Topless In Barcelona (Naked And Tanned)

During the summer, sunbathing becomes a very popular thing. Everyone wants to be tan. Have that beautiful sun-kissed skin that will make everyone fall in love with you. Charm all your friends with your exotic beauty. But some ladies don’t like the tan line they get from their bikinis. So they decide to sunbathe nude. Although other countries do not allow that. Spain agreed to let its ladies get comfortable under the sun. And to be in Barcelona topless became a thing this summer.

Our article today will be about topless women and everything that’s related to that. I have many things to tell you so ATTENTION!!!

Europe Has Its Beautiful Mermaids

We start off by Europe. We all know that Europeans love getting naked and they adore sunbathing. And we don’t blame them. They have sexy bodies more of a reason for women to go topless.

I remember the first time I went to France and visited the Saint-Victor-sur-Loire lake for a swim. My expression was a pure mixture of shock and confusion when I saw a lot of females sunbathing topless.

So to clear that up I walked up to my aunt and asked her on the reason why there are topless women in the lake. She just simply told me that the law gives them the right to do whatever the hell they want. And they love to have their nude beach vacation.

Including taking off their bikini tops to tan. I was very curious to know how the other gender felt about that.

Yeah, I know that some men will admire and observe their naked female form, and for sure it will give them certain urges. I myself have stopped to stare at them. In my mind, I was screaming and cheering on them like “YES GIRLS SHOW OFF YOUR BODY AND BE CONFIDENT”.

But the males are used to it now. And it does not affect them anymore. It became the norm in European countries now. Such as Spain. Where it became more allowed to bathe topless in pools too and not just beaches. And the campaign get naked in Barcelona was born.

Barcelona Ladies have gone Topless?

After a campaign group filed a complaint about the rules. And that some pools did not allow topless women. The council saw it was fit for girls to just do it. Not wanting the problem to grow more and attract more people. But it sure did as those pools had some very restricting rules that could be seen as discrimination. Plus we all know that topless bathing was nothing new for Spain’s second-largest city.

Nude Beach Vacation Places:

Who wouldn’t love to go nude? I mean as humans we find it very comfortable to just get naked.

Don’t you got home and strip and walk around naked in your house. We all do that. And we want our vacations to be filled with the same peaceful sensations that we get during that moment.

So I’m gonna give you a list of destinations and places where being topless is allowed.

So stay focused and go topless.

The Netherlands:

topless beches

The Netherlands also allows their ladies to get topless on the beach. But not just that. They allow nudity on the streets too. The Netherlands is also famous for comprehensive sex education, legal prostitution, and nude and topless beaches.



Open up the champagne, pop! It’s his house, come on, turn it up *Don’t judge me*

The best place to be topless is Florida. The city is known for its beautiful nude beach and gorgeous people. If you want to connect with mother nature and mingle with cool people go to Florida.

United Kingdom:


Yes, ladies. Great Britain allows being topless in public places. Just like Florida, it has many nudist and topless beaches.

Go Topless For Mardi Gras:

new orleans

I mean wouldn’t you like to go topless in New Orleans?

There is no chance in Hell that I won’t. I mean the parades and the festivals look super fun. They would be even more fun if you go topless. I’m just saying…



German law has allowed public nudity but in some places only. You can’t go topless everywhere!

The city of Munich has legalized it to stroll freely and to sunbathe in public spaces. According to the Atlantic Cities, the city has designated six official “Urban Naked Zones” in parks.

So yes they may have disappointed Hitler but they made the feminists happy.



Croatia is a very well-developed country. They have many rights and they follow each and every one of them. And that includes public nudity. As they allow people to roam freely on public places naked.

Plus its a very beautiful country that would be a good honeymoon destination.



In France, as I said before. Topless bathing and nudity aren’t banned. But its also not allowed in the whole country. And some places don’t allow it.

But don’t get ahead of yourselves ladies. You will never be able to have a little fun in public. If you know what I mean. Sexual intercourses are officially forbidden in France. That means if you want to get some, you are gonna have to get a room. Literally!

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This brings me to the end of my article ladies. I hope I gave you enough information about topless in Barcelona. And that you enjoyed reading it.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article.

Write to you soon…XOXO

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