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Lose Weight By Eating These 6 Simple Foods!

As Summer is already here, you are thinking about one thing: LOSING WEIGHT. I know you love eating. You love those burgers, those fries, THOSE ICE CREAM CONES.

Well, let me tell you something. ​ ​ ​​​​


I mean come on, if you ever gain weight every time you checked for Taco Bell’s new menu. You’d be called Po by now.


People are being like “oh congratulations for the baby! And you know deep down it’s just the Chipotle from yesterday’s dinner! Can we also mention the fact that your gym card is now a coaster on your dining table? Anyhow, you have to get yourself together. And thank God you found us!  ​​ ​

For your own good and wellbeing, we are giving you all the foods to include to your “diet” that will help to decrease belly fat and bloating, and thus lose weight.

Foods that help with weight loss

1- If you want to lose weight, drink more water!

Okay, first of all, your hydration is essential. And no Karren drinking Coke doesn’t count as hydration, even if it’s diet Coke. 75% of your body is only water! Water is not only vital for you, but also very helpful for your weight loss/belly fat loss journey. Why? Well simply because: 

lose weight with water

One: It helps with your digestion because it regulates the acid level present in your stomach and helps with constipation. Two: It helps with bloating: Since water is a plain fluid that doe not contain any gazes, it actually helps to decrease bloating.

Also, your brain sometimes confuses thirst for hunger so it sends signals to your stomach that food is needed when in fact you only need to drink a big glass of water. So if you ever feel “hungry” when you just had a big meal, you know now that you just need water.

Water makes you feel full, so drinking water 15min before eating a meal will make you eat less and drinking water after ( not during) eating will help you feel full.

2- Lose weight by eating whole fruits rather than juice!

Fruits contain high levels of vitamins and fibres. This is not the same when you juice them because 45% of a fruit’s benefit is lost. Switch to pieces of fruit rather than juices. Some fruits help burn fat like Grapefruits and Berries as well as Oranges and Kiwis. Others make you feel full like Mangos and Bananas.


Moreover, Avocadoes are also rich in fibres (which makes feel full for a longer time) and they help burning fat!


fruits are sweet so it’s a good alternative for your sweet cravings ( and this time will not fear diabetes!)

Karren, time to break up with the chocolate bars, let it GO, LET IT GO.

Oh, did I mention the very low calories that fruits contain? Here you go. You’re welcome.

3- Apple cider vinegar

Since Apple Cider Vinegar is 80% acid, it helps burning fat by triggering enzymes that are responsible for burning fat. It also increases fullness which reduces the calory intakes and lowers cholesterol levels!

lose weight with apple cider

Apple Cider vinegar shouldn’t be drunk right away though, I mean come on, it’s vinegar.

The preferable quantity is 30ml which is two tablespoons. Mix them in a glass of water and drink it.

Do this once a day and you’ll see results within the first 10 days! Of course, this doesn’t mean you will be eating whatever you want!

Apple Cider Vinegar is not a magic potion, you have to give it a little push! So keep a healthy diet and try to exercise.

4- Don’t watch and eat if you want to lose weight

With the third season of strangers things, HBO’s new TV show Euphoria, The Lion King and Toys story 4 coming up, you will be binge-watching in Netflix and your local cinema. Prepare those snacks! I mean doesn’t food come with TVs? huh?

the it crowd

well no, You see, when you eat while watching, you tend to overeat, whether it is your lunch, dinner, or just snacks. You have to teach yourself that you don’t need food to watch anything.

However, if you still have that tic of getting to the snack drawer and grab those Cheetos. Well here is a little hack for you:

As much as your mind is an incredible machine, You can fool it very easily! ​ ​

Trick your mind by telling it that you are eating a snack and go for ice. I know it may sound very weird, but it actually works! Ice is just frozen water so you can easily imagine a certain taste in your mind and your mind will think it is true.

On the other hand, you can switch for healthy low-fat snacks like cucumbers or some hummus with baby carrots ( just don’t overdo it, ).

5- Green tea

Just like Apple Cider Vinegar, Green tea boost your metabolism and helps you lose much more weight than you can imagine. It also helps with carbohydrate digestion and absorption, which basically means that it can decrease bloating.

lose weight with green tea

You do not need to drink gallons of Green tea a day in order to lose weight, come on Karren where is your rationality?

2 till 3 cups of Green Tea is more than enough for you to benefit from all the goods it may give you.

Of course, try to drink your Green tea with no added sugar! A little bit of honey can help you get rid of its bitterness.

6- Have some peppers!

Peppers, in general, contain a substance called capsaicin that actually triggers thermogenesis in your body. Thermogenesis is a process in which your body converts fat into heat.

Yes, that pain you feel while eating spicy food is actually your body doing some recycling to that burrito you just ate so that you don’t die from cholesterol!

lose weight with hades

And of course Karren, you don’t have to eat a bowl of chilli pepper for breakfast,

you don’t want 

Hades to trade

The underworld for your stomach,

Do you?

So you see,

losing weight is not that hard after all!

And with a little bit of workout, you will be ready to take over the world


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