Summer Drink? How Can I Make One?

Isn’t it hot outside ?? we all would love us a tasty thirst quencher. So here are some ideas for you to make a deliciously refreshing summer drink to enjoy on a hot day next to the pool.


  • Raspberry Energy Booster Smoothie:
a smoothie

We kick off our list with a mouth-watering summer drink made with frozen bananas and raspberry. IT also includes Chia seeds, Maca powder, and Coconut water. 

With its great health value this drink earned its place on our list.

  • Pink Panther:
a pink drink

Next is this beautiful pink drink. The ingredients are Strawberry’s, Pineapple and Almond milk. IT tastes super good and it’s good for lactose-intolerant people.


  • Cookies And Cream Milkshake:
chocolate milkshake

Now to the awesome milkshakes. This is a flavorsome summer drink made with the gorgeous Oreo Cookies and vanilla ice cream. We also add half teaspoon of Nestle Nesquick chocolate flavor powder. It’s preferable to let the Ice Cream soften then use it and blend everything together. Make sure to enjoy your milkshake like Dean does.

  • Key Lime Milkshakes:
 a  milkshake

We can all agree that nothing is better than a creamy milkshake in a hot summer days.

Delightedly it’s really easy to make one home. For this Key Lime Milkshake, we only need Ice cream preferably Vanilla. We add the Key Lime juice to it or Alcohol if you’re feeling the summery mood. We spill everything in the blender and let it work for about a minute or less. Once everything is combined smoothly we pour the mix into a nice cold cup and enjoy our tanning evening.

Fresh Drinks

  • Fresh Lemonade :
summer drink lemonade

Lemonade was never hard to make althought this one is pretty special but I’ll show you exactly how to make this tasty summer drink.Club soda or sparkling water

We will need some fresh lime juice, granulated sugar, cranberries and cranberry juice, honey, ice, and some fresh mint. Whisk together cold water and sugar in a large pitcher.

Starting off by pouring the honey a Pour in honey in a pitcher with cold water and sugar. We whisk everything together until the drink is well mixed. After that we go to stir in the lime juice, followed by the cranberries and the cranberry juice. It’s also good to add club soda or Vodka or even sparkling water.

We server it after we add some ice and mint. And that’s how we get a classic summer drink for the hot days.

Trust me, these are few of the best drink recipes out there. Tried and loved by a lot of people. And we are positive you’ll love them as well.

And if you are looking for budget-friendly meals to go with these delicious drink THIS article will surely help you.

*All the pictures were taking from Unsplash*


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