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How To Date: Zodiac Sign Edition

Let me tell you something. Dating is hard! Especially when you cam back to the game after spending 3 years single with your Aloe Vera plant that is about to die! But you don’t know how to date anymore. You forgot how to deal with people! The only interaction you have is with your neighbour who is schizophrenic! You have tried everything. From dating tips on magazines to online coaching. You never get to that point where you and your date clicked! Well, Have you ever thought about checking your partner’s Zodiac sign? You heard me, ZODIAC SIGN! And let me say that it actually gives a lot of insights on your partner’s behaviour! So ladies here is how to date: Zodiac sign edition

How to date based on Zodiac signs

How to date: Fire signs


Dating an Aries is one hell of a ride! They are VERY confident as well as competitive people. Basically, Life is a long-lasting competition for them. And If you were looking for honesty ( i mean come on, who doesn’t like a little “ to be honest” sometimes) Aries are just the best at it! They value honesty very much and HATE lies! Aries are very passionate people and leaders.

So be prepared to be dating someone that is charismatic and will lead your relationship to the best levels!

How to date: Aries

However, Aries are very moody and impatient. There will be times when you will feel like you are dating a kid because they tend to be very impulsive and aggressive when they do not get what they want. 

Try to stay calm when an Aries gets angry. Since they are a fire sign, their anger can be unbearable. They might say hurtful things and not mean anything of it. Their impatience makes them look like Divas ( which is not the case) and makes them seem as if they are drama queens.

But once they are themselves, and positivity arises, you will have so much fun! And meet optimism itself! They are very loving and caring people and see the good in pretty much everyone and everything.


Leos are confident and loyal. Just like Aries, they are natural-born leaders as well as very creative and generous people. They literally could give a kidney if you ever needed it! ( okay maybe not that much, but you get it. Leos are generous). 

They mostly are very good looking and very charismatic as well as straight forward.

How to date: leo

Yet, Leos are egoistic and somehow narcissistic. They will eventually put their needs before their partner’s intuitively and naturally without necessarily wanting to hurt them. Very possessive, you will sometimes feel like you have no freedom. Moreover, you will feel as if your Leo friend/partner does not trust you ( which is not the case don’t worry).

They also are arrogant, let’s just make this clear. Leos are very arrogant. Which can be very irritating, believe me, very very irritating.

But dating a Leo is truly amazing. They are warm-hearted, loving, caring, sweet! Just make sure to stay open-minded and not jump to conclusions very fast as well as keep the communication going to keep a good and healthy relationship.


  Sagittariuses are the best at making someone laugh( i have to say, great sense of humour, just Great!). They are idealistic, dream a lot as well as are very generous! ( a lot of generosity in the fire sign family!).

Thing is, as much as Sagittariuses are joyful and so nice to be with. They tend to make promises they can’t necessarily keep as well as saying things without thinking about them in the first place. 


 I’m not saying that you should not believe a Sagittarius when they make promises but come on just be careful. 

Anyhow, Sagittariuses are amazing human beings. They love good food so you will always get to go to the best restaurants and taste the best food! And you feel loved, very loved! 

However, they are people that love freedom, so if you are dating a Sagittarius, you will be confused about whether your partner wants to be in this relationship or not. But don’t worry about it! Your Sagittarius loves you!

How to date: Water Signs


Cancers are sweethearts, they are sympathetic, loyal and can be very persuasive as well! They are idealists and prefer to live in their thoughts rather than the real world. And also like to think with their hearts. So yeah, sweethearts!

But, ( there is always a but). Since cancer prefers emotions to logic, they tend to get overwhelmed by their emotions thus quickly jump into conclusions. Also, cancers are very impatient, which makes them a  little bit childish. And be careful with the mood swings because they can get really serious 

How to date: Cancer

A Cancer will try to avoid any sort of conflict with either their partner or entourage in general. They prefer to stay calm and let things work their way. On the other hand, if ever a Cancer gets angry it’ll become an ocean of complaints and emotions since cancers tend to keep things to themselves.

Be careful with their mood swings! They can be very frequent and harsh.

Stay gentle, kind and sweet to your Cancer. They need constant protection. You will feel comfortable once you get to know your partner. KEEP THE COMMUNICATION ON!


Scorpios are very mysterious people. Very secretive. And they sometimes can be aggressive. However, they are very sensitive. And under this tough figure, they try to show to people. Hides a little stubborn child who is seeking his true self in a very unfaithful world.

Never lie to a scorpion, otherwise, they will literally cut you off their lives no matter the intention behind the fact that you lied.

They love teasing their loved ones! So don’t get offended by anything they might say to you. They are just expressing their affection to you.


Even if Scorpios are water signs, their emotions sometimes can be so strong they could drown into them and get lost. Losing with that the desire of being with someone for no particular reason.

Yet, Scorpios are very supportive and loving. And will sometimes carry the pain of their partners to let them rise up and be happy.

If you are dating a Scorpio, you have found yourself a warrior!


If there is one word that could describe Pisces is surely artistic! They are a ball of creativity! You will never get bored with a Pisces. They are also very compassionate people and warm-hearted. Pisces make good loyal friends as well as extremely caring lover and partners. They are wise and can be a little selfless since they love helping others.

Pisces are more intrapersonal people, which means that they prefer to spend time alone by themselves than with others.

How to date: pisces

Dating a Pisces can be difficult since they are not good at showing emotions even though they are very sensitive. They will rely on actions to show their care and love to another person. So pay attention to what they do around you rather than what they say.

They are reliable and wise people. You can always count on them to give you the best advice!

Keep in mind that Pisces hate to be criticized for whatever reason. Try to remain rational with them and understand them before you do so.  

How to date: Air signs


Gemini is two faces of the same coin. They represent the twin brothers Castor and Pollux.

They are very curious people and very adaptable. Geminis are often seen as Chameleons since they do not have any problem with melting in the crowd.

Since this sign comes in two, Geminis naturally dislike being alone. And will try to find any way to have someone to keep them company. They also believe in soulmates.


Geminis are very nervous and indecisive people. They will even get nervous because they are indecisive. They also look for constant change and hate routine as well as being extremely energetic and free.

Dating a Gemini is more fun than you expected. You will, thanks to them, discover new things not only about yourself but also about your entourage and surroundings.

If you are dating a Gemini, you are going to have to keep up with their free minds and will to try new things! You will go on an adventure I guarantee this!


Libra is the sign of balance. And those that were born under that sign are very much calm and serene people. They hate confrontations and violence and prefer a more diplomatic way to solve their problems. So don’t try to be aggressive if you are dating a Libra. There is really no good results to this.

Libras are very gracious people as well as perfectionists. They remain gentle and kind in any sort of situations and try to rationalize their behaviour.


Even though they might seem very confident, self-pity is one of their main weaknesses. Which makes them vulnerable sometimes.  

Dating a Libra might be a challenge since they are not risk-takers and prefer to rely on their assumptions. And this will make your relationship seem quite monotone. But don’t discourage yourself, your partner only needs reassurance to take a step out of their comfort zone!


Aquarians are very independent people in both material and moral matters. They are humanitarian and believe in justice, equality and freedom. 

They are mostly shy and quiet. But once you know them, you will get hit by a wave of originality like you never before!

Not very good with emotions, Aquarians tend to think with their minds rather than their hearts. They do not show their feelings, which means that if you are dating an Aquarius, don’t expect a very show-off relationship full of emotions. You should be working on your patience from now on.

How to date: Aquarius

People born under this sign are fun to hang out with! They are deep intellectuals as well as eccentrics. This contrast makes them both intriguing and unique.

Aquarians have very strong principles and values they live up to. So never think about breaking a promise you made to an Aquarius because it will be a one-way ticket to Bye-bye city.

They also set their priorities alongside every relationship they are involved in. And let me tell you something, once you become one of their priorities, you will find by your side the best support ever!

How to date: Earth signs


People born under this sign appreciate material things. They live for beauty and love.

Taureans are honest and loving people. They value friendships and relationships.

The animal that represents this zodiac sign is a Bull. Which gives us a certain image about Taureans. Who are very straightforward people and are not afraid of taking initiatives.


However, Taureans are very possessive which can make their partners very uncomfortable in certain situations. Stubborn, they stick to their ideas even if they are wrong.

In their love life, Taureans are very passionate and sensual with their partners. And once there are real feelings in the air, they feel the need to stay loyal to that person for the sake of those feelings.

Dating a Taurus is everything but boring! Just try to keep up with their determination and commitment to what matters to them.


Virgos are rational and analytical beings. They tend to be careful and stay where they feel comfortable ( a little bit like Libras). However, Virgos are way more practical than Libras. They also are very tender people, often mother like.

 Having a Virgo around gives you a feeling of reassurance since they are very careful people. Yet, they often stay closed to the world even though they are very warm-hearted and loving. 

Dating a Virgo can be challenging since they do not share their problems and do not like to seek for help. They expect people to notice the details of their behaviour just like they do with them ( which is quite hard since they sometimes become as cold as rocks).


Try not to be hard on them. Even with their rational behaviour, they stay very vulnerable beings.

They often do not accept their feelings whether they are true or not, and do not accept feelings of others even more.

Keep in mind that you are not the problem of your partner’s lack of communication. But this shouldn’t stop you from talking to them! Keep it ( the communication) going! You will eventually get to understand your Virgo!

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Regardless of the fact that they are very pessimistic people, Capricorns are disciplined and self-controlled people. They like to have everything set in their rightful place. 

Capricorns are extremely hardworking and big perfectionists. And value family and strong friendships.

Withal, Capricorns might drown in their work and forget to give time for themselves and their partners.

They are great planners and don’t really like spontaneous events.


Capricorns prefer to have everything in control whether it’s at work or in a relationship.

Their independence might irritate their partners and thus create conflict.

If you are dating a Capricorn you might feel intimidated because they have their life together and get a little frustrated to the fact they dislike pretty much everything.

Try to make your partner comfortable with your differences and make sure to open up about anything that is bothering you. Capricorns love honesty.


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