DO’s and DON’Ts of Makeup: Summer Edition

Makeup has always been a way of expressing ourselves. Whether you are a beauty Guru, Drag queen, or you just like to spice up those little eyes of yours, It is now considered as art more than anything.  From smokey eyes to peach tints, makeup is for every season!  Now that is finally Summer, you want to look as flawless as possible. But with temperatures that can go above 95°, it is quite hard to not end up with mascara running on your face as if you have just watched The Notebook or having foundation melting on your cheeks making you look like the Grand Canion.                      

disgust michelle Obama over ruined makeup

To prevent any sort of “accidents” that may scare not even you but the people around you. 

Here are some DO’s and Don’ts for your summer makeup!

Do’s and Don’ts in makeup:


  • Use Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! You heard me. Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for your everyday summer makeup! Before you apply your sunscreen, make sure to moisturize your skin with a small amount of your daily moisturizer. You may then apply your sunscreen. We recommend a mineral  SPF 30+.

Mineral SPF contains two main minerals: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They are basically ingredients that make your sunscreen richer and whiter. These types of sunscreens will help you create a barrier between your face and the sun to protect it from UVs. to get a more homogeneous look, we advise you to rub your product gently on your face ( especially  the cheeks, nose, and neck) for a couple of minutes so that you don’t look as pale as a ghost.

Sunscreen as a makeup do

  • Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I mean, it was kind of expected. Waterproof mascaras and eyeliners ( or just any kind of waterproof products) contain hydrophobic ingredients. Which means that these ingredients are water repellant. THEY  HATE WATER! THEY CAN’T STAND IT! So whenever there is some contact with water or products containing water, the components of the mascara or the eyeliner will just stop any sort of mixing with the water molecules. The only thing you will be worrying about is whether you put enough product on you!

  • Use powdery foundations. Powdery foundations are known to unify the skin tone and give a more matt, dry and clear texture to your skin. It is the best product to use during summertime if you want to avoid an oily looking skin caused by a creamy/liquid foundation. Use your foundation right after applying your sunscreen. And remember, Powder foundations tend to be a little bit darker on the skin, so we advise you to use a mineral sunscreen that will whiten your skin tone and this will make your skin look more homogenous once you apply your foundation.
Do in makeup: Powdery foundation

  • Use glosses and lip balms. If you want to shine bright like a diamond. Use shiny moisturizing lip gloss! Lips tend to get irritated and dry during summer. And a lack of hydration doesn’t help. Lip gloss has usually more moisturizing ingredients, which help keep that shininess on your lips. Lip balms are also a go-to this summer. They are essentially made to keep your lips hydrated and moist. And don’t worry about standing out! Lip balms have now more pigments and smell ridiculously good!

Do’s and Don’ts in makeup:


  • Use regular mascara.  Do not use regular mascara. During the summertime,  the heat can be unbearable for your skin cells. So they release water vapor to cool down your body. This natural AC will create sweat and thus make your skin wet. Regular mascara can’t stand water! So it’s a No No. Unless you want to look like the matchmaker in Mulan!

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  • Use  Powdery highlighters. Powdery highlighters tend to not last for a long time. The highly shiny pigmentation does not stick to your skin ( unlike foundation). We advise you to use a creamy highlighter that will stick to your foundation and thus your skin.

Let it shine Honey!

  • Wear smokey eyes! Smokey eyes are gorgeous. They make you feel powerful and sexy. But when it’s 93 degrees outside, you might opt for more summery colours. Peach, Pastel pink, orange, Cyan are the best colours to be wearing this season! 

We can’t help but recommend the Eyeshadow Palette in the Kylie makeup line collection.

Don't in makeup: Smokey eyes

  • Use Products that contain alcohol! Wearing alcoholic products on your skin might be dangerous! The contact of alcohol and sunlight may cause burns and irritation on your skin especially if you stay exposed to the sun for a long time. 

Hello? Fire on the dancefloor, not my skin!

And bippity boppity boo! You are now all set to take over the world! 

Or at least this Summer!


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