Kylie Makeup Line: Is It Worth The Money?

I’m not gonna ask you if you know Kylie Jenner. Because let’s be honest who doesn’t know the younger Kardashian-Jenner? (or should I say the richest Jenner). Anyways, this is not my subject for today. For this day’s article, I’m gonna talk to you about the Kylie makeup line.

kylie makeup line

Miss Jenner founded the Kylie Cosmetics in 2015. And we are very proud that a young woman, can found and run a multi-million company at the age of 18 years old.

Like seriously, how is Kylie Jenner so rich? at such a young age! 22 years old and she has managed to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever.

If that doesn’t surprise you, then I don’t know what will.

Anyways, that’s a topic for another day.

Many beauty gurus criticized the product in their Kylie makeup reviews. So I’m here to answer your question: Can you buy Kylie Cosmetics, without the fear of regretting it?

Well, It’s gonna be a long Kylie make up review…

kylie meme
Kylie’s Snapchat

Kylie Cosmetics Review: 2018’s Vacation Collection

This Kylie makeup line collection was super cute, to be honest. Kylie admitted to it being her proudest collection among all the Kylie Jenner makeup kits. And I can clearly see why.

Kylie Jenner makeup kits
Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Stories

Now to the Kylie make up review.

As you can see the packaging is super adorable. The beautiful gold color gives it a royal kind of look. I guess that’s what they were going for this Kylie collection.

As it’s showed in the picture, this Kylie makeup line has 11 cosmetic items and I’m about to list them all and give you a Kylie Cosmetics review on each one.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Kits: Loose Highlighter

For starters, we have the loose powder Highlighter. Which is the first thing you see in all the Kylie Jenner makeup kits.

Kylie collection

How would I review it? In the first place, the packaging is very cute and travel size. In addition to its variety of colors (3 shades). I think that they feel a little like flush sheet. Although I mean that in a good way. Other than that they are very glowy and super pigmented in comparison to her previous highlighters. It’s very easy for women to use, due to its smooth formula.

I can easily say that this is one of the best highlights in Kylie makeup line collections.

The Eyeshadow Palette:

Second, in our list is the Take Me On Vacation Eyeshadow Palette.

Kylie makeup review palette

The packaging stayed true to the theme of the whole collection, with the gold color and I’m not complaining.

The palette comes with 16 shades that are not only mates but also metallics and shimmers.

The new formula is easier to blend than the previous ones. The mattes and shimmers are very pigmented and they pop once on a primed lid. Unlike the metallics. Who works better with a wet brush (I recommend the Mac Fix…My makeup tips are just the best aren’t they?). But Kylie already said that in one of her snaps so I was not that upset. Plus you could make amazing makeup trends with those shades.

She Wants More Nudes’ Lip Kit:

They come together with the Send Me More Nudes Lip Kit.

Now to the Kylie Cosmetics review.

kylie cosmetic lip kit

As you can see she put some nude and beige colors to go well with the eyeshadow shades in this Kylie makeup line.

My review: The formula is very consistent and the wand is super easy to use. These liquid lipsticks are matte so of course, they are waterproof.

Following this last item, we have the Kylie cosmetics lip kit Velvet Liquid lips.

velvet kylie cosmetic lip kit
Velvet Kylie Lipstick

As you can see they are the same colors as the ones before. But what’s different is the formula. In contrast to the previous ones, these do not dry down and they are kiss-proof.

Review: June Bug Lipstick

Kylie Lip Kit

This one is a very neon purple lipstick from her Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. And I was very thankful for her putting it in this collection.

As I always say in my famous makeup tips for girls: ” You can never go wrong with a liquid lipstick.”

Face Duo:

The next item in our Kylie makeup line list for the day will be the Face duo.

skinny dip
Kylie Makeup Line: Skinny Dip

I didn’t really know how to review this product, to be honest. I guess I just loved it at first sight!

It wears out beautifully. Whether it’s the bronzer or the amazing highlighter. They both perform very well and they swatch easily too.

Blinding Glosses:

The best Kylie cosmetic product in my Kylie makeup line list will be none other than the Glitter Glosses.

Kylie cosmetic lip kit
Kylie Cosmetics Lip-Gloss

These Super Glitter Glosses as she called them got me SHOOK sister!

A great addition to the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit collection if you ask me.

Honestly, they were my favorite in this collection. The packaging wasn’t too fancy and it was cute, simple and golden. In fact, I’m a sucker for simplicity.

Once I wore them they got me surprised. You could wear them alone or on top of one of the nudes I showed you earlier in the article.

They really are super glittery and smooth as well as very pigmented.

Review For The Purple Collection:

This is the fall collection and let me tell you. IT IS PHENOMENAL!!!

I loved using every item in this specific Kylie makeup line.

purple collection
Fall purple collection

These are all the items inside this beautiful box. And I was super excited to get my package. It either comes in a box or a beautiful black makeup purse.

Now off to my Kylie makeup review we go!!

Purple Palette:

I respect her efforts in putting this palette together because as we all know it is super hard to make purple eyeshadows actually work.

Kylie makeup line palette
Kylie makeup line palette

This gorgeous palette has 5 mattes, 2 shimmers, and 2 metallics.

As I said she may have a little problem with the metallics, there are tons of fallouts, the formula is very tacky. Gets better once you wet the brush but it still is very hard to work with. You could make very pretty Disney inspired makeup trends like the ones we have in our article.

My review? The shimmers diffuse once blended, but the mattes are amazing. they are pigmented and super soft. And if you had a celebrity skincare routine and used these shades you’d see the best of what this palette has to offer.

Powder Glitter Highlighter:

Now let me review the Powder pots. These very beautiful powder pots.

cosmetic powder
Kylie Jenner Loose Powder Review

Here’s the review: this Kylie makeup line, you can find 4 loose powder highlighters. In the shades Fiji (Bronzer), Tahiti (Pink Champagne), Santorini (Gold), and Westeria (Bright violet purple).

These highlighters are very pigmented and I can say that they are the prettiest and easiest to wear product in this Kylie collection.

Kylie’s Famous Lip Kits:

And of course, it’s not a Kylie Jenner makeup kit if it doesn’t have at least one Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. Lucky me/us this one has 5 lip kits.

lip kits
Kylie Cosmetics fall lip kits

Well as you can see the variation of colors. It’s quite expected for her to have a purple one.

It was my favorite as I love that color. The formula was so soft and easy it doesn’t feel tacky or cranky on the lips. And they are all Velvet.

Recently, people went crazy about the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Line/collection. She shared it on her social media and the colors were gorgeous…

Kylie makeup review
Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection

This brings me to the end of my article. I hope my Kylie makeup reviews helped you get more information about these Kylie makeup line products.

Speaking of the Kardashian sisters, Kim Kardashian’s Booty is apparently not fake and she has the proof, in an X-ray of her famous backside. Yep, that’s important and I didn’t want you to miss that.

We were thinking of starting a makeup tips series where we give you reviews and tips to help you with your daily makeup. Especially now, that Womenhancers is one of the top 100 websites women must visit. Comment down below your ideas.

Write To You Soon… XOXO


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