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PTSD: All You Need To Know About The Disorder

People don’t normally give enough attention to their mental health. Mental illness is more serious than people showcase it to be. Especially trauma, they don’t take it seriously. They think time heals all wounds, but that’s not fully true. Emotional distress has more effects than we imagine. Our article for today will be about PTSD. We’ll do our best to fill you in on everything.

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What’s PTSD:

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD for short is a mental sickness that is developed after a person gets exposed to a horrifying experience. And it’s only natural to feel afraid after the traumatic experience, no one should tell you otherwise. This fear triggers a “fight-or-flight” response from the body in an attempt to defend itself. Almost everyone experiences this type of reaction after a scary event. The majority of the people who experience such events may have problems coping but with good self-care and some time. They manage to get better. But if the symptoms don’t go away and start to interfere with their daily tasks then they probably suffer from PTSD.

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A lot of people associate PTSD with war veterans and soldier but those are not the only patients that suffer from this disorder. We take one of our beloved fictional characters as an example: Dean Winchester suffers from IT during all season four after he spends four months in Hell getting tortured by demons.

Jensen Ackles As Dean Winchester In The CW’s Supernatural

Women are most likely to experience the type of strong impact traumatic event that leads them to PTSD. And that what explains the high number of females that deal with the illness. And also children with their still-growing brains have a much higher risk of getting this disorder.

There are are many types of events that can cause PTSD. And Mayo Clinic’s doctors made sure to break them down to us one by one.


  • War-related trauma: Military service agents have a high risk of developing PTSD. War refugees are more likely to show signs of PTSD due to their contact with war.
  • Life-threatening illness: Such as people who overcame cancer or suffer from either a stroke or a heart attack. Also, patients who passed by ICU (intensive-care unit) hospitalization are also at risk of developing PTSD. And let’s not forget the people who have loved ones in a critical situation much like the parents of a child with chronic sickness.
  • Bullying: Getting bullied as a child or even as an adult whether it’s verbally or physically.
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  • Pregnancy-related trauma: Ladies who go through a miscarriage. Or those who experience childbirth complications or trauma prior to the pregnancy. Some women endure PTSD due to experiences connected to breast cancer and mastectomy.
  • Intimate partner violence: Getting raped or being sexually assaulted by a partner. Domestic violence also has a strong impact. And if the patient is being blamed for the actions or ignored. Then the odds of him developing PTSD are very high.
  • Genetics: According to Doctor James Rundell from MayoClinic PTSD is hereditary. Meaning that this mental disorder can be transmitted by chromosomes. Approximately 30% of the variance in Posttraumatic-Stress disorder is caused by genetics.
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Signs And Symptoms:

There is no specific time for the signs to appear, they may be visible within the first three months or they won’t show until years after the incidence.

The signs of PTSD are divided into four categories and those are:

  • Re-experience: such as flashbacks of the trauma, or nightmares about it and also frightening thoughts. These symptoms start from the person’s own mind. Reminders he had of the horrible event.
  • Avoidance symptom: Avoiding all thoughts connected to it and trying to act as if it never happened. In other words, the person will bury that bruising event deep inside himself.
  • Arousal and reactivity symptoms: which means always being on edge and getting startled easily. It could also cause insomnia and angry outbursts. These symptoms don’t have any connection to the reminders or the flashbacks.
  • Cognition and mood symptoms: having trouble remembering the event. Getting negative thoughts about oneself or others. And also experiencing feelings of guilt and blame. Along with losing all interest in enjoyable activities. Some people show signs of violence and extreme interest in violent activities.
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PTSD is also accompanied by depression, self-harming, substance abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, and many other mental problems.

How To Deal With PTSD:

The treatments for this illness are available. Mostly it’s just medications and psychotherapy (AKA Talk therapy). Sometimes the doctors advise the patient to do both treatments instead of just one but every person varies from the other. In the main, they use Antidepressants. And those help control the disorder’s symptoms such as worry, anger, numbness, and sadness. Some doctors may give different prescriptions. Make sure to never take unauthorized meds and try not to self-diagnose. Visit a doctor the moment you develop the past signs.


Doctor appointments and prescriptions won’t alone do the job. You have to help yourself first:

  • Surround yourself by your loved ones.
  • Don’t desert yourself from people and never refuse help.w
  • Read a lot of books about your case and educate yourself about your disorder.
  • Try talk groups and find people who share the same experience as you.
  • If the previous one is not really your thing try journaling!
  • Watch movies about people who suffer from PTSD like Fearless, American Sniper, and Iron Man3.
  • Try and find characters from your favorite stories and try to relate to them like Harry Potter, Thor, Tony Stark, Dean and Sam Winchester, Jessica Jones, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mallark, Lorenzo St John, Bucky Barnes(The Winter Soldier), Frank Castle (The Punisher) and many others.
  • Try to analyze how these characters dealt with their PTSD and try to relate to do and most of all know that you are never alone.
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I hope that my article helped you understand this disorder (post-traumatic stress disorder). Be sure to contact the help center close by or visit a specialist the moment you develop any sign and don’t detach yourself from the world.

Stay tuned to know more about how to deal with mental health disorders. See you soon babes…XOXO

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