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Introvert Minds: What We’re Really Thinking About

Being an introvert in an extrovert world can be hella tough. People would mistake our introversion for shyness, or even worse, rudeness. And relationships? God, don’t even get me started on that. The conflicts are never-ending either because we’re misunderstood or our needs are overlooked.

Okay. Drama aside. Let’s discuss why all of this tends to happen to us. 

An introvert and an extrovert are different in a way that they seek different levels of social interaction. In other words, being with people all day gives energy to extroverted while it drains the introverted from theirs.

You see we have a tendency to be extreme overthinkers…

Our minds do this thing where they bring up every possible scenario or situation when you’re trying to communicate with us. This is why we might not do so well when it comes to meeting new people. So if you want to have a better relationship with your introverted friend/partner, here’s what they want to tell you but can’t:

1. When you first meet us we’ll look like that chill person who thinks their too cool for others. But the truth is, we ignore you because we like you.

Yep, that’s how we introverts flirt so just take the clue already (please?). Look for these signs for help!

2. Yes, we’re bad at texting back and answering phone calls, and that’s because, as I said earlier, we OVERTHINK.

What should I say? Am I being annoying? What if they don’t really mean it? hOw DO yOU Speak wItH StRaNgERs?

3. Alone time is what we LIVE for. We get excited over staying at home and being in our own little bubble of happiness. Just Introvert things…

So even if we cancel our plans or leave the party literally as soon as we get there Don’t worry, we still like you …

Here, this is what I meant to say: 

Anyway, give me back your attention.

4. We try to spend as much time with our extroverted friends and love interests as they expect us to because we don’t want to disappoint them, although our social batteries run out quicker than others. 

However, we eventually get tired of that and ask to set some boundaries. We love you. This is NOT us rejecting you all of a sudden. We are just easily overstimulated.

5. Stop trying to “get us out of our loneliness”. We are not miserable, that’s just how introverts recharge so that we can face the world and achieve things.

Btw you should totally check out this insta account later, it’s just too precious.

6. Extroverts prefer black & white, concrete language. While Introverts are more detail-oriented, we look for the exact word to describe our feelings with the metaphors and aall that. Our thoughts can come off as complex but that’s not necessarily true.

We’re good listeners but we can be awkward talkers believe me. 

Maybe you can relate to this and know exactly what I’m talking about. But maybe not. I decided to write about how an introvert’s mind works so that you can better understand us.

Because that’s all we’re really asking for. 


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