Vintage Swimwear:Old But Gold.

Summer is almost over. But we’ll still wake sure to have the most of our time in the beach and the pool. In my article for today I will show you how vintage swimwear really looks. Ever since retro became a thing people start getting obsessed with vintage stuff. From pants to dresses and apparently swimsuits had their fair share of nostalgia. 

In this article I will give you a list of some beach wear that will make you want to run to the closest shop and get it.

Vintage Style Swimsuits: The 10s.

In the 1910 and before women were not allowed to show much skin in the swimsuit that they wore for the beach. So they resorted  to wearing dress like beach wear. And buttoned jumpsuits that is long enough to hide their knees.

The Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was the first one to wear the one-piece tight-fitting swimwear. But unfortunately, and because of her choice in fashion. Annette was arrested the same day on the beach.

It’s pretty dumb we know. It’s not that revealing and it very respectful and makes the shape of your body look more defined and pretty.

If you want to add this beach wear to your vintage one piece swimsuits collection. You could look it up and you’ll find many website and shops that sell them. 

20s Bathing Suits:

In the 1920s the women were allowed to wear vintage style swimsuits that were a little shorter than before. 

The colors and the shapes varied from beach wear clothing to another.


As you see in the picture above. The different types and styles of the 1920s vintage swimwear. The neckline and the design vary from swim wear to the other.

If you want to stand out more in the pool or the beach you only have to look in vintage shops. Trust me you will find everything. 

The 30s Vintage swimwear:


As the years go by the vintage one piece swimsuits only get shorter and shorter.

The swimwear is not just more revealing. But also more stylish and has a lot of  colors. *I know the picture is in black and white dear readers but bare with me*

beautiful vintage one piece swimsuit

Some beach wear clothing items were open back. And almost all of them had a short end instead of a bikini bottoms. 

And this trend of swim-short as bottoms, has always been the favorite for women. Who didn’t want to feel fully exposed in the beach. But they still look good tho. So chin up ladies!!

Two Piece swimsuit high waist: 40s/50s

During this period of time, the two piece made its first appearance. And you could trust me that it was amaziiing!!!!


The vintage swimwear consisted of a sport bra like top. And a high-waisted shorts. This vintage style swimsuits became very popular during last summer.

retro swimwear

It also knew the evolution of the one piece. Going from boy shorts bottom to a bikini one. With a few detailed ruffles and charming colors.

vintage one piece

The ladies who have a little bit of tummy. And some very sexy big thighs love wearing this type of beach wear clothing.

dresses for the beach

During the same period of time. The ladies also wore short dresses as swimsuits. Some very famous designers and celebrities such as Angelina Jolie have brought back this vintage swimwear.

Ladies of the 40s and the 50s inspired the designer very much. The shape of the Beach Dress may have changed over the decades but the idea was one. I mean they very fashionable that they went to swim in a dress. This is exactly what we call class ladies!! Let’s all take notes…

The 60S AND The 70S:

We all know what the 60s and the 70s are known for.  From fighting for rights to Afros. Every single thing affected the fashion. And had its own imprint on the swimsuits for those years.

one piece

As you can see the beach wear clothing was very colorful and full of life. Taking inspiration from the Hippies. All the ladies wanted to look the shiniest she could. And they chose the beach wear clothing to express their rights as females and as humans.

one piece

As you can see, the vintage one piece swimsuit has changed too. It became more revealing and rainbow-y! Its beautiful, full of life and inspiration. And we all would love nothing more than to rock a vintage swimwear.

1970s fashion

The 70s were also the times when the cove-up bikinis first appeared. The ladies wanted to enjoy their bodies but without giving anyone the wrong idea. So they decided to create an item made with different type of fabrics to cover up a bit of their exposed bodies. And soon it became a trend that lasted to our days.

open neck beach wear

The vintage one piece swimsuit also has his fair share of evolution.

As it became very popular for it to be worn with a very low open neck. Or a sweetheart neckline. And of course the patterns and the leafs were what made it so 70s!

Vintage Swimwear: Ladies Of The 80s

The 80s was the tech era. Video games were invented. Pakman became a thing. And thank God it did.

But the vintage swimwear also has his changes.

one piece

As you can see. Open front became very popular. As it was wore in a Cleopatra type of dress.


The strings two piece vintage swimwear rose to fame. As Movie stars wore it to the beach. It became very well-known and many people start preferring it to the normal bikinis


A dangerously open front with a g-string is exactly what made the 80s swimsuit be a favorite of designers to recreate.

The 90s: Vintage Swimwear

The 90s is the ear of fashion. So it’s only natural for the swimsuits to have a very subtle change.

high waisted

The high-waisted bikini bottom was brought back. With a knot top. And some accessories to make the whole beach wear clothing look more fashionable.

one piece beach wear clothing

The one piece swimsuit was still worn by most people.

paris hilton

The tri-kini made its first appearance. And quickly became something that most celebrities wear for the beach + those swag caps (I’m sure you remeber those).


The designer thought to have an athletic approach for the swimwear. So they made the tankini. A crop top and a bikini bottom.

This brings us to the end of my article today dear readers. I hope you had fun reading it. And would most likely go by yourself a vintage swimwear.

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Write to you later my dears. Kisses***

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