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Serena Williams’s Life: An Inspiring Story

Serena Williams’s life is a truly astonishing one. She is surely, without a single doubt a highly inspiring woman, athlete, and mother. We chose her for Woman of the month for August 2019, in honor of her outstanding performances, in different fields of life.

Her 11-year-old self said that her dream was to inspire people to be like her. And that is now a very concrete reality. Rock-solid black woman, who outdid her peers in tennis for years now.

Early life:

serena williams

Serena Williams’s life started in a very poor place. She grew up in Compton, California. That’s where she started playing tennis at the age of four, alongside her sister Venus Williams.

Her father, Richard Williams used to go around private tennis clubs, gather used tennis balls in a shopping cart, and train his two daughters by himself. He truly believed in Serena and her sister Venus.

His wife Oracene Price, described him as protective towards his daughters. He wanted them to have healthy childhoods all while giving them all the confidence they needed to compete.

A forward step in Serena Williams’s life was when her family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. It was so that she could attend the Rick Macci tennis academy. Soon Serena ranked number one among under-10 players in Florida by the United States Tennis Association.

The accomplishments of Serena Williams as of today were a result of a unique path she and her sister took in their early life. When their father took care of their coaching at home. A path which she described as just a different road that just happened to work for them.

Accomplishments Of Serena Williams:

Serena Williams’ road to the number one player was, of course, full of bumpy phases. Proving once again that one should never give up on their dream. Her professional debut was less than impressive, given the losses ( many of which were to her sister Venus).

Her star shined brighter in 2002. When she made sure she’s remembered, winning the French Open, The U.S Open, and Wimbledon. Where she defeated her sister in each of those tournaments. Serena Williams’s life as the record-setting athlete she is today began when she earned her Grand Slam by winning the Australian Open in 2003.

Fast forward to 2016. After a series of tournament wins, Williams’s 2016 Wimbledon win tied her with Graf for the most Slams in the open era for both men and women. Serena Williams today didn’t stop at just that. She broke that record when she won against her sister again in the 2017 Australian Open.

Which she played while being 8 weeks into her pregnancy. As of today, the fierce mom (of the cutest 2-year-old we’ve ever seen) has a total of 23 Grand Slam titles. Which is the highest number of tournament wins in the Open Era!

With all these accomplishments under her belt, the greatest of accomplishment of Serena Williams today is her 2-year-old daughter…*AWW*

Williams claims in her latest Instagram post that her daughter Olympia is the ‘Greatest accomplishment’.

Serena Williams’s life of activism & charity:

Serena Williams’s life has been filled with many events. And that made her very keen on helping others feel better.

During 2004 and 2005, both Serena and her sister Venus. Visited hospitals and played matches in predominately black cities in order to raise money for the local Ronald McDonald House charities. They had a charity tour back in 2008 as a part of the Serena Williams Foundation’s work, Williams helped to fund the construction of the Serena Williams Secondary School in Matooni, Kenya.

The Williams Foundation also provides scholarships for underprivileged students in the USA. Back in 2016, the Serena Williams Fund partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build a primary school for Jamaican youth in Trelawny Parish.

Avon Foundation appreciated all her effort on work in breast cancer. So they awarded her with The Celebrity Role Model Award back in 2003. She also won the Young Heroes Award from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater LA.

In addition to all of this, the Williams Sisters collaborated to work on philanthropic projects together.

She even started hosting an annual charity run under the name “The Serena Williams Ultimate Fun Run”. It’s made to help underprivileged individuals and communities that got affected by senseless violence and to ensure equal education of youth.

Serena Williams today became an ambassador for the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse project. Which is an initiative to provide financial empowerment to domestic violence victims. Serena Williams’s life as an activist shined as much as her athlete’s life.

Her big heart led her to support other charitable organizations such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Small Steps Project, the Eva Longoria Foundation and many others.

Love life:

Serena Williams’s life started to switch to another pathway on one beautiful morning. The beginning of her love story with husband Alexis Ohanian is a tad funny. They met on a morning in the Cavalieri hotel in Rome. Serena was with her friends in the pool area having breakfast while Alexis was nursing a hangover. She and her friends were very annoyed at first because Ohanian was very close to them and every attempt to get him to move failed so Serena inviting him to their table. Not knowing that he will be her future Hubby. which makes them one of the cutest celebrity couples out there!

Soon after that, they started dating before her match in the French Open. And by November 2016 Serena posted a picture of them together confirming their relationship even though Alexis knew way before that, that he wanted to spend his life with her.

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Surprising enough Alexis popped the question a month after that in the spot where they first met. And that’s where Serena Williams’s life shifted, along with her fiancé. Isn’t this adorable?!!

By January 2017 the couple announced that they were expecting. And Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr was born. Making her parents tie the knot two months after.

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This brings us to the end of our article.

I want to thank Yousra B for doing this collab with me. It was very fun to work on. Go check out her articles. You’re gonna love them.

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