Last-Minute Weekend Getaway Ideas: Detailed Plan

You can’t always have last-minute weekend getaway ideas out of the blue. And our working days can get a little hard and tricky.

As human beings, we don’t do well with stress. I mean most of us ladies freakout at the slight mention of pressure. Depression? feeling down? Of course I know them they’re my besties.

And from the moment we start our week. We wait impatiently for the weekend to arrive so that we could sleep in and binge-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix. And that ain’t exciting ladies.

IT IS NOT!!!!!

So open your minds for me, Ladies. Cause I’m gonna give you last-minute weekend getaway ideas. Whether it’s a girl’s trip, a friend’s trip, or romantic city getaways…

Now stop fooling around and listen to me.

You would want to prepare your travel bag in advance because its gonna take some time to choose a destination.

Being your favorite writer gives me a lot of advantages, like knowing what you actually need in life.

So I decided to make you a list of the best cities for 4-day vacation ideas in the USA.

Maybe you even could manage to sneak a Monday or even a Friday in there to expend your little trip.

Best Weekend Getaway Ideas: Visit NYC

weekend getaway ideas

I know what you’re thinking. New York is ideal for weekend getaway ideas. But this is where you’re wrong.

New York has over 60 million visitors annually. And is one of the most popular destinations in the world attracting visitors from all around the globe.

New York is perfect for your weekend getaway ideas. Whether it’s a family trip or a best friends’ trip. NYC does the job perfectly.

You have the choice to either get a guide. Or go on an adventure alone. If it’s your first visit it’s better to get a guide. Just so that you know where to go.

As a tourist, whether it’s your first time or not. There are places that you need to visit Such as:

  • Take a Sightseeing tour: Get familiar with the city
  • See a Broadway Show: I mean it’s quite obvious why
  • View the Stunning New York Skyline: the Empire State Building, One World Observatory (Freedom Tower) or Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. 
  • Visit Lady Liberty and Ellis Island: I mean if you don’t visit Lady Liberty why come to NYC.

The flight from Washington, DC to New York is 1h10min and the distance can be approximately 360 kilometers.

And for the Flights’ prices, they are varied from airline to the other.

I’m gonna give you two airlines as an example.

  • American Airlines: The lowest for the round trip is 227$ per person. From Washington, DC to New York
  • Delta Air Lines: The lowest for the round trip is 128.60$ per person.

Now, don’t you just crave an NYC trip? I mean I definitely am.

So go ahead and add this to your 4-day vacation ideas book.

Fantastic 4-day Vacation Ideas: New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is perfect to be added in your last-minute weekend getaway ideas’ list. It is also a perfect Honeymoon destination.

The “Big Easy,” is known for its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music scene and spicy, singular cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures.

New Orleans is a perfect destination for a Girls’ Trip. Just you and your girlfriends having the most perfect weekend.

Get a guide if you want. The city has a very good guide.

But HEY!! you could go on your own and discover the city along with your friends by yourselves.

And to help you with that I’m gonna give you the places that you have to go to:

  • French Quater: Klaus lived there so don’t tell me you don’t want to go visit it. It’s known for Bohemian charm, Jackson Square history, Steamboat cruises, Bourbon Street fun, Old-world architecture, and Century-old restaurants.
  • Go to festivals: The city offers visitors an array of colorful events most every weekend.
  • Go Shopping: You will find many shops for clothing, jewelry, furniture, costumes, souvenirs and more. 

The flight from Washington, DC to New Orleans, LA is 2h14min and the distance is 1553 kilometers.

For the flights’ prices:

  • American Airlines: The lowest for the round trip is 1009$ from Washington to New Orleans.
  • Delta Airlines: The lowest for the round trip is 418.00$

And now go get your Last-minute weekend getaway ideas’ list, and put New Orleans at the top. It really is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Party In Las Vegas:

Well, we all know who you should take with you to Las Vegas.

Vegas is for friends and friends only.

If you ever go to Sin City you know that you need no guide. It will be just you and a bunch of your friends walking along Vegas’ streets.

As I did before I will give you a list of where to go to make the best out of your trip.

  • Go On A Night Helicopter Ride: Because why not!!
  • Visit Cirque du Soleil at the Hotels: They have a Beatles’ show and Mickael Jackson show and magic shows.
  • Go On The City Bus Tour: To be more familiar with your surroundings
  • And Of Course, Go To a Casino: You can’t visit Vegas and not spend the night at a casino playing and drinking the night away.

You may even end up getting married who knows?

Now for the flights’ prices and the distance: Las Vegas is 3953 kilometers way from Washington, DC and the flight lasts from 4 to 6 hours.

  • American Airlines: The lowest price for the round trip nonstop is 571$
  • Delta Airlines: The lowest for the round trip is 47,500$.

I hope you have your stuff ready because your whole Instagram is gonna find out that what happens in Vegas…most definitely ends with someone getting drunk married.

Alluring 4-Day Vacation Ideas In Santa Barbara:

This is the beautiful city of Santa Barbra. Perfect for your Last-minute weekend getaway ideas’ book.

You almost can’t believe that this beautiful city is actually in the USA instead of Greece or Italy.

But as a visitor of Santa Barbra of course after getting a guide if you please. You should visit:

  • Visit Mission Santa Barbara: It’s one of Santa Barbara’s most iconic landmarks. That church is worth visiting for sure.
  • Stearns Wharf offers: As it offers breathtaking views of the harbor and beaches.
  • The Santa Barbara Museum of Art: As it has many beautiful paintings and sculptures from different eras.

Now to the basic information part. The distance between Santa Barbara and Washington, DC is 3812 kilometers. And the flight lasts for approximately 5 hours and 14 minutes.

Now for the flights, and as usual I’m gonna give up the top two airlines in America. And of course, you have the choice between either both of them or other airlines if preferred.

  • American Airlines: The lowest price for the roundtrip is 735$
  • Delta Airlines: The lowest price for a roundtrip is 400$ with one-stop.

Santa Barbra is a beautiful place to add to your romantic city getaways’ list.

I sure do recommend it.

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If You Think Adventure Is Dangerous, Try Routine, It’s Lethal

Paul Coelho

This brings us to the first part of the ” Weekend Getaways ” series. I hope you enjoyed.

Feel free to share with me your experiences in these cities in the comments. And…

Write to you soon my Loves…XOXO


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