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Female Archetypes: 10 Leaders To Inspire You

In understanding the archetypes list, it is crucial for us to see them as a universal set of choices that are adhered to by people. Since female archetypes are within us as we are born in this world, studying this blueprint allows us to gain a better perspective of our approach in life. 

Generally speaking, archetypes of characters are representations of shared responses among humanity. While they’re stored deep within the subconscious, these female archetypes can subtly influence who we are. Without us knowing, these archetypes shape the kind of decisions that we make in life.

With that, it is necessary for us to identify our own female archetypes. But since all of them are practically stored deep within the collective unconscious, it can be quite challenging to say that one archetype of character is actually dominant over the other.

Given this, our goal in this brief discussion is to outline the female archetypes and give you an idea of their imagery. However, we hope that you can find the archetype that you resonate the most with. With this process, you will be able to identify the actual qualities and traits that you can either polish or remove in your life. Thus, pursuing the meaning and imagery of these archetypes list will inevitably lead to self-knowledge.

As such, in this article, we’ll be pointing out, in an archetypes list, 10 female archetypes and their corresponding leaders to give you some sense of representation!

The Caregiver: Icon Of Female Archetypes – Mother Teresa

the caregiver - mother teresa

Perhaps one of the most influential symbols in human history and female archetypes, Mother Teresa died as a Catholic saint who represented the caregiver in archetypes of character. Tending to the grassroots, Mother Teresa spent her life helping the poor. By being there with them in their struggles, she is a concrete representation of the caregiver as it manifests in her.

The Lover – J.K. Rowling

jk rowling female archetypes

As one of the most famous novelists, we appreciate J.K. Rowling is not only for her writing but also for her struggles. Being a single parent who had to raise her children and earn a living, she devoted herself to writing and made it big. As such, this represents her will to live and provide for her children above everything else.

One of the purest female archetypes…

The Outlaw Of The Archetypes List – Hindu Kali

the outlaw hindu kali

Just as every archetype has a shadow, the Great Mother has an equally powerful opposite – the Terrible Mother (female archetypes’ worst side). Bringing to life one of the maleficent archetypes of characters, the Hindu goddess Kali is the best representation of such. Just like other gods of destruction, Kali is known to bring pain and suffering to all.

Proof that female archetypes are not all sweethearts…

The Seducer/Jester – Lilith


As the counterpart of the lover, the seducer depicts someone who has power over men. As such, this is represented by the classic mythical image of Lilith, who is known to have tempted Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

With their charms, these female archetypes list represents a woman’s ability to get her way.

The Ruler – Cleopatra

Queen female archetype

Perhaps one of the most notable female archetypes, Cleopatra, is known to be decisive and smart. Pursuing power above everything else, her actions were recorded as she tried her best to rule her kingdom. Even at the expense of heeding through the Roman empire, Cleopatra perfectly showcased the Queen’s side of archetypes of characters.

A powerful figure in the archetypes list…

The Innocent Archetypes Of Characters– Cinderella

princess character

As one of the most famous Disney princesses, Cinderella is the fittest to represent the innocent princess female archetypes. Representing the strength of women through their finesse and wits, Cinderella shows how women can be powerful on their own. Furthermore, she also outlines that women should never pursue love and let it come instead.

The Hero/Adventurer – Lara Croft

the hero archetype

The adventurer is one of the iconic female archetypes, women empowerment is at its core…

Being one of the more colorful characters, Lara Croft has endured a dark past. With her dad abducted, she must embark on a journey to save him. As such, her archetype of character perfectly outlines how women can also be great adventurers who will seek the world in order to find out the truth.

The Lady Boss – Lynsi Snyder

lady boss lynsi snyder

For those who don’t know her, Snyder is the owner of the In-and-Out burger joint.

Forming a company culture, we know this lady to be a representative of the female archetypes Lady Boss, which represents how women can be strong players in the industry. As one of the youngest billionaires in the world, Snyder is the perfect representation of how women can be smart and decisive through these archetype of characters.

The Creative – Anastasia Steele

anastasia steele characters

Hailing from the popular series, the fictional character of Anastasia Steele represents the innocent archetype. With positive hopes and dreams for Christian Grey, she does her best in attempting to heal Christian’s scarred past. Regardless of the trouble that she had to endure, her character represents how the healer can positively influence things to achieve the best of outcomes.

The Female Archetypes Diva – Beyoncé

beyonce female archetypes

And of course, we cannot talk about female archetypes without mentioning Beyoncé.

Her songs say it all. As one of the generational talents, Beyoncé represents a strong woman whose perspectives can stand on their own. Like a Diva, she can do what she wants and get away with it. As such, no man can turn her down because her song “Run the world” says it all.

With this very brief discussion of the 10 female archetypes, we hope that we gave you a good perspective on who they are and how they are represented in human history. Whether they are real or fictional, such imagery allows you to resonate with them, one way or another.

By doing so, you’ll gain a good grasp of who you are in relation to the 10 archetypes list. Whether they will lead you or persuade you to change your ways, what’s important is that you have full control and power over the result because you know them!

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