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Kim Kardashian Booty Real Or Fake?

We all seem to have a weird obsession with bums. Everyone wants to have a nice tush. Some celebrities even went under the knife to have the butt they always dreamed of. One of them being the rapper Cardi B who admitted that she got butt injections.

But today’s article is about another famous backside and that is none other than Kim Kardashian’s booty.

We all wondered at one point if Mrs. West’s hips, thighs, and bum were real or just scam made by aesthetic doctors. Our researchers did some digging.

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Mrs. Kim Kardashian Is 100% Real:

And we are proud to announce to you that Kim Kardashian’s butt is 100% real!

Yes! Shocking right!

We’re not talking from scratch too. We have proof as the reality star had her exceptional booty X-rayed.

Her sister Khloe; who herself has enough controversy about her butt cheeks being real or not; has posted a tweet under the caption:


Mrs. West never said that she had any surgery. And always denied having any injections or implants to boost the volume of her bum.

As known, the Kardashians always stand up for each other. And her sister posted a picture of Kim next to her a$$’s X-ray pictures.

Well, we’re glad it’s real.

Because a butt like hers is very hard to come by.

Kim isn’t the only one in the Kardashian-Jenner family to have a backside that makes you go “WOW”.

2019 Met Gala Dress:

kim k

I just want to share with you this gorgeous dress that Kim wore for the Met Gala. I mean it goes perfectly with this year’s theme that is Camp.

Look at how it hugs her curves….. Magnifico!!

We thank Vogue for bringing us a video of Kim K getting ready for the event. We get to see her put the dress for the first time.

And let us tell you that Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West’s charm is everlasting. We even put her through the Aging App, and she still looked fabulous.

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Legal Disclaimer:

The content of this article is purely based on speculation and should at no time be considered as gospel fact. Womenhancers has no evidence about whether Kim Kardashian’s booty is real or fake. However, we will be looking at what we know about Kim, her physique, latest trusted news on the net to determine whether we think she’s ever had butt enhancement surgery.


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