Foods From Movies And TV Shows You Can Recreate!

Have you ever wanted to taste the food from your favourite movies and TV shows?  Whether it is Game Of Thrones, Chef or even SpongeBob SquarePants. There is this fascination over the food the characters eat or cook. You can be amazed by simple food like grilled cheese or pasta with meatball, just because there was a close up of those meals. And man it looks good! Most movies do not use real food because it is somehow a waste when you see how many takes a scene could have.

However, some directors prefer to stay true to the story they are telling and use real food in their movies to give them a more authentic look and appeal.

I’m sure you looked for the secret recipe of the legendary Krabby Patty. Or tried to know how many sorts of meat there was in the pie of the purple wedding. Well, I am going to stop your devoted research and let you meet: Binging with Babish!

Binging with Babish is a youtube channel created in 2016 by Andrew Rea who is an American filmmaker and amateur chef whos passionate about food. Especially food in movies.

The very first episode of Binging with Babish was on February 10th 2016 in which Babish (Andrew)  recreated the Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff. 

The channel counts now more than 4 million subscribers. And other very famous cooking channels have featured Andrew in their videos such as Tasty and Bon Appetit!

So of course. Me being me. I had to go dig for the best food recipes from movies and TV shows you can recreate at home no matter how disgusting they can be!

Foods from Movies and TV shows!

First of All, The One and Only Krabby Patty!

Now hear me out.

I have been watching SpongeBob SquarePants since I can remember. And the only thing that I constantly thought about was: How the Krabby patty taste like ( okay I still think about it sometimes but anyhow).

Just like Plankton, we all wanted to know what was the secret ingredients of the top secret recipe Mr Krabs keeps in his safe!

Well let me tell you something, you are all figured out now!

In this video, Babish not only gives advice on how to recreate the Kraby Paty but also evolve the original recipe with some personal touches that are SO YUMMY.

Remy Bring Out The Ratatouille!

The 2008 Academy Awards Best Animated Feature winner ( Ratatouille) takes place in France. And tells the story of a Rat (Remy) whose biggest dream is to go to Paris and become a chef. He meets Alfredo Linguini. A young man who washes dishes for one of the most prestigious restaurants in the City of Lights. They quickly become friends and jump into one of the most dreamed-about adventures of all times!

One of the most popular scenes in this movie is when the highly claimed food critic Anton Ego eats the Ratatouille ( which is a traditional French meal made from several sorts of vegetables) and loses his words to how delicious it was!

And now, thanks to Babish, you will get to recreate the same dish and with a twist!

Rick & Morty Szechuan Sauce

If you were between 1988 and 1998. You may remember a certain unpronounceable-name sauce for the Chicken McNuggets that is both spicy and sweet: Szechuan Sauce! Unfortunately, those born after 1998 couldn’t get a taste of that divine liquid. Until 2017-2018 when Macdonald’s released a limited number of Szechuan sauces when the animated TV show Rick and Morty mentioned it in one of their episodes and fans went crazy about it!

Of course, not everyone got the chance to taste it, but if you want to try to recreate it ( I did it. Don’t judge) check this out!

A little after publishing this video. Andrew ( Babish) received a package from a subscriber containing the real Macdonald Szechuan sauce and the actual recipe!

I know

you’re welcome

The Matilda Ultimate Chocolate Cake!

Danny Devito’s 1996 movie was not only a pleasing to the eyes and ears, but also to the stomach.

We all remember the Iconic scene where Bruce ( the fat kid) got punished by eating a gigantic 3 layers chocolate cake, and of course, ate the whole thing! I mean come on eating a chocolate cake as a punishment what is this?! If only you saw what sorts of punishments we had back in the day, still have nightmares about it…


Here’s how you can make this monster at home!

The Purple Wedding in Your House!

If you are a Game of Thrones fan. You know for sure that one of the most iconic episodes was episode 2 of season 4: the Lion and the Rose where the Purple Wedding took place! And of course, we all remember that famous pie that was served there!

I am not that big of a meat fan but it actually looks very appealing!

And thanks to Babish you will get to make your own pie at home!


Buddy’s Breakfast Pasta!

When it’s Christmas season. Nothing is more satisfying than having a cup of hot chocolate while watching the best Christmas movies! Yup, I am surely talking about home alone, The Grinch and of course Elf!

Let’s be honest, how many of us asked their moms to make them breakfast pasta the morning after watching Elf? I know I did!

So here you go. From the 2003 movie that made us all think we could meet Santa, I present you Buddy’s breakfast pasta!

And voilà! Keep that stomach empty, because you surely will be needing lots of space to try out all these recipes!

Let us know what recipe did you try!


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