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Strong Female Leads: Netflix Original Edition

Tv shows and movies have very special input on our lives. From documentaries to Series. Different Television Networks give us a variety of shows. Whether its drama or comedy. They even gave us some very good sci-fi. And these shows have shown to be very inspiring. With their incredible plots and strong female leads.

For instance, Hermoine Granger had a huge impact on the Potterheads and all the people who watched Harry Potter or, Daenerys Targaryen the mother of dragons who fascinated all the Game Of Thrones fans.

And we all know what Gossip Girl taught us. these female leads highlight for us many incredible values that need to be visible more in our society.

Writing badass female characters into a plot gives them the opportunity to present more issues and make more points.

Using a high functioning emotion system which is the female psychology.

And boy does it work well for them… Okay, back me up here Ladies…

Seeing strong female leads in a TV show or a movie gives us as women pride and joy. We take them as an example and we try to be as strong and fierce as they are.

So today’s article will be about strong female leads on screen. Specifically Netflix. So stay tuned Babes!

Strong Female Leads: Eleven The Star Of Netflix

strong female leads
Netflix: Stranger Things

We start off our list by Netflix’s most-watched Show which is Stranger Things. And of course, you never say Stranger Things without mentioning Eleven.

She clearly is a part of our female leads’ list.

The 14 years old character has been influential for so many people. Being kidnapped and experimented on as a kid ended up with her developing a case of Telekinesis.

Even though she couldn’t exactly understand simple concepts such as friendships or promises. But as her love for her friends and family grew she found herself committed to protecting them from all harms.

Seeing her act like an adult with such compassion and understanding of guilt, love, and loyalty at a young age. Gives us some strong feeling of infatuation with her.

She is like a mini Black Widow and we love that!!!

And that is how we want our strong female leads to be shown as. As people who get up after being knocked to the ground. To be appreciated for their efforts and love.

Harper The Assistant:

Netflix: Ste It Up

Here we have Harper. Harper is an assistant. Her boss makes her miserable. So what does she do? She teams up with a colleague to try and set up her boss with his. Things get a little out of hand.

We could clearly see how Harper is a hard-working person. She spent years suffering at the hand of her boss to get what it takes to pursue her dreams. Doesn’t she give some major Mia Thermopolis vibes?

She is funny, nice, beautiful, radiant, and very alluring. Which resulted in Charlie Young falling in love with her. Calling her easy to get but hard to earn.

And this is something very important. Being nice and inviting can get you many things.

So I advise you to do as our strong female leads.

Badass Female Characters: Dinah The CIA Agent

Dinah Madani Strong female leads
Netflix: The Punisher

This is Detective Madani. She used to be a Homeland Security agent in Afghanistan. But got sent back after her asset got murder. Upon her return, she was humiliated and looked down at when she asked to take a case involving her dead asset.

Which kind of shows us how to deal with rejecting and many things based on how our favorite female leads deal them.

But Dinah is not a quitter and her determination to reveal the bad things her agency did only got bigger. Dinah is a hard-working woman that stops at nothing.

Along that way, we saw her fall in love and get betrayed. We watched her as she made mistakes and corrected them. Going from wanting Frank Castle locked up to being the one to save him from spending jail time.

Dinah Madani has proved to us during both seasons from The Punisher that badass female characters do exist.

Strong female leads like this make us want to be better.

See You Yesterday Claudette Walker:

CJ walker
Netflix: See You Yesterday

This smart gorgeous little girl showed us so many values.

Being one of the minorities yet excelling in her studies. Claudette is smart enough to invent a time machine. Not alone of course but she did the big part.

And this is how we should portray our female leads. As successful people, no matter what age they have, or what color is their skin.

After her brother got shot by the police. She took matters into her own hands. Using her machine to try and stop him from getting killed.

This badass female character has shown us how females leads could be when emotional. She highlights how women fight for the ones that they love.

Showing us that ladies can be smart alongside responsible. And our emotions are what drives us to be better.

Iron Fist: Sensei Colleen

colleen strong female leads
Netflix: Marvel’s Iron Fist

Colleen is one of the strong female leads to ever be on a show.

Her being a martial arts expert and running her own dojo makes her appear as one of the badass female characters we always wanted.

After showing her big heart by helping Danny and protecting him. Colleen managed to send the right image.

Showing everyone how women could be stronger than men at some point. And with her accepting the Iron Fist instead of Danny just shows how mature and ready she is to take responsibility.

After all these characters we come to one conclusion. And that is women are very hard-working and driven.

Whether it’s to protect their own people or to save the whole world. Women can do it and will most likely succeed too.

I’m sad to say that this is the end of my article. I’m planning to do a second part for. So don’t hesitate to comment down your favorite Tv or Movie female character.

Write to you soon…XOXO


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