VMA fashion 2019: Beautiful Outfits On Gorgeous People

MTV is known for bringing us amazing award shows and hosting fun parties. The latest event was the one and only star-studded VMAs! Now it only aired yesterday, but it definitely left a BIG impression on us. Like MTV kinda big. From the performances and outfits to the tiny (but highly appreciated) celebrity interactions. We gathered the best-dressed people of the event in a lookbook we named: VMA fashion 2019.

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to take a look at these “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, **** on it, vomit on it, give birth to it ” looks from our faves.

VMA fashion 2019 everyone!

Zara Larsson’s VMA 2019 outfit

Who would’ve guessed that the 10-year-old from the Swedish version of Got Talent, would be this amazing top-charting artist! Zara Larsson has been making music for over ten years now and we’re honestly here for it.

She had her fair share of scandals for this year. As she had a Twitter beef with none other than James Charles. After his fall out with Tati Westbrook. Zara took it to Twitter to share her story about how James DMed her boyfriend knowing well enough that he is straight. But that is long gone as they both are now the best of sisters.

Now let’s get to the look, shall we?

If Elle Fanning ever stepped out of her role as the sleeping beauty. We know who will be a perfect Aurora. Am I right Ladies?!!!

Zara’s VMA fashion 2019 is just SO princessy we can’t.

Taylor Swift was gorgeous as always

After her dark album Reputation. She made us a lighter one. Saying Goodbye to her former self. The Taylor that was used and controlled by her old record company. After it was sold to Scooter Braun, all the songs that were made under the wing of Big Machine will be owned by him. Selling not just Taylor’s albums but Taylor and her rights too. She claimed that Scooter alongside some of his clients bullied her. And that she was extremely shocked that Braun would be the one to purchase her masters from Scott owner of BM.

Taylor won Video For Good and Video Of The Year for her song “You Need To Calm Down”. The song that includes many LGBTQ stars and her long-time rival Katy Perry who is now her other half. As she referred to in her music video, by the hamburger to her fries.

Taylor tried to bring together a huge number of influencers and big celebs such as Ryan Reynolds, to try and express her political opinions. A thing that was stolen from her back in the days with Big Machine.

Staying true to the theme of her album “Lover”. Tay chose a colorful Versace Blazer dress that complimented her figure.

I mean she looks HOOWT!!!!!!!!!

Lizzo’s show-stopping VMA outfit

You thought we’re gonna leave Lizzo out of this? Na-ah! If you don’t know who Lizzo is you need to seriously pay more attention that’s all I’m gonna say.

The legendary performer, with the hit songs “Juice” and “Truth Hurts” absolutely smashed it at the Video Music Awards last night. Bringing her own Lizzo touch to the red carpet. And giving a new meaning to the VMA fashion 2019.

You know, just like she gives a new meaning to every stage she takes on. Or every outfit she wears. Or every freaking person’s life right now.

Although we kinda waited for her to pull out a flute out of nowhere while posing. But hey, we’re not even complaining just look at her. Feminine fierceness incarnated!

Tana Mongeau brought a pet (I guess)

Tana has made her way to fame through Youtube. She appeared in a few of David Dobrik’s vlogs. She herself has many controversies around her. From her part in the break up of Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas. To her sudden marriage to the youngest of the Paul brothers. Mrs. Paul is as known as her husband Jake now. And together they are going to blow Youtube up… Literally!

Now to her VMAs fashion 2019 choice. And boy are we confused.

I mean the girl brought a living snake with her. A breathing dangerous LIVING SNAKE!!!!!

Dressed as a snake and holding her poisonous buddy around her waist. Tana Mongeau Paul managed to turn some head and shock some people. (It’s me, I’m some people)

Bebe Rexha was fiercer than ever

Say her name, if you love her let her hear you!

Miss Bebe Rexha is a very talented young lady. Worked as a writer with some of the biggest names such as Rihanna, Eminem, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez. She then started doing her own music after she saw how successful “I Got You” and “The Way I Are” were. Her collab with G-Eazy on ” Me, Myself & I” was her first well-known collab.

But she didn’t stop there. NO!! She and Martin Garrix released their hit song “In The Name Of Love” and it was a smash. Her other collab was with X Ambassadors and Machine Gun Kelly on a song called “Home”.

Looking like this, you’d think that she took home an award? You’re right my loves. Bebe has taken home with her a Video Music Awards award. On yet another phenomenal collab with The Chainsmokers for best dance on her song “Call You Mine”.

I dare you to check her VMA outfit, look me straight in the eyes and tell me she isn’t a beautiful woman. I DARE YOU.

Halsey won our hearts

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, what a kween!!! You know her as Halsey. I personally crowned her long ago as the goddess of pulling off different wigs and hairstyles. And that is not up for discussion!

She had yet another thriving year artistically. She released the feminist anthem “Nightmare” earlier this year. Where she especially requested for the whole crew in the making of to be an all-women team!! I mean that’s probably something that deserves a round of applause from us average beings.

And of course, how can we forget the cutest collab she probably ever made. With none other than K-pop superstars BTS! A song to which she actually performed a whole choreography for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards 2019.

In her VMA fashion for 2019, Halsey looked like perfection. Stealing our hearts in a collective way.

The Hadids were the VMA best-dressed siblings

Now we’re getting to the ultimate VMA fashion 2019 girl crushes. The Hadids, of course.

Gigi was spotted not long ago having dinner with the Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron. Which happened shortly after they had a romantic getaway to upstate New York on August 16. So naturally, everyone expected the supermodel to attend the VMAs with her new beau.

But nope. Gigi Hadid did the most Gigi Hadid thing ever. She brought her sister Bella! The two Victoria’s Secret models owned the red carpet (DUH!). Their VMA outfits were matching in a way only they could pull off. With Gigi rocking a strapless corset and metallic pants, while Bella wore a two-piece dress with straps.

These looks are giving us MAJOR throwbacks to early 00′ fashion.
We may be biased, but the girls could easily go home with an award. Yes, for VMA best dressed!

Camila Cabello made us fall in love

She knows what he did last summer guys. *wink wink*

The ex- Fifth Harmony member is no stranger to fashion. She has her share of beautiful event gowns and gorgeous stage outfits.

For her first VMA as Mr. Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend. She chose a stunning white gown with a low front cut. A long tail and knot in the front. Her look was so angelic that we did not blame Shawn for choosing her as his Señorita. With her smooth skin complexion and attracting face features anyone will fall right under her charm. Even you. Like right now.

If you thought that their music video was a tad much. You should see their Video Music Awards performance. We were crying in the club after we watched it. I mean half of our hearts were still in Havana tho… *Too many puns* *cringing* *proudly laughing* *crying of loneliness*

Cardi B was a walking fire emoji

Hip-hop powerhouse Cardi B was nominated for five awards and took home the Hip-hop best video award. Turning heads as always, in a fabulous curve-hugging dress as her VMA outfit 2019.

She held a Cardi B style speech, in which she was a hilariously raw queen as always saying: “Since this is the Video Music Awards and everything, I really want to thank my music video team — first Jora Frantzis — that’s the director. She gotta hear outta my mouth, ‘I look ugly. Edit my stomach, edit my butt. Smooth my cellulite out”

The “Money” 26-year-old rapper recently starred in “Hustlers” and has big ambitions for the future!


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Miley Cyrus

After the news of her not attending the awards show we were very sad. But guess she was just joking.

Miley Cyrus is newly single after her separation with the Aussie Liam Hemsworth. She is ready to party in the USA. *bare with me please*

Seeing her in a simple black made us fall in love with her sudden change. She looks very beautiful and astonishing. We were hoping to see her on stage with her rumored girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter who herself has just broken it off with The Jenners’ brother Brody.

We wish them all the best and we can’t wait for them to come as a wrecking ball. *This is our house, this is our rules, too many puns shouldn’t be an issue*

Wrapping up the VMA best-dressed female stars lookbook.

We’re blessing your eyes with this amazingly cute picture here.

Girlpower was all over the place at the Video Music Awards this year!!!

VMAs outfits 2019

This article was a fun collab with fellow writer Asmae.S!


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