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Women’s World Cup: The Incredible USWNT Ladies


You watched them Rock fields in the women’s world cup (I’m judging you hard if you didn’t), you definitely heard about them. These ladies have huge accomplishments both as a team and as individual athletes.


USWNT is now officially the Highest Scoring Team in Tournament History.

The U.S team previously won three Women’s world cups. Now they’ve conquered the fourth one, in the final match against the Netherlands this Sunday, July 7th.

Here’s a brief summary of their accomplishments at the 2019 World Cup:

Wins :14 / Losses : a tiny little 1 / Draws: 2 / Goals : 55

Now let us introduce you to these amazing women.

First one in line is …..

Alex Morgan # 13

This California native made her biggest impression when she scored the winning goal in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup- Japan 2012. Earning her team’s victory over North Korea.

The California native made her biggest impression when she scored the winning goal in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Morgan recently reached 106 goals. In 165 matches. Unbelievable.

FIFA named it the Goal of the tournament.

Oh and did I mention she was the best-paid player in 2015?

Megan Rapinoe #15

Rapinoe Awarded Golden Ball as Tournament’s Best Player.

We couldn’t agree more!

Rapinoe Wins Golden Boot as Tournament’s Top Score.

Rapinoe is best remembered for her legendary cross to Abby Wambach in the 122nd minute against Brazil in the semifinals of the 2011 Women’s World Cup.   still, the latest goal ever scored in a World Cup match.

This fierce woman is an Olympic gold medal winner along with her teammates. Also, Rapinoe is one of the three captains of the USWNT, and it’s obviously a good decision.

 She’s not only an incredible athlete, but she’s also an amazing human being. Advocating for LGBT rights, as loud as she can. Moreover, she’s not afraid of speaking politics AT ALL.

She partnered with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, for the purpose of developing a safe climate for young athletes in schools.

You gotta love her.

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Carli Lloyd # 10

This stunner is behind a lot of memorable moments in the female soccer field. In the 2015 Women’s World Cup- in which she was team captain, she scored THREE GOALS WITHIN 15 MINUTES of the game against Japan.

Lloyd is playing for the team in 2019’s World Cup. This will be her fourth World cup.

Her career is just as fascinating as you would imagine! Apart from being a core member of the National team, she played in U.S professional leagues alongside Sky Blue, Chicago Red Stars, and Atlanta Beat as well as the Houston Dash, Western New York Flash, and Sky Blue FC.

She also spent a season with Manchester City to challenge herself and live the Champion’s league experience. Which I find highly Inspiring!

That is definitely nothing less than LEGENDARY.

Crystal Dunn # 19

Dunn has been part of the national team since 2013. She played EVERY minute with the winning U.S team of the 2012 FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup.

This 27 years old woman is an incredibly versatile player. She’s crafted her role as a defender with the USWNT. But, she excels in every position on the field.

Forward, Midfielder or defender, She can do it all.

Performing with such grace.

Christen Press # 23

Press has been named to the NWSL Best XI three times, the third most in league history.

Press has 47 goals in 113 caps under her name!

This beauty made her first appearance with the USWNT in 2013. She also played with the winning team of the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

She proved herself to be a legit leader in everything. From goals and assists to points and shots. It is safe to say that her star shined brighter than ever, while she played for Stanford.

The 30 year old girl-crush is known for breaking records. She has earned herself a good number of trophies and awards.

She should be every girl’s GOALS. Pun Intended.


These women and many more are a true inspiration to all of us. Their achievements proved just how powerful we can be. And yet, they’re still having issues getting an equal pay… Make these ladies your daughter’s role models.

Instead of those, you know, Disney Princesses.

Don’t forget to root for The Gals (it’s an inside joke).

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