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Ilhan Omar… Making Good Trouble

This time, we chose Ilhan Omar for the woman of the month category…Some of you may recognize her some may not. A few may like her, while others won’t. But we can’t deny the efforts she is doing to make The United States Of America a better place for everyone. No matter who you are, your ethnicity or religion should be no obstacle for you to access your full rights. Mrs. Ilhan Omar fights for everybody’s sake. Using her power to vote on bills for good causes!

About Ilhan Omar:

She uses her power as a Congresswoman to voice the issues that minorities in the U.S (which she’s part of) are facing. In an interview on how she decided to take on the political world, Omar said that her mission was to fight hunger in the world’s richest country, as she herself suffered from it back when she lived in a refugee camp in Kenya.

Omar is one of the two only Muslim women in the house of representatives. People know her for voicing her opinions unapologetically, advocating for affordable housing, student loan debt forgiveness, universal healthcare, and strongly disapproving of the immigration policies of the Trump Administration, the Congresswoman also expressed her opposition to the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She has been the subject of several conspiracy theories ( some of which Mr. Trump is the author), death threats, and other harassment by political opponents.

Ilhan Omar Controversy

Trump’s supporters started chanting “send her back” towards Ilhan Omar at one of his campaign rallies. To which she replied: I belong, at the people’s house.

Many people are targetting The 37-year-old on the daily. Alongside three other women in the house of representatives, belonging to groups of minorities just like herself: Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. The hate tweets and comments are all over her social media accounts, but she stands in the midst of all this, tall, confident and absolutely not holding back.

As an American citizen, Omar’s love for the country should be an obvious matter. Especially that she demands equal opportunities and rights within the U.S. She’s a Muslim, dark-skinned woman, Somalian-American representing Minnesota. However every time Trump finds a way to call her out or accuses her of hating the country, inviting her to leave if she doesn’t like things the way they are. The president’s loyal supporters couldn’t agree more. One thing is indisputably true for them: Ilhan Omar hates America. People question her about her love for her country, and that is such a heartbreaking fact.

The Trump Incident:

People’s hatred towards her is not coming from no where. It comes from the terrible tweets that she received from Donald Trump alongside her colleagues.

Trump tweet

As you can see Mr. Donald Trump tweeted these horrifying tweets obviously targeting the congresswoman and her friends.

Trump tweet on Ilhan Omar

Asking them to and I quote “Go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came from”

It just seems that Mr. Donald trump finds fun in bringing powerful women down, as he did with Megan Rapinoe, Women’s World Cup Champion. Check out this article about her great accomplishments: Women’s World Cup: The Incredible USWNT Ladies

Clearly forgetting that those four women are legitimate citizens of the USA. And have equal rights to himself and to other citizens.

Trump tweet on Congresswoman

Even going to the point of offering them free travel arrangements calling out their financial states.

It’s been going back and forth for days now between the president of the USA and the female politicians. People took their sides and the press published its articles yet we still don’t know which is right?

What do you think about this whole conversation going on?


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