Princess Hairstyles Inspired By Disney

Who wouldn’t want to look princessy? Hell, who wouldn’t want to be a real-life princess. Unfortunately, we can’t live like one. But we can pretend to be. Starting with the hairstyle. So here are some princess inspired hairstyles.

Princess Merida’s Hairstyle:

Easy to make with a curling iron or a bunch of straws. Add some orange and red temporary spray dye that’s if you’re not ginger already. You can even go for a blonde or a brunette version of Merida. I would 100% try it and I advise you to do it too.

Princess Anna’s Coronation Day Hairstyle:

A beautiful bun with a braid around the head. The perfect way to look elegant and princess-like. You can also accessorize it with a little clip and maybe a ribbon. The perfect princess hairstyle for a wedding or a party.

Princess Belle’s Party Hairstyle:

We all know the story of the Beauty and the Beast and we sure do love it. The Hero of the story being our favorite with her elegance and charming self, managed to steal our hearts and attention. This hairstyle and makeup are inspired by Bella’s magical night with the Beast.

A delightful half up with a few pins for decoration. And it’s all that she needed to look absolutely breathtaking.

Bella’s Maiden Hairstyle:

Back to our pretty princess again. This look is inspired by Bella’s days in the village when she used to go out every day and Gaston would follow her around…OH MY CHILDHOOD!!

Princess Clara’s Hairstyle:

I’m pretty sure you all watched the Nutcracker And The Four Realms. Made based on Tchaikovsky‘s amazing piece The Nutcracker. The ballerinas inspired these hairstyles. From the sided loose ponytail to the messy pigtails or even the braided low bun. Clara was a spectacular character that we all love.

Aurora’s Hairstyle:

Did you watch Maleficent ? I’m pretty you did and I’m also pretty you loved both Angelina Jolie as Maleficent (the Mistress Of Evil) and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora.

This hairstyle shows us how to recreate Aurora’s amazing Twisted Loop. You could use either pins or flower tiaras. Do you think you’ll try it?

Rapunzel’s beautiful braid:

Do you remember that hairstyle? I have ALWAYS wanted to try. And now I can. Check the video above to see how the beautiful mermaid flowered braid is made.

Princess Ariel’s Hairstyle:

Do you like mermaids? You like Ariel precisely? This look is perfect for you. With Ariel’s alluring wavy red hair, you’ll steal the lights.

Princes Jasmine’s Hairstyle:

The beautiful arabic princess Jasmine is known for her luxury lifestyle. Gold and silver are always used in her outfits. But how does she do her hair?

The answer is normally…She puts her hair in a bubble ponytail and twists the sides. You can also use different accessories to make the whole hairstyle come together.

Hair is crucial for the outfit to come together. I hope you try a hairstyle from our list. Be ready to look like a real-life princess whether it’s a wedding or a normal party. Turn heads and we’re pretty sure you’ll get your happily ever after with your prince charming.

Show off your gorgeous hair and be sure to tune in for more amazing content from Womenhancers and its creative writers.


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