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Reasons Behind Having Small Breasts

There are plenty of  ways on the net on how to increase your boobs. Techniques vary from breast enhancement exercises, changing food diet, taking pills or using special lotions and home remedies. Sometimes, you are told to combine all these methods to get the body and boobs you’ve dreamt of. But have ever asked yourself on why your boobs are small?

I don’t think so, because i haven’t.

Some solutions work and others don’t. Some of them don’t work the way they are supposed to and you end up getting disappointed especially after all the hard work you’ve done. Before digging further in other topics on how to increase and enhance your cup size, it is very important to get acquainted first with the main reasons behind having a small titties. 

What Are The Reasons Behind Small Boobs?

small breasts

There are mainly three factors that determine the size of your boobs: Genetics, Medical History, and the Famous Hormones. Possibility to increase the breast size and the results depend on the initial reason why your breast is small. If you have a small breast because of hormones, then your chances are pretty high compared to those suffering from genetics reasons.

Genetics remains the principal reason why women have small breasts. You might have an immediate family such as your mother with small breast but you got lucky and inherited those big melons from your grandmother. Which isn’t always good.

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If you are lacking estrogen and progesterone, then your chances of having a small breast is higher. Fortunately, because of all the medical advancements, it is possible to compensate for the hormonal imbalance and grow your boobs. Doctors found many ways to solve those issues.

For those suffering from hyper-metabolism, your chances of burning fat are higher so you’re more likely to have small breasts. Remember, breasts are nothing but fat. If you’re naturally thin, then your breasts might have difficulty growing.


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