Travel Item List: Amazon Prime Day Edition

It’s summer, which means saying Hello to trips and voyages. We love nothing more than to go change the scenery. And Amazon has always our backs. Giving us a variety of items that are essential for a trip.

Since it’s Amazon Prime Day we’ll give you Amazon Prime’s best travel products.

The Travel Bag:

travel bag

We start off with the bag. It has to be big and lightweight. Whether it’s a suitcase or a rucksack. You choose the type and leave the packing to…you of course, I mean how am I gonna be able to pack for all of you. Courtesy of Prime’s day they made a sale of these amazing bags click HERE to go buy them on Amazon page.

Packing Travel Organizer:

cubes for travel

If you want to keep your bag well organized. I suggest you get yourself a set of organizer cubes. They are easy to pack, and they don’t take up much space. You can put each item in its own cube, for example, a cube for the dirty laundry a cube for creams and different stuff and among other things. Plus they make passing the Airport security much easier. If you’re interested Amazon‘s prime day made sure to put them on sale.

Neck Pouch Neck Wallet:


If you want to keep your documents safe better get one. They are waterproof and they are very useful in case of constant trips. And if you want your own gonna you can go check Amazon‘s page.

Power Bank:

travel power bank

This item is fairly important. And you must always have a power bank (or multiple ones). If not for taking aesthetic pictures then keep it for emergencies. You could use it to charge your phone or your laptop or even your Ipad. Plus they are travel-sized and won’t take up much room in your bag. Maybe you get lost or your car will break down at least your phone won’t be dead when you ant to call AAA.

You can buy them right HERE.

Travel Bottles:

travel bottles

You gotta stay clean during your travel time, don’t you? These bottles come in handing when you want to shower or brush your teeth. You can put your favor shower gel in the tall bottles and put your creams and lotions in the round ones. You can even but toothpaste in ’em. Either way, they fit your needs. Check here if you’re intrigued by them and you’d like a few for yourself.

Water Bottle:

water bottle

During your wonderful trip, you have to make sure to stay hydrated. These water bottles are perfect for the job. Keep them in your bag as a reminder to never forget your refreshing drink. It looks stylish and is extremely useful can be packed and but in a small pocket of the bag. And you can a bottle of your own on Amazon seeing as they have a variation of them, different colors and sizes.

Sleeping bag:

sleeping bag

Traveling always comes with camping. So if you wanted to have a night out in the wild be sure this item in your rucksack. A sleeping bag is a crucial travel product to have at all times if you are planning on spending the night in nature. And be sure that the place you’re camping in is safe and it has security protection. Here is where to find it because I’m sure you want one.

First Aid Kit:

first aid kit for travel

And it’s an absolute must to have an emergency kit with you in your travel bag. You never know when you scratch your elbow or sprained your ankle and you’re in desperate need of medical attention, but there is no doctor around so you have got to improvise. Well Amazon Prime day is made for these type of situations

this LINK will take you to Amazon so you could purchase this item.

Makeup Travel Bags:

makeup bag

For all my makeup lovers this is perfect for you. You always want to look super good and natural you never know who you’re gonna meet may even be Chris Evans (I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO MEET THAT HOT MAN). Amazon has the perfect little bag for us cometic lovers. You can go visit their website to buy yourself one.

Travel Pillow:

sleeping pillow

We all value our beauty sleep this item from Amazon Prime is the ideal product for you. This pillow makes you sleep peacefully plus they are easy to store and clean. If you would like this item, Amazon provides different ones.


And nothing is truly completed without music. On occasion of Amazon Prime’s day, there is a big sale on earbuds and they are TO DIE FOR. Get your own pair HERE. So why don’t you pack your bags and go get your peaceful getaway..

Our article has come to its end but you haven’t seen the last of me Darlings! See you after my trip BYYYYYYYYYYE…


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