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Office Relationships? Back Off Before It’s Too Late!

*SIGH* Office relationships and office romances… How fun does that seem in movies, huh?

The flirting, the giggling, the not so innocent glances. The I-was-just-bypassing-your-desk-and-I thought-you-might-need-this-gum, and other super urgent matters. All of those things that make you actually want to come to that crappy building every morning.

Oh, and when they ask you out on after-work dates disguised as a “coworker get together”. I mean who gives a tiny rat’s a** what the company policy has to say about workplace romance right?

I know how hard it can be to be single for a long time, getting friend zoned by every love interest…

But if any of these seems familiar to you, then LISTEN UP.

So is office romance a good idea?

Now it might seem to you that it’s actually fine to have a little workplace romance going on. And yes, office affairs are actually more common than you might think.

Which encourages more and more people to have romantic relationships in the workplace, thinking… what could possibly go wrong with an office romance?

Well, let me answer that for you. A LOT OF THINGS can go wrong my dear. You can ask Taylor Swift on dating co-stars.

First of all,

Office relationships create biases.

Especially if the two have a subordinate-superior relationship. Even though at the beginning you would say things like this: We’re not one of those people, we can definitely keep it professional!

The thing with office relationships is that it’s so hard to separate from your professional life. It’s even harder to see the mistakes and flaws of your subordinate if you’re dating them.

Just picture this: let’s say you’re the boss. Which means you have the responsibility of supervising and making sure everyone is performing well.

But what if your romantic partner made a mistake? Would you be able to point it out, or would you let it slide just so it doesn’t affect your relationship with them? Be honest. Office relationships are more complicated than they seem.

Let’s see it from the other side now. You’re the subordinate instead now. Imagine being called to the boss’s room. But the look on their face is nothing like the one they have back at home. When you’re all lovey-dovey.

They’re standing there blurting some negative feedback (because they don’t have a choice either). There is no way you won’t be mad at them afterward, you’ll probably start an argument later on (which you can avoid by doing these simple things) and that’s how office affairs become a problem.

Still confused if they actually even like you the way you like them? Here are the signs to watch out for!

Workplace romance is pretty distracting…

You know exactly what I mean… That amazing feeling you have when you’re starting to fall for someone. You only think about them, and you start to daydream. I know it’s a really cool feeling, and it’s perfectly normal at the early stages of a relationship.

But you see the thing is, it’s a tiny bit more complicated than that. Because it’s not a normal fling, it’s an office relationship. You’re actually able to see that person all day.

You’re gonna find yourself looking their way more often than you look at your computer (or whatever your work tool is). Your work productivity and outcome are gonna be at their lowest. Your boss might become unsatisfied with you and that’s a risk for your career.

There’s an even worse scenario for that. Sometimes, what you perceive as a potential office romance, the other party might perceive it as sexual harassment. Which puts you in a very bad legal position, damaging even your future jobs.

So what I want to tell you, my loves, is to stay away from that fire as much as you can.

I know they’re looking hella cute today, and they look so adorable while they’re all focused on their tasks. But is this office relationship really worth it?

Breaking up will be SO freaking hard!

If you’ve been in enough relationships, you know that starting it is way easier than getting out of it. It is hard to end a “normal” relationship, but for office relationships? Make it double the difficulty.

Do you think running into an ex is awkward? Well, imagine having to see them every. single. day. It’s like guaranteed to be awkward. This is why one should think twice before having romantic relationships in the workplace.

Because when our hearts flutter, we don’t really think that not all relationships are meant to work. Office affairs are no exception!

Another sad thing that happens to people in office relationships: They avoid breaking up (while they’re actually in a need for that split). Simply because they want to spare themselves that awkwardness. So they end up lying about their interest in the other person. Resulting in a huge heartbreak and eventual insecurities for both.

Which is NOT OKAY!!!

If you’ve read this, but you’re still not willing to drop it. Chances are you should probably just go for it!

Because love finds us in the most unexpected ways and places. And some romantic relationships in the workplace actually do work! This was meant to warn you against what’s coming. Just so you know what to expect before getting into an office relationship.

If you’re going for it anyway, which is understandable, even Rachel Green did it. I want you to be reading your company’s dating policies before going to bed every night!

Because you don’t want to be in a workplace romance that is a threat to your professional life. Unless you really hate that sh*tty place anyway. Then just forget everything I’ve said before.

Alright my loves, hope this tough-love style advice was helpful to you. See you in the next one!


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