to look good? Get yourself a tree hair.

Just protect it from the birds and you’ll be good to go.

Bad Hair; Rain Day

bad hair day


It’s gonna be cloudy in the top of the head and very raining in the forehead area. Don’t forget to have an umbrella if you’re camping in the nose area guys.

If you want to lose some friends, this is one of the worst hairstyles to make it happen folks.

Seriously though, use one of these products and save a life!

Goodbye Spiderling

bad hair day spider

Spider-man is out of the MCU. So he found a new home in this kid’s hair.

Too soon??? Sorry. You could try it if you want to be called spiderling in school for the next few years of your life. I mean if you appreciate the joke then GO ahead mate.

The Bad Hair For The Queen Of The Jungle

bad hair

If you want to look royal. You have to try this.

Have the fashionable sense of a cheetah. The power of a lion. And the looks of a costumed person in a circus.

Be ready to turn heads. And of course, make some laughs. Bad hair is a very good way to give your friends some humor.

Celebs Have Bad Hairstyles?

Even celebrities have bad hairstyles. Not all of them have a princess hairstyle. Rocking a gorgeous dress while they visit the grocery store. We all know that taming a wild head full of hair every day can be a hard job. And luckily for most of us, there aren’t paparazzi waiting on the street to get your picture.

Also, lucky for us, the paparazzi do follow celebs everywhere, and the proof of their disheveled locks gives hope to civilians suffering from a bad hair day.

God Bless America!

donald trump

What a better way to start this segment than to start with America’s president.

Although some people are still convinced that it’s not Mr.Trump’s hair. He let Jimmy Fallon mess it up to assure them. But meeeeh!!!! Does that look real to you??? OF COURSE NOT. However, we get a laugh out of it. So Thank-You Mister Donald Trump for trying to keep us entertained.

Bad Hair For Christina


Christina Honey! You should have left the genie in the bottle pumpkin.

Well, this hair is completely scary. It’s extra-fluffy and frizzy and so much not you Christina. But hey we learn from our mistakes. And we stop choosing bad hairdos for red carpet events.

We’re not even gonna start on the makeup. Nor those very painful looking zigzag braids. I can bet my life that this picture has given some people nightmares.

Bad Hair*ry Potter:

bad hair for daniel

I’m gonna come forth and say that I’m a huge Potterhead. SUE ME I DON’T CARE AT THIS POINT.

Daniel Radcliffe was asked to grow his hair for the part Igor in the movie Victor Frankenstein alongside James Mcavoy. We all were bumped that he does not have his Harry Potter hairstyle anymore. But we loved his Igor persona.

During the movie, he looked very handsome. But THIS was one of his bad hair days.

Even his face shows how embarrassed he is. He solemnly swears that he’s up to no good with that kind of hair.

He may as well get the Elder Wand to change that frizzy hair. That’s if the Polyjuice Potion to turn him into someone else doesn’t work.

Don’t pay any worries, my child. Soon enough this picture will be long forgotten. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!

Bad Hairy Spy

Black Widow, dear don’t get me wrong or anything. But that hairstyle was not the best for you. You better thank the Lord that Anthony Mackie did not see that. Or else you would have been teased to death Scarlett.

Alpaca Bad Hair:

worst hairstyles

Barbers don’t just mess up for us. They apparently ruin animals’ hairdo too.

This poop Alpaca will have no luck with the female Alpacas and they will all run away from him.

Poor little Alpaca.

This brings me to the end of my article. I wish that this made your day a little better. And don’t forget to trust no one with your hair. Not even yourself.

Write to you later my Loves XOXO

*All the pictures were gathered from unsplash, Pinterest, and Tumblr*


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