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Female Travel Bloggers That Are A True Inspiration

Honestly speaking, who wouldn’t LOVE traveling the world for a living, right? A lot of female travel bloggers have been doing that for years, and we’re more than thrilled to follow up with their journey. Especially that they’re always sharing valuable advice, like how to beat jet lag for example.

I mean are we jealous? A BIG FAT YES. But we still are so happy to see these women conquer the world and its beautiful adventurous destinations.

This is an appreciation article, we’re dedicating it to the most inspiring bloggers for women.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a classification, these travel blogs are unique each in their own way!

A handpicked list of the best female travel bloggers

1- Aesthetically Pleasing Diana’s Healthy Living

This Canadian native female travel blogger also doubles as a mom of two. She was originally a health blogger…Hence the name of the blog. Diana had enjoyed being a lifestyle blogger, writing for many years about makeup & skincare tips, health & fitness for women, and meal ideas.

However, her travel bucket list began to grow more and more, over the last two years. This resulted in transforming Diana’s Healthy Living into one of the top travel blogs!

Diana’s blog still includes beauty and lifestyle content, in addition to the amazing travel tips and tricks she gives.

Here’s how Diana sees her experience as a simple and inspiring female travel blogger, in her own words:

“Although I am a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I am also a foodie, a coffee and wine lover that enjoys traveling to different cities and searching for the best places to eat and always on the hunt for a good cup of coffee”

2- Top Travel Blog, It’s All Bee

Bianca is a female travel blogger who just loves the adventurous life! Having been to countries in every continent, she shares her interesting adventures with her readers. Giving valuable advice for traveling for cheap, along with excellent travel essentials, fashion styles, and beauty tips. Because having fun doesn’t necessarily mean breaking your account balance.

Bee is her favorite nickname. The solo female traveler describes herself as a lucky girl and values gratitude the most. What makes this female travel blogger so special is her sense of positivity. Her sweet bright positive vibes can be felt through her words.

This inspiring gorgeous woman is also a programmer who is more than passionate about rock-climbing.

3- The Wild Adventurous Travel See Write

This gorgeous adventurer from India is also a genius brand manager, who was featured in big travel outlets like National Geographic. I mean, it is one of the top travel blogs for a reason.

Archana Singh has visited over 60 countries and has — thankfully documented the whole experience for us to admire. A true source of motivation for everyone to just go and explore what the world has to offer.

With those breath-catching photographs, travel tips and tricks, we can’t help but love this one!

4- A Fav Female Travel Blogger, Paulina On The Road

Meet Paulina, a very special female travel blogger from Luxembourg. She describes herself as an outdoor activity-lover: Cycling, hiking, sailing…

Oh and by the way, since we mentioned sailing, Paulina is embracing one of the most unique travel tips and tricks.

She had embarked on an epic boat hitchhiking journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, BOAT HITCHHIKING. Crazy right? Actually the reasoning behind it is a very good cause.

She got inspired by the solo female traveler The Oceanpreneur, and decided that traveling should also be sustainable.
To which we say: a big round of applause for choosing a more eco-friendly way to travel.

Paulina’s journey is still going strong, and we honestly can’t get enough of her amazing blog!

5- The Indeed Adventurous, Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley is the name. The amazing female travel blogger behind Adventurous Kate! As the name states it, she definitely LOVES adventure.
I quote her: ” If there’s an adventure available, I’ll go for it — and even if I end up punched in the face and bleeding from the eye (yes, it’s happened), it will make a good story later!”.

The solo female traveler is originally from Boston, and she now travels for a living, after having worked in online marketing for four years.

You will especially dig the blog for its special travel tips and tricks. Which were discovered after even more special travel experiences and incidents.

And by special, I mean shipwrecked-in-Indonesia special. Or being-in-a-German-movie special.

Boring stories are absolutely nowhere to be seen on this blog!

Also, just in case she reads this, Kate, drop the skincare routine pls!!!

6- The Exceptional Gotta Keep Moving

Gotta Keep Moving made it to the list of top travel blogs because of its different take on traveling. Emma Higgins is the solo female traveler behind the unique concept of GKM. Let’s get to know her!

The amazing female travel blogger has been on a committed relationship with travel since 2011. Been to 30+ countries and lived in Thailand, Spain, and Canada.

The blog is a firm believer in slow travel. To the extent of dedicating a whole year to each destination to fully experience everything it has to offer (well, almost everything).

We cannot agree more! Spending long periods discovering nature, culture, and wonders definitely sound like a well-spent time for any travel enthusiast.

7- Inspiring Blogger Indiana Jo

Jo Fitzsimons, the female travel blogger who kindly shares travel tips and tricks on her website was once just like the rest of us.

A stable home, a job and a marriage. However, when this later collapsed, that’s when the solo female traveler decided to take care of her dreams and change her life forever.

Back in 2010, she boarded a plane and was planning to be back in the UK after one year. But guess what? The plane-boarding never stopped, and travel became her life!

The new plan became wake up in a different place. Just see where life takes you and embrace that!

Truly inspiring for women, in the most simple, yet daring ways.

8- Unstoppable Solo Female Traveler, Keep Calm And Travel

Clelia was just 19 when she decided to live her dream life and become a fierce female travel blogger.

Born in the beautiful Italian island Sardinia, traveling was a very far dream for her. The solo female traveler started her blog Keep Calm and Travel as a means of inspiring people to believe in their dreams, no matter what their life looks like.

We like to believe this advice. Because the girl behind one of the top travel blogs used to have a prestigious job along with a salary and an apartment. But she followed her heart and looked for what really makes her happy.

Side note: From a reader’s point of view, I would love it if she could give hair tips as well, although we know that going natural with your hair is the best one!

9- Foodie Mama Maroc Mama

Amanda, the female travel blogger who left Michigan at 16 to hop on an exciting adventure takes us through her ongoing journey.

The proud mom of three boys always had a passion for all Moroccan things, which led her to the decision of moving to Morocco!

A tour of her travel blog will teach you a lot about how to make the most out of your trips (excellent travel tips and tricks), how to successfully juggle parenting and realizing dreams, and (a favorite section of mine) how to cook the exotic meals you’ve tasted abroad.

All in the goal of making the memories from travel tangible, even after a long period back at home…

10- Not So Ordinary Ordinary Traveler

This is actually the only travel blog that isn’t fully “Solo female traveler”. It’s a very cute power couple that shares this incredible passion for traveling.

Chrissy Woodrow (on the pictures) and Scott Calafiore started Ordinary Traveler back in 2009 to document their adventures and memories.

The story behind the name is actually really interesting! When they started this now-top-travel-blog, they found themselves surrounded by people who switched to nomad life. However, they themselves had no plan to give up their home nor their jobs.

So the name Ordinary Traveler refers to them being “Ordinary” people who just take the opportunity of traveling whenever it is presented to them.

Women are a legit powerhouse on-screen, and in real life, doing their awesome jobs like Ilhan Omar for example. And these amazing girls just proved me right!

I hope you enjoyed going through this list! See you in the next one…

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