We Tried The Aging Filter On Your Favorites (SURPRISING RESULTS!)

There’s A LOT going on on the internet these days. From meaningless challenges to fun trends. But there’s one thing we’re definitely loving and it’s the FaceApp aging filter. We did a thing here, we picked a few of your favorite stars and applied the filter on them. The results? astonishingly accurate. Here take a look.

Your Favorite Actresses With The Aging Effect:

Kicking off our list with the world’s favorite witch Hermione. Emma Watson managed to steal all of our hearts. From Harry Potter to Beauty And The Beast, Emma has portrayed each role perfectly and we can’t be more proud of her. What do you think about her aging process? She looks extremely British, doesn’t she?

emma watson aging filter

Do you know who this is? Take a guess, I’ll wait… Didn’t get it? Well,it’s Natasha Romanoff the Russian spy herself. Ms. Scarlett Johansson is by far one of Hollywood’s best female actors’ hands down. Her roles in movies like Rough Night, Lucy and The Avengers’ franchise gave her a huge place among the celebrities that she got herself a star on the Hall Of Fame. She’s looking as fine as she looks now if you ask me.

scar Jo aging effect

Brie Larson is Marvel’s first female lead character. With her Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers) she managed to bring Disney a lot of money and a Box Office bonuses. Even though the FaceApp aging filter did its work but she still looks astonishingly beautiful. Don’t you think she looks like Meryl Streep??

Brie aging effect

Jennifer Lawrence, the girl who stole our hearts from the first appearance on the screen. Also, the girl who won a freaking Oscar for Best Actress at the young age of 22!! And not just that she shone is drama movies like Red Sparrow and Mother. She also did sci-fy movies as she played Mystique in the X-men franchise alongside many brilliant actors like James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. And let me tell you she hasn’t looked better.

Am I the only one who’s getting major Kate Blanchett vibes from this edit??

Jlaw aging filter

Amy Schumer has been on the screens quite strongly for the last couple of years. Her comedy movies featured, well, her as the lead role and that’s honestly very empowering for fellow female comedians. Although she might not be everyone’s cup of tea, she’s making sure her message is still resonating through the work she does.

The comedian is making headlines these days because she finally had her first period since having a baby. Congrats Amy!

Amy schumer aging filter

Your Favorite Singers With The Aging Filter:

Remember Selena Gomez from Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly’s place,this is her now feeling old yet?

No seriously everybody! she’s an undeniably beautiful 26-year-old, but look how well she aged…Like can I please be like this when I grow old??

Selena Gomez

Try to guess who this is I’ll give you some time…It’s the gorgeous Albanian singer, who took the Billboard charts by storm with a number of hits. Dua Lipa is the name. And she proved that beauty doesn’t always fade with age.

Dua Lipa

Shawn Mendes’s Señorita and EX Fifth Harmony member is in the house. The new solo artist has been rocking the world ever since her X factor debut. Selling millions of records worldwide and performing in thousands of shows and on hundreds of stages. Miss Camilla Cabello is one of the world’s most talented young artists. Honestly, after seeing her with the FaceApp aging filter, she would make a great soap opera actress.

Camilla cabello

Billie Eilish is 17 years old can you believe this?? With millions of streams on Spotify and 31.3M followers on Instagram. She has gotten famous overnight and we can’t argue or judge that because she is as talented as they get. Writing and composing her own song isn’t what makes her songs special. What does is her angelic voice and the sincerity of her lyrics. Writing about her own experience with depression, Anxiety, and Tourette syndrome makes her songs more relatable for teenagers with the same issues. Here’s a picture of the star(well with the aging filter).

Billie eilish

Okay, ladies now let’s get in formation. It’s the Queen herself, Beyonce Knowles Carter. I mean what did we expect, of course, she’ll age like fine wine. You know how they say that black don’t crack? That’s apparently not even a myth. We bet she would still run the motha world.

beyonce aging filter

Your Favorite Public Figures With The Aging Filter:

Well hello there Miss Kim Kardashian West! We bet you’re still setting trends and ruling the game. I mean come on, at this rate this woman is probably still influencing our very lives. It would’ve been nice though if they added a pair of sunglasses in this aging filter, you know, so that her inner Kris Jenner is brought out.

kim k aging filter

One of the best female host to ever appear on television. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the few hosts that are characterized by credibility and generosity. She doesn’t look that much different from now but time did sure did her good.

Ellen degeneres

The picture down below belongs to America’s former First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs.Obama is was and still is the perfect example for the ideal wife, mother and First Lady. She is a lawyer as well as a university administrator and writer. She still looks good with the aging filter don’t you think?

Michelle obama aging filter

A Viner turned Youtuber, Liza Koshy is one of America’s most famous influencers. From an Indian father and an American mother, Liza grew up in…yes you know what’s coming…HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!! With tons of Awards and a youtube series (Liza on Demand), she managed to dig up a place in the successful table. We think that she’ll make an amazing grandmother.

Lizza koshy

I’m sure you were amazed by how realistic it is.
But then it hit you that you gon be old one day and that’s how gon look…

It’s honestly very interesting to see what our favorites would look like after a decade or so. We tried it ourselves but, uhm it didn’t turn out as expected so unfortunately, we’re not disclosing those pictures sorry.

While writing this article, we learned that: 1. co-writing is FUN, and 2.Skincare should be our friend.

Tell us who shocked you the most (or the least) among these edits.


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