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Why Are You Single?

Being in a loving relationship is something everyone wants. Having someone who will love you and respect you sounds very interesting doesn’t it? Most people would never choose single life. I know you all want a strong handsome man to love you, cherish you, treat you like a queen. You finally found him! But off course he friendzoned you didn’t he?

I hate to break it to you darling but…..You’re single AF. How do I know that you may ask? Well you’re reading this so you clearly are not in any sot of commitment. And the only relationship you have is with your bed, fridge, and Netflix account.

I’m being a little harsh but it’s all for your own good. And I’m only here to help you. I’m gonna tell you WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE.

So sit tight. And pay close attention to what I’m gonna say.

You keep asking yourself the same question over and over again. Dear Diary, why does being single bother me a lot? Why can’t I find someone to love me? Am I so lonely?

Today I will bring you the real reasons why no one wants you.

You Have Terrible Sense Of Humor:

Sometimes you think that you’re very cool. As a matter of fact, you think you’re a comedian sometimes. For this reason, you pull off stunts like the one below. Then you end up left all alone. Because you drove away all the boys that were interested in you. And YOU DARE ask why are you single?!!!

single life memes

You Are Too Picky:

Being single can make you incredibly lonely. And being picky can make you forever lonely. You just have very high standards that make you think you’re gonna land yourself a man like Chris Hemsworth. Trust me darling he is already married and one of his kind. Maybe if you lower the bar a bit and sacrifice something for the greater good (Don’t tell Gellert Grindelwald that I used his motto I don’t want to be obliviated) You may get yourself a solid 6 maybe a 7. And you won’t be a single woman anymore.

single life memes

You Have A Bit Of A Clinginess Problem:

You have a problem with getting attached, too attached for the others’ liking. And due to that tiny issue, you think that it’s okay to suffocate your significant other with your presence…LITERALLY.

You need to change that if you want to find a boy and not be a single woman your whole life.

clingy girlfriend

Spending Too Much Time With Your Girlfriends And You Got Used To Being Single:

You have a big problem distancing yourself from your girlfriends and you can’t seem to remember that you’re not single anymore. For this reason, you bring them to all your dates. And you spend so much with them when you should be spending it with your Hubby. Trust me, girl your clan will be no good to you when you end up single at the age of 94 with 70 cats and a bird. Enjoy the single life then. *waves*

memes for single woman

You’re Still In Love With You Ex And You’re Not Ready For The Single Life:

*SIGHS* I really don’t know what to tell you if you’re still hung up on your EW… I mean EX. Girl, there is a reason things ended between you two. And I’m pretty sure it’s not for you to still be hung upon him. COME ONNNN!!! If you go back to your ex it’s like going back to prison. And you only go back if you haven’t learned your lesson.

I believe you haven’t Dear…

still not  over your ex meme

You Fear Intimacy Yet You Don’t Want The Single Life:

You can’t help but want to be loved. But you’re scared of intimacy acts to the point where it stops you from seeking a lover even though you crave it. I suggest you go see a therapist because you can’t keep going like this. You’ll thank me later Pumpkin.

reasons for being single

You Feel That You’re Not Enough And Have Low Self-Esteem:

You have low self-esteem. You feel like you’re not worth being with. And that being single is better for you so that you won’t hurt anyone. The moment you get in a relationship you start doubting your significant other’s intentions, you start to be insecure. You tell yourself that someone as cool as them will never go for someone as boring and dull as you. Hence, every attention coming from another person will forever feel illegitimate and utterly peculiar to you.

Ladies remember that you’re perfect just the way you are and if someone doesn’t like that. Then they can’t shove their opinion so far up their behinds.

Low self-esteem

You’re Too Confident:

Being a self-absorbed person will get you nowhere. (No you’re not visiting the collector!!) No one wants to date someone who thinks they’re better than the others. The people who fancy themselves as Queens and everybody else are just peasants, will stay alone until the oceans turn to dust. Even after that, they will stay single. Want to know why? CAUSE THAT’S THE END OF TIMES!! So please girls don’t be too excessive in loving yourselves but don’t go too low either.

being single issues

You Act As If You’re In A relationship When Being Single Is All You Know:

Your behavior gives off the vibe as if you have been engaged for years now. Like you give your friends advises to help them whit their relationships yet you live the boring single life. I understand your suffering ladies.

Plus we all know that coaches don’t play *cries in silence*.

Infinity War single life memes

You’re Too Pretty That every Guy Thinks You’re Taken:

It’s been like this ever since the summer glow up. You have an amazing physic. Paired with a phenomenal personality. And all of that makes all the boys intimidated(We all know they aren’t all that keen on thinking). They assume that you were already swept off your feet, therefore, they don’t ask you out.

It hurts knowing that You’re attractive yet you can’t score one date. I feel you Mate!

funny meme

You’re Not That Smart:

I’d hate to break it to you this way darling but you’re not the sharpest tool in the box. Maybe you suck at math or you can’t read English properly. I don’t know but for some reason, the boys find you thick, and they just back away. And this is why Dora will forever be a single woman. Boys are just unbelievable sometimes.

being single memes

You’re A Bit Of A Psycho:

Boys may get away from you because you’re not quite alright up there. Don’t get me wrong, we love a weird sociopathic sister. But the guys don’t like to be put on gunpoint, and I mean real gunpoint. So maybe you try to tone it down a little bit.

Show him that you’re all adorable and then shortly after he marries you, you could show him the danger he threw himself into.

But of course only when he acts out of line. *wink wink*

still single memes

You’re Expensive:

You are very exclusive. Only shopping from big brands. Eating in fancy restaurants. Going out every night. And having the time of your life. Not all boys can afford that, in addition to getting you gifts and buying you clothes. So this one is kind of on you.

why are you still single

You’re A Single Woman Because You Choose To Be:

You’re an independent woman. You have a good job, a stable income, a lot of loyal friends and family members. Being happy for you doesn’t always mean having someone to share that happiness with, don’t let them make you feel depressed about it. You’re working on yourself, trying to be safer, and happier. You already tried being in relationships but it didn’t work out for you. Had enough of crappy boys who only want to get in your pants. You’re done settling for less than your worth. And you know what you want and deserve. Adding that, you have no problem waiting for it to come on its own.

being single memes

If that’s your case, then I just wanna tell you that you rock sis!!!

And this my dear readers is the end of my educative article. I hope that you learned something. And in case of miracle and you found your lover. You may want to check out article about Relationship Advice so that you don’t ruin your new-found romance.

Cupid is out Ladies…XOXO



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