Comic-Con Fashion: All The Looks In The Convention

As we all know Comic-Con fashion has been a big part of all our outfit inspirations and we wait each year for it.

From the cast of Supernatural that made everyone cry with their overwhelming goodbye. To the Marvel panel that had many surprises for us. This year’s Comic-Con was as busy as it gets. And the fashion sense was as glorious as the convention itself.

This is a list of all the gorgeous ladies that attended the Comic-Con.

The 100 Panel:

eliza from the 100 and her Comic-Con fashion

In here we have the beautiful Eliza Taylor who plays Clark Griffin in the amazing TV show the 100. She is wearing beautiful striped shorts with a matching jacket and a plain white low cut Tshirt. It’s simple and it defines Comic-Con fashion perfectly. This is also Eliza’s first appearance as Eliza Taylor-Morley. Bob Morley’s new lovely wife and we even got to see them be all lovey-dovey around their friend Richard Harmon and thousands of their fans. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in her simple look?

The Riverdale cast outfit choices:

camilla mendes outfit

Starting off our list of Riverdale’s beautiful ladies with Camilla Mendes. Miss Veronica lodge sported a beautiful black tube top and a gingham knee-length shorts paired with a simple black high heels. She is the only one that can look super cute in an outfit as simple as this.

lili from riverdale and her Comic-Con fashion

Little Miss Reinhart shone is a gorgeous outfit. A grey dress with black straps and a pair of black sandals is all she needed to look this innocent. Even though she split from her boyfriend of two years Cole Sprouse, we still adore her.

madelaine's Comic-Con fashion

You all know that those two ladies don’t go anywhere without their red-haired friend Madelaine Petsch. And as you see she looks like nothing but absolute perfection. In an all-white buttoned dress and a pair of white heels, she managed to steal our hearts all over again with her angelic outfit.

The CW Ladies:

candice patton and her Comic-Con fashion

Candice Patton who plays Iris West-Allen was also is the convention alongside her castmates from the hit show The Flash. Who were super excited about Batman being in their show and Arrow’s last crossover in the CW. As you see she looks like a goddess in her colorful short dress. Do you see the front slit ??????? It looks PERFEEECT!!!!!!

Melissa Benoist's Comic-Con fashion

In the picture above we have one of The CW’s most beautiful ladies. Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh. Who both look as stunning as ever. Melissa in her red and white dress and Chyler who managed to pull off the green and the yellow outfit. Not all of us can say they have tried it.

Danai Gurira's bComic-Con fashion

This next lady is very known among us as Okoye from Wakanda. But this beautiful shot of her is from her panel with her The Walking Dead castmates. She wore an amazing white dress with a black lace front and a black skirt. And let me tell you she looked bellissima. Plus I just gave you a picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in all of his glory. Papa Winchester still rocks it doesn’t he ??

The MCU Comic-Con Fashion:

Scarlett Johansson's Comic-Con fashion

Now it’s the MCU’s ladies turn and we start off with the leader of the group Miss Scarlett Johansson. Just tell me do you see her tattoos? I do too and I’m 1000000000% in love with her. Her top is something we all wish to pull off.

Lizzie Olson's outfit

In addition to ScarJo getting her own movie, Lizzie Olsen managed to land her a role as her respected character Wanda Maximoff in a new mini-series called Wanda-Vision and a part with Benny Cumberbatch in his movie Doctor Strange. But we all are extremely interested in her gorgeous all-black outfit. Going against her character’s significant color red, and pulling off a Batman of us. Can’t say we don’t love it.

cast of thor love and thunder

Yes, it’s true. There will be a fourth Thor titled Thor: Love and Thunder. And Natalie Portman will portrait female Thor are you excited? Because I know I am. This picture captures both Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman looking as hot as hell in their mini dresses. Either Natalie’s flowered dress or Tessa’s gorgeous black and red long-sleeved dress. We would love nothing more than to rock either one of them.

You’re welcome on Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi’s presence in the shot.

New Marvel Faces:

angelina jolie's outfit

From old to knew, we were all surprised to know that Miss Angelina Jolie was cast in the movie the Eternals alongside Richard Madden. She assisted her colleagues in the panel wearing a simple off-shoulder black dress. With her signature low ponytail and simple makeup. And this lady understands clearly what we call Comic-Con fashion.

salma hayek's outfit

And now to the biggest surprise after the Blade’s reboot. Salma Hayek’s role in the movie Eternals. Marvel finally opened its eyes and understood that some old Hispanic sass is crucial to these films. And we can’t say that Salma didn’t impress for her first Comic-con with the MCU. She wore a beautiful black jumpsuit with a long skirt-like leather belt. I mean that’s a bit of a Strange (oh lovely! puns) thing to wear but Hayek pulled it off as always and managed to steal the lights.

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I’m extremely sad to say that this is the end of my article but don’t hold your breath I won’t be long gone.

*Pictures are from Tumblr*

Wakanda forever Babes…XOXO


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