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First Date Rules: You Absolutely HAVE To Read These!

First dates…How do people even get through them? The nervousness and the occasional awkward silence. Just the thought of it triggers my social anxiety. But these first date rules will get you to not only have a good first date but to actually make them remember you for long after!

I know not all of them are horrible, but most of the time they’re AWKWARD. And it’s perfectly natural if you don’t know how to act on a first date. Especially if you’ve never met the person, or maybe you’ve only talked to them at the entrance of the office (are you making a big fat mistake?).

Remember ladies, when you’re applying the first date flirting tips, watch out for your date’s body language. Look out for signs he likes you, you know just to see if you’re doing good *wink*.

Whatever you do DON’T go on a dinner date

First date rules never include tips like this one right? Well let me tell you how to have a good date: Imagine 15 minutes in, your date shows a MAJOR red flag. But you already ordered a main course and you’re stuck there for at least an hour.

Instead, you can suggest having a date somewhere lighter, where you can easily excuse yourself. A coffee shop or a bar for example.

If you’re reading this while actually getting ready for your dinner date then…Bad news ma girl…You’re stuck now but avoid it next time!

Casually touch their arms while talking

This is obviously one of the best first date flirting tips, but not only does it send the right signals to your date. It also makes the atmosphere more comfortable for both of you. Because, according to dating expert Matthew Hussey, the later you have physical contact the weirder and harder it will be. It’ll also make it impossible for him to friendzone you.

Honestly, how cringy is it when a guy leans in for a kiss but didn’t even lightly touch your hand before?

And by the way, those old fashioned first date rules that imply kissing is too forward are absolutely wrong.

As long as it feels comfortable to you, do whatever you want ladies!

Don’t sit facing each other!

We often wonder how to act on a first date, but the thing is, it is not as tricky as it seems. Simple things like your distance from each other or where you’re sitting can make all the difference!

Instead of facing each other, which keeps your attention on yourselves and adds to the pressure. Try sitting next to each other, so that you’re both facing the outer world.

You’ll find topics easier because you’re both observing. No need for first date conversation tips or first date flirting tips!

First date rules for the nervous ones: A non-closed space is best

This one is actually a follow-up to the previous one. These are actually my favorite first date rules! Because there’s nothing more frustrating than a super uncomfortable date. This one will be useful if you tend to get nervous easily (like me).

The answer to how to have a good first date effortlessly is by actually going for an outdoors activity. Because it requires fewer conversation skills. And it allows you to see the fun side of each other.

You’ll be actually having a good time and forgetting about those suffocating first date rules.

Give early compliments (Sincere ones)

Women tend to be more reserved on how to act on a first date. Because of traditional first date rules of course! If a woman expresses her interest she’s seen as needy, and we need to change that.

Don’t be afraid to compliment your date, make it easier for you guys to connect.

It’s actually one of the most recommended first date flirting dating tips for ladies.

Say NO to staying out too late for the first date

By now you’re really enjoying that date (hopefully). And the temptation to stay for two more hours increases. But guess what? By the end, you’ll end up giving up some priorities, and do you really want to do that for someone you only started to like?

As the dating guru M.Hussey put it: “think of the best concert you’ve ever been to, it probably didn’t end at 2:00 am when you were getting tired, it ended on a high”.

This is exactly how you want your first date to end. These are the new first date rules you need to apply for real. Because that’s how you’ll leave a little mysterious something about you.

Practice the push and pull technique

We’re here to encourage to drop the old first dating rules, but one of them is actually making it on the list. Because if they’re right about anything, it has to be this one.

We’ll be delighted to hear that you’ve made the first move. Or maybe you gave them a compliment for their outfit. But don’t overuse those first date flirting tips!

They might be attracted to you and everything. But attraction is based on a push and pull mechanism. Where you don’t give a 100% of your attention unless they have done something right and really earned it.

It is a rather sad truth, but giving your all from the first date makes it easier for them to take you for granted.

Remember that you can totally do this in a non-rude way, don’t just scroll through your phone while they’re talking. That will come off as childish.

I hope these terrific first date rules shook you off your nervousness.
Because ladies, if you manage to use the right first date flirting tips. Not only will you have a great first date, but your friends will be asking you how to have a good first date. So, it’s always good to remember that a good makeup look or hairstyle won’t be your only weapon to rock this one.

Share these tips with your friends. Come on Karen don’t be selfish!


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