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Full Week Workout Plan: Monday To Friday

Working out can be quite challenging. With our lives being packed with responsibilities, workouts are the first thing we ditch once our schedules become overwhelming. I personally had a love/hate relationship with the whole fitness thing. Some days I would be as excited as a kid, doing all sorts of exercises and feeling excellent. But then other days I’m feeling sorta sluggish, and of course, DREADING the idea of putting on my leggings or even moving.

Thankfully, I (almost) stopped experiencing that emotional rollercoaster when I decided I should make up my mind. I’m either getting my abs toned or not. (Yo JLo, what’s your secret?)

I’ve been trying for years, yes years, and nothing, absolutely nothing. Enough! I ain’t playing no more.

So I set up a weekday routine and forced myself to stick to it (which was easier than I expected). I’ve been working out five times a week, for 5 weeks now…The results are still a bit timid but I feel great both on the inside and the outside!

I also want to thank Renee Amberg for inspiring this routine. Girl, you changed my life.

Alright, here we go!!

  • Monday: 15 min treadmill+ 15 min Stairmaster + 10 min ab circuit

On Mondays, I head out to the gym, but it’s definitely possible to do this workout at home, and with minimal equipment required. However, I think it’s best to get dressed and go because it can be very tempting to stay on your phone, sitting on the couch and munching on some Cheetos… you can take my word on that.

So what I like to do is sort of warm-up with the treadmill, and then put my efforts into the next exercises. For the abs, I just do every ab workout I can recall for a period of 10 min. It really depends on what you feel like doing.

  • Tuesday: 15 min Stairmaster+ leg/butt exercises

You can consider Tuesdays your leg days. It’ll be harder to walk, sit or just move your lower body parts. It’ll feel like DEATH to you, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while. But that actually means you’re doing it the right way.

Stairmaster is a killer! It looks so innocent but it’s such an evil invention thing. The leg & booty circuit, of course, involves tons of variations of squats, simply because they’re the easiest to do. ( hey I’m just taking it easy on myself don’t judge pls)

  • Wednesday: 1 hr Yoga

I looove this time of the week. It’s almost Friday and the worst is in the past. By the worst I mean Monday.

Anyway, so I like to do a nice relaxing session of yoga in my living room, it takes away all the tension from my shoulders. And it’s like you get a little time for relaxing but it also accounts for a workout. Love that.

I simply follow Yoga class videos from Youtube. I like Yoga With Adriene‘s videos a lot. They’re simple and beginner-friendly.

  • Thursday: Sprints

I pick up my workout buddy, which by the way you need one if you wanna keep the motivation strong, then we go to a nice park or just anywhere suitable for the five-year-olds in us to race in. Then, we just sweat it off without any further thinking. And that’s exactly what you should be doing too.

You can choose two points in the location and start going back and forth, and then do continuous laps, based on either distance or timing, whatever feels more comfortable. And most importantly don’t miss out on the benefits of having a workout partner, compete with each other and motivate each other with pep talks and tough love.

  • Friday: legs+ abs circuit

Drumroll please, or you know what, give me fireworks! IT’S FREAKING FRIDAY. That’s it, one more workout session for the week and we gotta nail it everybody!

It’s another leg day-ish because we’re adding some ab exercises to the mix. I usually do a 45min session at the gym. Then I go home and celebrate myself because I was a total boss and crushed it.

So the workout goes like:

  • 45-sec plank
  • 20x squats
  • 45-sec mountain climbers
  • 20x alternating lunges
  • 45-sec reverse crunch
  • 20x side lunges
  • 45-sec bicycles
  • 20x calf raises
  • 45-sec leg drops
  • 60-sec wall sit

You can also check this out: Best Ab Workouts For a Summer Body!

I figured that my efforts to tone my body in the past were kinda useless when my eating habits didn’t really change much, sometimes my appetite is even bigger because of the workouts. So now, with all this physical activity going on, I had to do something to help my body lose fat. I didn’t go on a diet, but instead, I started to make better eating choices. Mainly lowering my sodium intake: it significantly reduced the bloating, and I feel less tired and more energized!

I personally find fitness journeys the most inspiring, seeing the transformation and progress gives me that burning determination to move towards my fitness goals.

Please feel free to share your experience, and if you try this routine let us know how it goes!! XO


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