Disney Costume Ideas: Last-Minute Makeup And Hair

I am here today to prove something. No, Disney costume ideas are not just for kids. And Yes, makeup tips and hairstyles for women CAN be inspired by Disney characters.

If you’re a fan of the magical world, being a grown-up is by no means an obstacle to you.

If you’re looking for some last minute Halloween ideas, some Disney inspired makeup (keep scrolling for a pretty lion makeup look), or just casually curious on how to do princess hairstyles for your everyday life.

Well, have I got something interesting in store for you.

Makeup tips and women hairstyles inspired by Disney?

Gimme those Halloween Disney costume ideas

Disney Inspired Makeup

For Disney costume ideas, makeup artists all over the internet each did their take on Disney inspired makeup. Some chose to recreate their favorite princess, some did their favorite villains.

Others did iconic characters: pretty lion makeup, a whole genie look…You get it, all sorts of transformations.

Let’s appreciate this talent and get inspired!

Mal – Maleficent

I’ll just warn you now, some Disney cosplays are gonna creep you out (like this one). But you’ll just want to keep looking at it.

This is a Disney inspired makeup that is realized with such attention and detail, it’s uncanny! The makeup artist chose Mal as her muse and nailed every aspect of the character.

Now, of course, we might not be as talented as her, but this is actually one of the most feasible Disney costume ideas.

Nightmare material Snow White

Snow white disney costume
Artist: ellie35x

To be honest, I can’t help but feel bad for this Snow White. The poor thing seems to have survived hell…

Just when you thought that Disney inspired makeup is such a bad idea for Halloween. Just when you thought there’s no way innocent princesses are gonna look scary (horrifying in fact) as Disney costume ideas.

Seriously though, shout out to the makeup artist for giving us major inspiration and makeup tips, for those times where we’re looking for last minute Halloween ideas.

A beautifully different Ariel

How mesmerizing is this recreation of Ariel? Straight out of Disney world!

For those of you who want to go for less creepy (but so creative) Disney costume ideas. Ariel seems like the perfect choice for a Disney inspired makeup.

She’s a mermaid for god’s sake!

The creative artist behind this look used her hijab in the most creative way to go with the Disney princess she’s cosplaying.

Pretty lion makeup

We’ve all seen The Lion King, we’ve all had a crush on Mufasa (No? Just me? okay). But most importantly we all loved Scar, even though he’s such a bad lion.

This pretty lion makeup is one of my personal favorite Disney costume ideas. As I myself am a Scar enthusiast.

The beauty guru made this transformation adapt to her features so well, I mean we definitely love this Disney inspired makeup, that’s all we have to say.

Princess Hairstyles

If you use the makeup tips you gotta do the princess hairstyles as well right? Disney costume ideas are more complete with these two elements after all.

Let me introduce you to a very dreamy list of Disney princess hairstyles that double as everyday hairstyles for women.

Belle from The Beauty And The Beast

belle princess hairstyle

Here you can see a charming Disney princess hair style. Belle’s iconic look comes to mind when we think about last minute Halloween ideas!

Whether you need Disney costume ideas or you just want some cool women hairstyles, this one is definitely gonna work.

Jackie Wyers is the awesome girl behind this look (as well as the upcoming ones). The princess hairstyle is paired with a Disney inspired makeup to complete the look.

The result is obviously just fab.

Mia from The Princess Diaries

princess diaries

The real-life Disney princess Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) sported some really dreamy princessy fluffy fashion that we’re still not over in 2019.

We may not afford to wear fancy gowns on a daily basis, but at least we can copy those pretty princess hairstyles.

Of course, we’re not actually going for a real tiara here. But this is absolutely a royal hairstyle for women right here!

A put-together look that is guaranteed to not deceive. Think weddings, formal gatherings, job interviews, you name it!

Belle round 2

belle 2

Just like Gaston, we just can’t get enough of Belle. Especially this intellectual fashion style right here.

Instead of a classic Disney princess hair style, this one is more wearable on the daily not like other Disney costume ideas for Halloween.

Princess hairstyles + Soft Disney inspired makeup + Accessories (in this case you want to hold some books) = The perfect Disney costume ideas

It’s also a hairstyle for women who want a messy but chic look for work, school or maybe a fancy restaurant date.

Blair Waldorf from The Gossip Girl

blair waldorf

Not sorry for including this look with the Disney costume ideas. Our loyal readers know that we LOVE Gossip Girl.

Blair Waldorf may not be a Disney princess, but the fashion style legend made us believe so each time she wore those princess hairstyles.

I mean, even as last minute Halloween ideas, being an evil-ish fashion icon is not bad at all.

Now let’s talk about the gorgeous look. Any girl with any hair texture can rock this hairstyle.

For a more casual look, headbands (instead of a crown) would work perfectly.

In Conclusion

As these Disney costume ideas proved, dressing up with Disney inspired makeup and princess hairstyles is not a lame idea at all.

You can get as creative as you want with your Halloween costume, adding your own touch to the look, making it more casual or more dressed up.

Unfortunately, this is the part where I leave you … See you in the next one!

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