Gossip Girl Reboot: Flashback To Iconic Looks

Did you hear that they will make a Gossip Girl reboot?? If you haven’t then you heard it first on Womenhancers. Our staff is pretty big on these type of things. We probably watched the show more than the appropriate amount of times, and we’re not even sorry.

Blake Lively ( Serena) and Leighton Meester(Blair) gave us some major fashion moments, and we’re here to show you some iconic looks from the series. Mainly school uniforms and expensive-looking ball gowns that they casually wore, like they were a bunch of princesses.

Gossip Girls At School:

The Upper Eastside girls got us all hooked for their school outfits. I mean, who would not want to look like that in their high school phase? The Gossip girl ladies absolutely pulled off every single school outfit they wore, each in her own style, adding her own Serena or Blair touch.

gossip girl pilot episode

Look at how good she looks? I mean come on it shouldn’t be legal to be this spotless.

Blake lively in gossip girl

Angelic yet with a hint of the demon’s mischief.

blairfro gossip girl

The ultimate Bad girl look to ever exist.

serena's look

Okay there Miss Blair Classy Waldorf !!!

school unoform

Casual, Expensive Casual:

We call it casual but it’s not really that common of a style. What we love about these outfits is that they’re still very fashionable! Blair and Serena walked streets and lowkey made them their runways.

The special looks from Gossip Girl are the ultimate street fashion inspiration, except that the items spotted on the two characters may or not be extremely expensive.

casual look

Emmm…… I’m not sure who will wear something like that but we can’t say that it isn’t as iconic as it gets.

paris look

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Blake’s smile. Ohh look the handsome Chace Crawford is also in the picture, HEEY CHACE!!!!!!

blake lively and chace crawford

Blair is a world-class fashionista we all agree

blair's handbag

Cute Nighties:

School nights and weekends are as cosy as they can get on this show. Especially with these super extra cute nightgowns. Honestly, if I ever looked this good in my PJs I’ll wear them everyday everywhere I don’t care.

Not to sound creepy or anything, but this got me singing ” You are my honey bun, sugar plum pumpki umpki umpkin”

night wear

Mr Ryan Reynolds is a lucky man. But Blake Lively is also lucky. I mean she married Deadpool For Chuck’s sake!!


A picture with the title: What do you think you’re doing young man?

nighties of the gossip girl girls

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Gossip Girl Gowns:

Last but not least, The infamous ball gowns. The most iconic of this all-iconic lookbook. The fluffy princessy dresses we wished we had on our prom night. The stylists on this show deserve everything, and if they didn’t get the raises they deserved I’m doing fundraising. No, I’m not even kidding.

This look gives me life….LONG LIVE LEIGHTON MEESTER.

blair's wedding dress

The seductive look tho…….

blake lively

Her smirk is perfect too. What is this magic???

again blake lively

But seriously let’s talk about this look. On a scale from 1 to 10, how gorgeous does she look? About a goddamn 1000.

leighton meester

This was a flashback to some of the most iconically memorable looks from the Gossip Girl, which, by the way, they’re making a reboot.

Tell us which one of these outfits grabbed your attention!!



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