Makeup Trends Inspired By The Lion King

Every girl loves makeup. It has become one of the empowerment tools people use to show their creative side. Makeup got better over the years, and makeup trends change like day and night. From the foundation to the highlight people start to follow the beauty gurus‘ makeup tips and everyone became a makeup artist.

With makeup being one of the most profitable industries. A lot of companies start using it as a way to get their profits up and we can’t blame them. Whether it’s Jeffery Star cosmetic or Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Line. A big number of people look for pigmentation and also design. Huda Kattan made a bake collection. While Colourpop collaborated with Disney Designer and come out with a cosmetic collection for both Disney princesses and Disney Villians and it was the collaboration we never thought we needed.

Inspired looks became a thing since forever, with people trying on Jasmin’s makeup or Snow White’s simple look. And it’s pretty obvious that the huge summer blockbuster The Lion King won’t be any different.

The live-action of the amazing movie The Lion King just made it’s World Premiere with Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Billy Eichner as Timon, and Seth Rogen as Pumba. And of course, someone made a makeup collection based on it. And who is more qualified to do it? Come on make a guess? Nothing came up ha?!

Then let me tell you. It’s none other than Sir John. The man behind Beyonce’s legendary glowing look. (Check out her Lion King inspired photoshoot…it’s such a blessing to this world)

The Lion King Makeup Trend.

A lot of people reviewed this beautiful exclusive collaboration with Luminess Cosmetics. With an eyeshadow called can’t wait to be queen. A highlighter palette and a sculpting palette. The Hakuna Matata lip balm. In addition to the 9 matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. These cosmetic items did exceed expectations.

This amazing brand managed to impress many beauty influencers one of them being Tati. I will make sure to link her review and look down below.

So here are some Lion King inspired Makeup looks:

Patrick Starr’s Makeup Look:

Being the incredible makeup artist he is. Patrick had to do a whole tutorial documenting his use of every product in that beautiful box for girls who love makeup as much as him. I’m pretty sure his pretty lion makeup look will start a whole new makeup trend. Would you try it beauties?!

A Look With The Meesha Lu Palette:

A look based on the main villain. Emma Fleming started a new trend by creating a look for each Disney Bad Guy. And we’re pretty happy she did one for uncle Scar. From the eyebrow cut to the black lip lined lips. Emma managed to perfect this look. Add a pretty Disney princess hair style and you’re good to go.

Where is my eyeshadow palette? I’ll try this right now…

An Other Scar Look Cuz I Feel Like It:

Similar to the one before. Mary from Mary and palettes created a perfect Scar look. Does she look scary?

OOOO SCAAR!!! *shivering* OOOO SCAAAR!!! (I really hope you got my pun…please get my pun).

Little Miss Mary even put the huge scar that characterizes Mufasa’s brother and added the green eye contacts.

A Movie Poster Inspired Look:

The Youtuber Slashed Beauty herself joined this makeup trend and created for us a pretty lion makeup look inspired by the poster. It’s pretty simple and wearable for any event. How would it feel rocking this in a party and having everyone ask you what’s the inspiration behind it? I would be more than proud to say that TLK is my guilty pleasure.

A Mufasa Look:

The loving King Mufasa was always strong yet gentle…Sweet yet extremely tough. The look above is 100% inspired by him. With warm colors and a sharp winged eyeliner for women to shine in. Lori Qazi managed to give us the prettiest king look.

Another Scar look …I Guess:

I hope you guys figured out who my favorite is by now. Sorry not sorry, but Scar managed to crawl into my heart with his dark persona and sarcasm, I’m a sucker for sarcasm. Zuly joined the makeup trend making a cute Scar look. With a dark smokey eye look, and a pair of really attracting lashes. Plus she gives amazing makeup tips.

A Timon Halloween Look:

I know Halloween is not here yet but it never hurts to be prepared. The owner of Only In Ur Mind gives us the perfect idea for the costume parties. Seriously, don’t you just love Timon he is super funny, plus it’ll give you a reason to say mean things to people… It’s a win-win situation.

Well Apparently I Like Scar”Look :

Lithunium Snow did an amazing tutorial on how to look super snatched in a villainy type of way for your costume party. Scar has inspired many makeup artists to take on the trend and look as close as they can to the evil jungle king.

Finally A Simba Look:

I know what you all are saying. ‘Oh where is the Simba one, we want Simba’. I won’t ever disappoint my readers I love them way too much *Wink-Wink *.

Anyways here is a cute tutorial of how to look as adorable as our small little cub who can’t wait to be a king.

Rafiki’s Look:

Still, on the Halloween theme, I present you Rafiki the baboon who thought me to ‘Look beyond what I see.‘ This look is extremely exciting to try. As you can see the makeup artist had so much fun creating it.

I invite you to ‘seek Hakuna Matata‘ (I LOVE PUNS) and take the risk. I know you are all brave.

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I’m pretty bummed to say that this is the end of my article. But make sure to “Laugh in the face of danger” like Simba does and always “Remember who you are”. But don’t ever hesitate to show them “What’s the motto with you”. Yeah, I make a lot of puns sue me.

Anyways stay tuned Ladies because we have a lot in store for you



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