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6 Secret Signs He Likes You (Last One Is Surprising!)

You’re dying to know if he likes you aren’t you? He, on his side, is trying his hardest not to be obvious. He doesn’t say anything too flirty, he has no expression on his face whatsoever. He may even pretend he friend zoned you. But here’s the tea: these may be signs he actually likes you!

We’re exposing him today…*evil laugh*


Guys might be able to hide their feelings, they may act cold or ignore you, but on the inside they can be VERY interested in you. I mean come on dude acting cool is so 2005.

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Thankfully for you, we know exactly how to tell when a guy is into you! You just have to look out for these signs, given out by his body language when he’s around you.

The best thing about body language, is that it always reveals what we’re really thinking (or is it?). So instead of wondering what’s going on inside the guy’s mind, look for signs he likes you!

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If he can’t stop smiling, that’s a sign he likes you

This is something he can’t really control. When you’re together, even if nothing is being said at that moment, you can see a smile on his face the whole time. Now I ain’t no psychologist, but if our friend is all smiley around you that’s a sign he’s into you tell you why: We smile when we want to show someone that we’re friendly, but when we smile all the time that means we’re actually happy about the situation that is going on. And in this case, your Beau is happy about seeing and talking to you! So just keep going over to his desk to see for yourself (or maybe not).

Now you may think that he’s just a very friendly bubbly person. He’s just trying to be nice and all that. But girl, that’s just what he wants you to think. Don’t fall for that I’m-a-nice-human-that’s-all trick. Who you kidding mister??

He stumbles over his words awkwardly

He stutters, his mind goes blank from time to time. He’s being kinda awkward, but you know that he’s usually way more confident than that. Well honey boo the news is, he’s nervous because of you (a sign he likes you!) You’re making him not so sure of himself. He doesn’t want to mess up anything because he wants to impress you. Except that his sentences don’t come off as he imagined in his mind, he loses words and stutters. But hey you shouldn’t base this on a particular day when he was indeed stressed by something else, because the symptoms are pretty much the same.

Oh and also, watch out for his voice when he says your name. If his voice softens a bit, in a slightly lower tone (because that sounds manlier), that also might be one of the signs he’s falling for you!

Another sign he likes you is that he’s seeking to be closer

Notice how he’s right on your side when you guys are walking, how your hands “accidentally” touch every now and then. Or when you’re sitting, and he sneakily reduces the distance between you two. I mean these are kind of obvious signs that Mr.Potential Love Interest likes you. And you know what’s the best part? These might not even be intentional, he doesn’t even know that he’s leaning towards you all the time, because he’s subconsciously drawn to you.

I have to make a disclamer on this one tho, you shouldn’t consider the concidencial occasional touches. And also that those touches might not be as innocent as you may think. Try to look out for his intentions too.

But overall, touching is often an indicator that a person likes you or dislikes you. And seeking physical contact is part of liking someone.

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Adjusts posture to look more masculine

He adjusts his posture, he tries to make his chest look bigger and he walks in a slightly bouncy way. Those are mannerism characteristics that make him look manlier, and that’s how he’s “seducing” you. You know kind of like how the male peacocks try to attract the females, by showing off their beautiful feathers.

signs he's into you

That’s basically the equivalent of a guy (subtly) flexing to show his bicep muscles. So next time you’re meeting him, notice if he’s changing the way he’s standing once he sees you, if he does, that’s a sign he probably likes you and wants to look more attractive to you.

If he’s a tough guy, chest always so puff guy around you, he may not be a bad guy after all. (Billie Eilish if you’re reading this sorry I stole your line)

Flushed face and sweaty hands are also a sign he likes you

Well the weather is not even that hot but his face keeps flushing. His breathing is also not that relaxed because his heart is pounding in an unusual way. And the palms of his hands are sweaty and that happens if someone is either scared or nervous. And if you don’t percieve yourself as a scary serial killer then you know what’s left.

So if that means anything it means the guy you have in front of you is nervous. In other words YOU are making the poor thing nervous, but in a good way. A huge sign that someone likes you is the unexplained nervousness they’re experiencing around you!

If you’re feeling particularly enlightened by this information then honey no wonder why you’re single .

He mirrors your moves

Now this one may be new information to you (I was surprised myself). According to John R. Schafer, Ph.D., who is a behavioral analyst for the FREACKING FBI, when people like each other, they subconsciously mirror each other’s moves! He mirrors your body position without even realizing it because he’s into you and has a high interest in what you’re saying. Don’t believe this? Try it for yourself. It’s a definite sign that he likes you, you can be sure about that.

Next time you’re hanging out with the guy, mirror his movements to let his subconscious know that you like him. Then later on during the time you’re meeting, try to change the way you’re sitting, or restyour head on your hand. Now watch out for him, if he copies that within seconds, that’s a HUGE sign he likes you.

Did Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry or Michelle Obama marry Mr.Barack Obama by being naive and ignoring the signs he’s into her??? I THINK NOT.

So if you notice any of the body language above, know that you’re making that someone fall for you, and he might even want a relationship with you…

Now I’m not telling you to go Google honeymoon destinations, but just know what to do with this information.

K bye <3


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