Kylie Jenner Makeup Look: Detailed Steps To Her Signature Look

On Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series, the youngest Jenner graced the audience with a detailed tutorial on how to reach THE Kylie Jenner makeup look. Stormi’s mommy definitely takes her time in achieving the simple glam. And we all need to take notes.

Here are a couple of her looks, where she showed off her successful Kylie Jenner makeup line. And she did that using creative color combinations. Lovely!

kylie jenner makeup artist
Kylie Jenner glam

I know you’re here for the tutorial, the deets. And I know that you don’t want to pause the video every 2 seconds (because that’s what it takes to follow).

So today, I’m gifting you with this Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial, broken down into 11 simple steps. You’re very welcome!

Steps + Amazing Tricks

  • 1/ Eyebrows: For this Kylie Jenner makeup look, she uses a brow pencil to define the shape of her brows. Afterward, she applies concealer right beneath it. It will give more precision.
  • 2/ Eyeshadow: Using one of her limited edition palettes, Kylie chooses a base shade. Then, she applies a defining brown under her brow bone. Finally, using her fingertip, she applies a shimmery gold shade all over the lid and adds neon orange to give the makeup look an extra pop.
  • 3/ Foundation: After wiping the excess shadow, Kylie Jenner likes to go with her foundation application. Using a puffy brush first. And blending everything with a makeup sponge.
  • 4/ Concealer: Concealer is a must in this Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial. She applies it underneath the eyes, on her nose, cupid’s bow, and chin. Her makeup artist recommends highlighting these points in your face to define your features.
  • 5/ Powder: This step is so so important, tell you why. The powder will help you set your foundation and keep it nice-looking all day long.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial: A few other looks.

kylie makeup artist
Kylie Jenner Makeup Line
  • 6/ Contour: We cannot talk about the Kardashians without bringing up contouring. They basically made the makeup tip viral, and it’s now a must!
  • 7/ Bake: Yes that’s a word used by makeup artists. It’s that white beard you give yourself to set your concealer and prevent creases.
  • 8/ Mascara: Before you attack, I know you’re not supposed to put mascara on lash extensions. But hey, if Kylie doesn’t care, it means it’s now allowed. Got that out of the way, phew.
  • 9/ Highlight: You can’t possibly call it a glam if you’re not a glistening girl at the end. Pop that glow on your cheekbones, brow bone, and nose tip. There you go, Fantastic.
  • 10/ Blush: She likes to apply a rosy blush on her cheeks. Simply smile, and brush on a subtle pink shade.
  • 11/ Lipstick: Finishing off with none other than Kylie’s fortune maker, the start of the billion-dollar Kylie Jenner makeup line: Give it up for the infamous lip liner everyone.

The Kardashians sure have a crew that takes care of their appearances, but Miss Jenner here prefers to do her own glam. Kylie Jenner makeup artist taught her a few tips and tricks, and she’s kindly sharing them with us.

How did you find this Kylie Jenner makeup look? Tell us in the comments if you have some tips to share, remember girls, we are a community so let’s support each other!

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