Cosmetic Items: Drug Store’s Most Affordable Products

Makeup plays a big part in our life. Whether we want to do some retouches or glam up for a night out with the squad. Our cosmetic purses are full of various products.

In today’s article I’ll give you a list of the most astonishing drug store products. That are not just reliable but also affordable.

Cosmetic Primer:

  • Catrice Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner For Invisible Pore And Lines

Price: $6.99

Cosmetic product

We know that nothing really makes the lines and pores vanish but there are few things that help. For example, we have the Catrice: Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner. Catrice is known among the different products as one the best drug store makeup brands. From its pigmentation to the cheap price, Catrice’s primer has won its place as top product in our list.

Cosmetic Foundation:

  • Catrice HD Liquid Foundation

Price: $10.99

cosmetic Catrice's liquid foundation

As you can see our choice for foundation was also from the same brand Catrice. This foundation is a must have. With its full coverage and extremely buildable texture. It makes your skin look more shinny and dewy and helps build up your makeup look. Plus its 24h lasting and comes in a dropper bottle to make sure you don’t overuse the product. And guess what it only costs 10 bucks.


  • LA Girl Pro Conceal

Price: $5.00

LA girl pro conceal for cosmetic purposes

This cosmetic product made a lot of heads turn. LA Girl Pro HD concealer became one of the beauty gurus’ most favorite concealer to work with. It’s very good and you could do anything with it. From highlighting to contouring with the help of the darker shades. This product blends beautifully and layers very easily. Plus it’s extremely cheap.

  • Camouflage Concealer

Price: $5.99

This is the third product from Catrice that I mentioned by now, but trust me this cosmetic item is worth bringing up. Catrice’s Camouflage Concealer is a miracle worker. Once you use it everything disappears. No more dark circles and no more blemishes. Plus it’s at the same price range as the LA Girl one.


  • Covergirl Trublend

Price Amazon and Walmart: $7.94 Price CVS: $10.49 Prince Riteaid: $9.49 Price Target: $7.99

cover girl  cosmetic powder

This cosmetic item made its way to our list for various reasons. TruBlend Pressed Powder is an amazing translucent powder, and a good dupe for Kylie’s. The silky formula contains skin-brightening pigments and it’s dermatologically tested so you have nothing to fear. It’s doesn’t clog pores and it gives an even and natural coverage around the dark circle area.

Cosmetic Bronzer:

  • BH Cosmetics

Price: $7.00

If you need a bronzer that has no choppiness to it then this is your perfect item.

BH Cosmetics’s Brilliance Bronzer is one of the best easy blending bronzers to ever exist. It has the most beautiful texture along with the different shade range. Plus you could also use it as an eye shadow or a contour powder.


  • Col-Lab Cosmetics

Price: $11.99

cosmetic blush

Col.Lab beauty has become one of the leaders in drugstore makeup with their beautiful cosmetic products.

This item is called Soft Spot Sheer Blush and it definitely lives up to it’s name. It’s extremely soft on the skin and it’s application is literal perfection.

Eye Shadow Palettes:

  • Milani

Price: $8.24

Milani eye shadow palettes are one of my personal favorites. They seem boring at first but once you do finger swatches you get wowed. Milani Everyday Eyes Eye Shadow Palette collection is very easy to work with and travel friendly, and let’s not forget extremely affordable.

  • Maybelline The City Mini Palette

Price: $9.99

cosmetic  eyeshadow

These are an absolute must have in every makeup bag whether you’re a pro or not.

The pigmentation in The City Mini Palette is unbelievable, alongside the shimmer and the metallic texture.

  • Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette

Price: $4.99

eyeshadow cosmetic

Wet N Wild have the best pigmentation and the best eye shadows, and they are loved for it by most beauty gurus. The Color Icon Palette is a simple example.

Easy to blend and powerful pigmentation is what makes this cosmetic item really stand out. It comes with shimmery shades and sultry shades with two matte transitional shades for blending.

  • Wet N Wild Trio Palettes

Price: $4.99

Wet N Wild strikes again with an awesome trio palette titled The Crystal Cavern Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio

These little babies are by far the best trio to be ever made. All shimmery shades with high pigmentation and long-lasting. If I were you I would be on my way to the closest drug store and purchase my trio palettes

Brow Product:

  • Benefit Brow

Price: $12.00

A look is never completed without the eyebrows. And I am going to give you the best cosmetic item for that.

Benefit brow

Benefit is not a drugstore brand but it rose to fame with its amazing products. The Benefit Brow Pencil is an amazing item to have. It’s easy to use and it’s also waterproof. Benefit: Precisely, My Brow is by far one of the best brow product.

Cosmetic Highlighter:

  • Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

Price: $28.00

I know that Too Faced isn’t exactly a drugstore cosmetic brand. But trust me this item is worth the bucks. Too Faced’s Diamond Highlighter is to DIIIIIIIE FOR. This one of kind product is infused with real crushed diamond powder; could you believe that??? It comes in three shades, Pink, Blue, and a beautiful shade of gold and it will make you shine bight like the diamond you are!! Hello RIRI!!! And it’s multi-use for eyes, face, and body. Now this is a makeup product that will give me a run for my money.

Good Pair Of Falsies

  • Ardell Lashes

Price: $6.90

We all know that a good pair of falsies is exactly what a look needs to come together. And Ardell Eyelashes offers the most astonishing false lashes. They are very easy to put on, and they don’t need adjusting.


  • L’Oreal Mascara

Price: $9.99

Mascara cosmetic item

L’Oreal Paris has created the best drugstore mascara ever. Trust me that Lash Paradise Washable Mascara will make the other products lose the run along the way. It’s waterproof and wearable through 24H.


  • NYX Lipsticks

Price: $6.00

LIPPIES  cosmetic

NYX is known for it’s amazingly worn makeup and specially their lippies.

They can survive everything, food, water, make out session, right about anything. NYX Matte lipsticks are the best-selling and its very clear why.

Fixer Mist:

  • Pixi Mists

Price: $15.00

Pixi Mists are very used and highly recommended by pros and beauty gurus and of course, we had to try for ourselves. And to be honest with you, I couldn’t be more surprised. It’s scented and works very well as a makeup fixer. And they are also very affordable.

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ur list of drugstore makeup has come to its end and I suggest you be on your way to get your items and try them out. We have an article that can help you discover your path through the long journey of becoming a pro. I’m sure you’ll like it.

*All the pictures were taken from the official websites of each brand.*



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