Fashion Styles You Should Totally Steal This Summer!

It’s fun season Y’ALL.  Beaches, tanning, trips and lots and lots of going out. Your Instagram feed is probably already throwing all kinds of fashion trends at you. We gathered them all in one place for you. Never go out of style!

But if you’re more of a pumpkin-spice girl, don’t worry we still got you with these fall looks.

Neon Green

Your faves wore, and are still wearing it. This fashion trend is here to stay.

You know it, that neon green you’ve seen on bags, shoes, earrings, nails and every inanimate thing ever. Here are 3 pictures of Dua Lipa rocking the trend.

beige trend

All Beige Look

Spotted at Summer 2019 designer collections, Beige is by far the chicest of colors. Effortlessly giving you the expensive allure. Pair it up with Gold accessories and you’re basically an IT Girl!
Photo: Viviannn_v

polka dots fashion

Polka Dots

Another runway sensation! Timeless gorgeousness. Polka dots ruled our favorite fashion era ( the 50’s), besides, they are flattering for all body shapes.
Photo: Ashley Graham

leopard print

Leopard Print Fashion

You’ve seen it everywhere, and there has to be a reason why everyone LOVES it. It can be a statement piece or act as a neutral to pair up with basically every color and texture. The outfit ideas are countless.
Photo: Viviannn_v

prairie fashion

Prairie Fashion

Perfect fashion for when it’s just too hot outside. Romantic. Comfy. Fluffy. Need I say more? You’ll adopt it in no time!
Photo: Unsplash-

floral fashion

Florals, -Obvs

All colors are allowed, perfect with a fishnet, dentelle or a fringe detail. Wear your hair wavy,  and you’re all set for a Santorini trip ( or just any nearby beach, no pressure).
Photo: Body Posi Panda

Lisa gingham top

Gingham Print Fashion

Yet another fashion classic, ehm Chanel approved. Yes to a cute gingham top for the rest of the season!
Photo: Lalalalisa

winnie harlow denim fashion

Head-to-toe Denim

whether you’re going for a casual fashion look or a more dressed up outfit, all denim can never go wrong! With the right accessories, you can play with the vibe your giving off using this one base for your style.

photo : Winnie Harlow

When it comes to fashion, there’s always something for every taste. So if these gorgeous summer looks didn’t give you outfit inspo, I can’t trust you… JK love you.


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