Hairstyles For Your Gorgeous Short Hair

Finally got that chop you always wanted! but now it feels kinda boring. With longer hair there are so many more options, right? WRONG! There are just as many (and much more fun) hairstyles you can try on your short hair.

Here’s some hairstyle inspiration to keep you from that haunting regret. Because nothing looks more badass than a fierce short ‘do.

1. Half Bun

Works on every hair texture. You just have to pair it up with minimalistic accessories, or you can go with a French girl look for example. With a bold red lippy.

short hairstyle

2. Beachy Waves Hairstyle

Is she a fairy? A Disney princess? We don’t know. But we do know that, above all, she’s slaying the game.

wavy purple hair

3. Sleek Hairstyle

Timeless bob, we’ve seen it on many other celebs including Scarlett Johansson. While it’s such a classic, it also feels fresh and youthful.

Guess who’s copying this look. Don’t guess it’s me.

bella hadid short hair

4. Trendy Barettes

Seen this trend on literal runways, we hesitated at first but we finally embraced it.

Also, no offense to long-haired girls, but we rock this trend better lol.

P.S: Here are some hairstyles for my long-haired girls as well. We good now?

hailey baldwin

5. Messy Updo

We love this one, so many good points we lost count (and focus, because she’s so pretty)

With a brilliant not overly done look, this hairstyle gives you a classy, but easy-going feel with a splash of girl-boss attitude.

lucy hale

6. Braided Top Pony

For this one, you might need a little (just a little) help: A few bobby pins would do. The braided top is just an example, you can do many more variations to this hairstyle. Lucy Hale here has a double braid, parted in the middle. As you can see it has a sporty-chic vibe to it, which makes it suitable for a number of looks.

Both casual AND chic, in other words: it’s just perfect.

lucy hale short hair

Okay, so you made it to the bottom of the page! Yay you. I hope you’re grabbing your scissors already. Although we would recommend going to a professional. (long story, don’t ask).


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