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Your Sex Drive Is Low? Kick It Up With These Amazing Foods!

You love your hubby/ boyfriend.

He successfully crossed the friend zone a long time ago. It’s been a while now and things aren’t as exciting as they used to be in the beginning. Your sex drive is low compared to those first passionate nights. But that’s perfectly normal!

I have good news for you, if you want to light that spark up again, without resorting to risk-filled drugs and supplements…

There are plenty of things that you can do to naturally increase your sex drive, from exercise to better sleep. But there’s one thing that naturally and directly WILL affect your libido… And that’s none other than sex drive boosting foods!!! Another thing that will help you is feeling confident in your body, using simple home remedies.

The next time you’re planning to get busy with things other than sleeping at night-if you know what I mean. Think about adding these foods to your diet throughout the day. And if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your body (the belly rolls you’ve been hiding nicely and you don’t want to expose tonight), you can consider these Ab Workouts we’ve carefully selected for you!

Let’s start with the sex drive foods shall we?


Yes, there’s a reason why Popeye carried it everywhere. And you should be doing that too! Spinach is not only good for weight loss-thanks to its ability to reduce appetite- But it can also increase the blood flow in your, ehm, sensitive parts, which increases sex dive in women. Let me tell you. This sex drive boosting food, will put you in *THE mood*. And it even rhymes!


You don’t need more reasons to eat Spinach, do you? It’s great for your health, great for your sex life. Add it to your grocery shopping list, NOW.

Dark Chocolate To Increase Sex Drive

Hear me out chocolate lovers! This is the best of good news you’re gonna hear today. Dark chocolate is one of the best foods that increase sex drive for females!

It contains phenylethylamine(PEA), which is responsible for some BIG mood boosting effects. When you eat dark chocolate, it triggers the release of Endorphins. Which are chemicals that make you feel more relaxed and thus more receptive to sexual invitations.

Dark Chocolate To Increase Sex Drive

So when you’re in doubt, go for chocolate! It’s your ultimate desire booster when your sex drive is low.

Coffee To Boost Your Sex Drive

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be more good news. Coffee makes its glorious appearance on the list! Yes, it’s not a myth…

Studies have shown that coffee consumption made females more likely to engage in sex, and even better: the chances that they would want it again-after a rest- are higher. So basically when you consume coffee, your sex drive is far from being low, in fact you’re all set for a good matress-dancing session.

Coffee To Boost Your Sex Drive

Coffee is not only good for female sex drive, it’s also good for men. In fact they’re even more sensitive to caffeine than we are! Now you guys will start hitting Starbucks more often I guess…

Grass-Fed Steak

It’s very common for couples to stop having sex when they’re tired and stressed. And our everyday lives offer us a loot of that. But that’s not the only reason your libido is lacking. It might be a hidden iron deficiency…

When you have an iron deficiency you’re drained from energy, which is why you have such a low sex drive. This is where a nice juicy piece of steak will be helpful.

Red meat is a great source of iron and zinc, which, when you’re lacking these two you tend to be more tired and irritated and thus not very hyped up about the idea of getting intimate.

Grass-Fed Steak

I’m sorry if you’re vegan. Just do you, you’re doing just great protecting the planet and all that.

Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon, tuna and sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Everybody knows that those are good for your heart. But what you might not know is that these are also good for your nighttime fun! And this study proves it. This amazing nutrient raises dopamine levels in the brain.

Now you might ask me what does that have to do with anything?? but dopamine is responsible for a better blood circulation and blood flow. And as i’ve said before, an improved blood flow helps a lot with triggering arousal.

Fatty Fish

You didn’t expect this one did you?

Green Tea, A Libido Boosting Drink

A hot cup of tea will sure make you feel warm inside. But did you know that it can also heat up your sex life? Well green tea isn’t done impressing us! In addition to being an excellent drink for fat loss it is also good for improving sex drive in women.

Green Tea contains compounds named catechins, which play the role of promoting blood flow, but how do they exactly do that?

Well, they do that by either killing off free radicals that are damaging to the blood vessels. Which increases their ability to transport blood. Or by releasing a matter called nitric oxide, that has the role of making the blood vessels larger and thus an improved blood flow.

The bottom line is, Green Tea is definitely your ally for a sex drive that is higher than ever!

Green Tea, A Libido Boosting Drink

By the way, if you’re looking for ways to eat your way to a healthy weight, here are some foods you can start eating now to increase your chances of dropping those extra pounds! Lose Weight By Eating These 6 Simple Foods!

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are exceptionally high in Zinc. AKA the ultimate sex mineral according to Dr.Oz! You’re wondering how come pine nuts are good for female sex drive, well the mineral I talked about increases the levels of testosterone, which consequently increases sex drive in women.

There are numerous studies that showed how women with high Zinc often had a better appetite for the dirty fun.

You know what dish you like that has plenty of pine nuts-and thus zinc- in it? It’s Pesto sauce, yes Pesto! So if you’re planning to channel your inner bad girl this night, make a pesto pasta dinner for you and your partner, the results will be amazing for both of you.

Pine Nuts

Looking for a pesto pasta recipe? Here’s one, in addition to other delicious dinner ideas!


Walnuts are another excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. We talked about those when we brought up Fatty Fish for an increased sex drive. They’re basically good for boosting dopamine and arginine, consequently increasing the production of nitric oxide (which we also talked about earlier).

When you eat walnuts, you’re helping your blood vessels increase in size and thus allow blood to travel more freely, eventually causing arousal.


Hi, random info but did you know that your love life might as well be affected by your Zodiac Sign???


The legend has it that strawberries actually originated from the heart shaped tears of Aphrodite ( Greek goddess of love)!

Well that may not be entirely true but strawberries ARE related to our love lives (more precisely the sex part). This delicious fruit is loaded with vitamin C, which is a vitamin that has a crucial role in the production of sex-related hormones, it also promotes the production of neurotransmitters in our brains, making our sex-drive increase.

Strawberries for sex drive

I suggest you dip some strawberries in dark chocolate sauce, that’s the best dessert we can think of for your libido!

Oysters, The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Here’s once again a superfood, rich in vitamins and nutrients that will do your sex life a huge favor. Oysters ladies and gentlemen!

Oysters contain vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin B12, they’re also packed in zinc (the best for increasing testosterone levels), calcium, magnesium, iron. I could go on forever with the list!

Now you may wonder why the heck is an increased level of testosterone good for a woman’s sex drive?! Well it’s true that women have much less testosterone than men, but numerous studies have shown that an increase in that hormone is a key part in the female libido, in other words, women tend to be more receptive to sex when the levels of testosterone are high.

Oh and just an addition, oysters can boost dopamine, increasing the feeling of pleasure in both men and women!

Make sure to include these superfoods in your diet for a healthier better, and more exciting sex life. You go get it girl!

And just one more thing, you can make a ton of meals using only these foods, e.g: A spinach+pine nuts pesto pasta, with some grilled beef on the side and a strawberry-walnut chocolate dessert!

Tell us which one was the most surprising in the comments!


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