How To Take Better Travel Pictures For Instagram

Traveling is probably the only thing that guarantees new, and hopefully fun memories. You get to see all these new places, meet all these new people, experience a different culture. In short, you get to find a whole new world that you definitely want to have in your memory forever. Thankfully, we get to take travel pictures with our phones and cameras.

But capturing the moment, the feeling is not always that easy for everyone. Luckily for you, we know someone, who knows someone who knows how to do that. Actually, there are many of them, and they’re none other than the infamous Instagram Travel Bloggers.

They just have a talent for photography and that’s undeniable. But it doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few tips to get your pictures Instagram ready. That’s why we brought you a few amazing tips you can use to collect precious moments from your vacation.

Play With Different Angles

We tend to rush through this step when we try to take a travel picture. It might be because we’re just too lazy to think of a non-obvious angle, or we don’t really have the time. But let me tell you something. taking that extra minute, going out of our way and thinking outside the box are absolutely not overrated things.

By taking your photos from totally different angles, you are doubling your chances of getting THE picture you’re looking for.
Don’t be afraid to use your phone in more creative ways. You’ll be amazed at how much more interesting the results will be.

Travel pictures 1
photo: tourdelust@instagram

Shoot Travel Pictures On Sunrise

The Colusseum, Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal. We’ve seen breathtaking pictures of these monuments all over our feeds.
Picture this: you’re finally there, the monument/site that inspired you to come is right in front of you but… It’s. Too. Crowded. You’re kinda disappointed and discouraged. Getting a nice shot is now almost a battle that you’re very likely to lose.

Now stop thinking about how you wasted your time coming there because you can’t take any good travel pictures. Because there are a lot of ways you can edit the people out of your pictures. But for me, the best thing to do is getting up extra early to take your pictures. When the location is at its utmost beauty, and the rising sun is shining at it.

You enjoy it better that way AND you get nice photos.
Travel pictures 2
photo: callmeadventurous@instagram

Golden Hour Lighting

You probably already know this. The golden hour pictures are THE best, hence the golden nickname. Can’t explain it to you scientifically, but we know for sure that, when the sun is about to set, everything the light touches becomes incredibly beautiful to shoot.

The colors are much nicer compared to, say Midday time. That’s why you want to wait for this timing to take your pictures. The rosy nuances on the sky, the gold shade on your skin, the light reflecting on your hair. I mean come on, with this lighting, your travel pictures are gonna be better than any professionally lighted magazine photoshoot.

Travel pictures 3
photo: tourdelust@instagram

Framing Rule

Okay so let’s suppose you got all the elements down. The lighting is perfect, the colors couldn’t be greater and the angle captures the beautiful view oh so perfectly. But still, you feel like something is wrong. We’ve been there too and we eventually found out that there’s this one thing that scientifically makes the picture aesthetically pleasing. It’s the way the elements of the picture fall into the frame of your screen.

The basic idea is to mentally divide the frame into sections and decide which element goes where. For example, you can make it into thirds: so that now you have a right, center and left section where you can allocate different things. Or you can opt for a natural symmetry: doing this is so simple. You just have to determine a center on your screen, and adjust so that the elements on the right are either identical or aligned with the elements on the left.

There you go, you have your skills improved and your travel pictures perfect without having an approved photographer’s license. Just make sure to have your travel beauty essentials with you and you’ll be fine.
Travel pictures 4
photo: kelleesetgo@instagram

Mixture Of Colors

When you’re trying to take a travel picture, you instinctively try to gather elements with complementary colors to make it more pleasing. Which, of course, is an excellent thing to do. But sometimes, it’s good to try something different, especially that the places around the world are each unique in their own way. Each culture has a trademark palette that works so well with nature in the country.

That’s why we want you to think differently, don’t shy away from wearing colorful outfits on your trip, because matching is kinda boring. And the pics are going to turn out unexpectedly good. Just look at Shay Mitchell here.
photo: Shaymitchell@instagram

If you still haven’t even decided where to go, check out our suggestions for this summer.

Skies Make Shots Prettier

Whether it’s a city view, a seashore or even a selfie, try to include the sky in your shot. The colors in the sky increase its appeal to the eye. And it can be seen in every Instagram blogger’s travel pictures. You always see a beautiful blue sky, decorated oh so beautifully with white cotton-like clouds. It’s guaranteed to complement any other colors in your frame, sometimes it even overshadows the main focus in your picture.

But keep in mind that a beautiful sky doesn’t have to be cartoon-like. It can be cloudy and gloomy and still look so pretty, as the example of the picture below shows.

photo: tourdelust@instagram

Smiles Make The Best Travel Pictures

Using all the tips above, you can definitely get the pictures that’ll make everyone envious of your vacation time. Your travel pictures will be worth a million followers. Seriously you’re gonna want to start travel blogging but that’s besides the point, we’ll talk about that in another article. But the key to a splendidly mesmerizing picture of you on your vacay is a big, bright genuine smile. And I have the scientifical proof to back me up.

I’m gonna go all nerdy on you but in a 2013 study, researchers showed participants a few pictures of people varying in features and asked them to choose the most attractive ones. At the end of the study, they found that most people chose the pictures where the person is smiling, concluding that a person attractive is directly linked to the happiness showing on their faces.
Which honestly makes perfect sense. Just look at this picture here:

photo: kelleesetgo@instagram

Getting the perfect travel shots is sure an important thing, but the most important thing is that you actually enjoy your vacay, wherever you are. Sending you lots and lots of love.

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