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Signs You’re Being Friendzoned By A Guy (OUCH!)

Whether you’re interested in him or not, you have that small feeling that you’re being friendzoned by a guy.

You guys hang out with the same group of people, or maybe you work together (Uhm, office romance?). Or your relationship is mostly via texting.

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But the thing is, it’s been weeks, months or maybe even YEARS. He never asked you out throughout that whole period, or maybe he did but it was kinda weird.

All those mixed signals are confusing. When all you really do is look for signs he likes you. Instead, you find sad signs he friend zoned you.

friendzoned by a guy definition

Or maybe he said at some point that he just wants to be friends. Which you hope those are not signs he friend zoned you. He’s just too scared to confess his deep enormous admiration to his long-desired princess.

Being friendzoned by a guy just sucks! That’s why I’m here to tell you to STOP once you spot these signs…

Being friendzoned by a guy means that you didn’t make a good first impression, you’re kind of like the girl who plays the bush or a tree in his love life play.

This is gonna be harsh but you need to know what you need to know.

You’re being friendzoned by a guy if he calls you bro/dude/buddy

This is one of the most alarming signs he friend zoned you. Yes, no guy calls a lady he’s romantically interested in those “bro” names. In fact, if he does this, it means that: Not only does he just want to be friends, but you’re actually one of the guys.

Ladies, one word: OUCH.

This is actually worse for a woman than being friendzoned by a guy, you’re being bro-zoned. And let me tell you, there are just a few exceptions where a guy’s bro became his girlfriend. Just a few, if any.

So if you’re noticing this more often than not, there’s a high chance that you’re already friendzoned by the guy.

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Instead of a goodbye hug or kiss, he pats your shoulder

You spent time together hanging out. You kept flirting with him every now and then. Okay so everything is perfect right now, you’re almost sure he’s gonna kiss you tonight. It’s time to say goodbye and you’re waiting…Okay, he’s getting closer…

…Aaand there comes that shoulder pat AGAIN!

Wait, is he showing signs he friend zoned you on purpose? Well, there is a possibility for that.

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You have just decided to get out of the single ladies club but you end up getting friendzoned by a guy. Great.

But hey, no need for you to get depressed over that. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, you know?

He talks about other girls to you: One of the MAJOR signs he friend zoned you

Some guys do this kind of moves to make you jealous. And it could be the case for our friend (oops, trigger word). He could be trying to see what you like and don’t like when it comes to dating.

However, there’s the other scenario as well. Where these things mean that you’re friendzoned by the guy you like. He sees you as a non-dateable girl, he just wants to be friends with you, and tell you about all the ladies he dates.

How thrilling!

When another guy approaches you, he encourages that

How. Freaking. Annoying!!

I mean, he seems even more excited for your first date than the two of you. Not only are you getting friendzoned by a guy, but you’re also enthusiastically thrown into another man’s arms.

One of the most obvious signs he friend zoned you is pushing you towards other relationships. They really don’t mind if you end up with someone else.

Seriously you need to just get over him as soon as you can. Because, at this point, they’ll never see you more than a friend.

He asked you for your friend’s number (harsh one I know)

He just wants to be friends with you, with all those signs he friend zoned you. But he sure is looking for more than that with your friend. You’ve always been right in front of him but nope.

He’s got an eye for Becky with the good hair.

But still. There is no way to make a guy like you for sure. At least not in a romantic way. If you have a Kim K booty, then maybe. JK DON’T @ ME.

So you should probably just wish them all happiness. You might have been friendzoned by a guy. But there’s gonna be another guy that will girlfriend zone you, don’t worry.

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You’re so deep in the friendzone that he actually burps in front of you

Now if you’re close and comfortable with each other, this may not concern you. But if you feel like his lack of good manners in front of you is just a sign of friendzone, then maybe just trust your guts.

He actually does not try to appeal to you or impress you. It’s clear for him that he just wants to be friends with you.

Because guys actually try to seem as decent as possible in front of ladies they like. Same goes for girls, they only unleash the ogre in later stages of the relationship. Or like in this case, when they’re not really interested in dating them.

I’d like to say that, getting friendzoned by a guy might be harsh. You might be saying to yourself that one day they’ll realize that the love of their life is in front of them. But that unfortunately only happens in fictional scenarios.

Most guys know right away if they would date a girl or not.

See you in the next one ladies. Stay tuned for more relationship advice!


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