Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In The U.S

After all the stress you went through while planning your wedding. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is going over the budget for the honeymoon. Well, fear not my dear. We put together a list of the most beautiful AND cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S.

Yes, you read that correctly. And yes there are a lot of hidden gems in the country, that will make for a perfect romantic honeymoon destination (and won’t leave y’all broke afterward). 

Call me cheesy but, I mean, what’s the importance of the place really? If you have your loved one right beside you <3.

Get ready to discover the cheapest, yet most romantic honeymoon places in the U.S. The best time of your life, without crossing any border!

P.S: Here are a few tips to pack for any trip!

Here’s a selected list of cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S.

Islamorada, Florida: Beach Honeymoon Destination

Source: instagram@cheecalodge&spa

Islamorada remains one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S for couples who want a tropical Carribean-like experience. The scenery in this Florida located village is to die for. Crisp white sands. And almost electrical blues and greens in the sea. As well as, of course, glorious palm trees.

For a newlywed couple, it’s a very tempting location. Lots of fun activities are on the list. You can go see dolphins & sea lions at the Theatre of the Sea. If you’re an aqua sports enthusiast you can discover the history of diving at the local Museum. Without forgetting to try kitesurfing at the gorgeous Anne’s Beach!

The best part about going to Islamorada for honeymoon is the wide range of choice for hotels, averaging at just 200$ a night! Also, it’s an incredibly romantic honeymoon destination!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado: Cheap Yet Romantic Honeymoon

Source: Pinterest@BessieYoungPhotography

We’ve given the beach people a cheap honeymoon destination in the U.S. Now we’re helping the mountain ones. If the view of snowy peaks, pine trees, and crystal clear lakes makes you happy. If you’re all about the outdoor life. Rocky Mountain is the destination you’re looking for! Book a room for $204 per night.

You can have a horseback riding tour of the National Park. Or if you prefer, hiking along the Dream Lake and admiring the scenery. There are also some fun activities for couples. For example, you can play a scavenger hunting game throughout the downtown area. And go watch the stars at night at an astronomy tour!

A simple, but an unforgettable honeymoon is awaiting…

Savannah, Georgia

Source: visitsavannah.com

This Georgia city is as beautiful as it gets! It’s perfect weather, the polished European-style parks. And let’s not forget the incredible sunset view from the Savannah River. Actually, if you’re looking for a serene love getaway with your spouse. Savannah is probably the most romantic-And cheap- honeymoon destination in the country. For just $153 per night.

Savannah is a dreamy place where you can go on a horse-drawn carriage across the picturesque historic district. Or have endless movie-like dinners at the different spots in the city, we recommend Elisabeth on 37th, a splendid early 20th-century mansion that houses a Southern-inspired restaurant. For wine lovers, the Oaks Winery offers year-round wine and cheese tasting along with enchanting musical events.

Savannah makes for a perfectly romantic place. In fact, given how the living cost is compared to the luxuries

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Sonoma, California

Source: instagram@hopmonksonoma

Sonoma, located at about an hour of San Francisco is a city with the charm of a small town. You can admire the historic buildings (that were built back in the 19th century). While they stand next to modern establishments. A relaxed, chill vibe is what reigns in there.

It’s more known for the countless excellent country wineries. If you want to recreate a Tuscany romantic honeymoon, go on a bike tour along the scenic roads of Sonoma. Dial it up a notch with one of the fun adventurous classes. Learn cooking, or enroll in a thrilling Formula 3 race car class. A cheap yet surely interesting honeymoon destination in the U.S.

Hotel rooms are averaging at $124 a night.

Also, don’t forget to pack these beauty essentials for a trouble-free trip.

Oahu, Hawaii: Cheap Tropical Honeymoon Destination

Photos from: instagram@vist.hawaii

Say Aloha to an exotic cheap honeymoon destination right in the U.S, that won’t require a passport! A first-choice beach honeymoon destination. This U.S island is home to the state capital, Honolulu. Visit the historic Chinatown, and don’t forget to take a look at the Pearl Harbor site museum!

Yet another mesmerizing beach honeymoon destination! Check out the natural preserve beach where you can swim with big but cute turtles, and see the iconic Diamond Head dormant volcano. The nightlife on this island is what summer dreams are made of, vibrant and VERY instagramable.

The only problem you’ll have while staying in Oahu is choosing which beach to sunbathe in because they’re all incredibly beautiful.

There are a lot of price ranges for hotels, which means that you can choose what suits you best. The average is $197.

Who would’ve expected Hawaii to be amongst cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S!

Palm Springs, California :

Source: instagram@visitpalmsprings

Palm Springs, a hot city with even hotter springs. A celebrity favorite, with stylish hotels and spas. Home to one of the most famous festivals in the world (if not THE most famous), of course, the Coachella festival. Which is held at the surrounding Coachella Valley. Where you can hike, bike and horseback ride along mountain & desert trails.

If vintage boutiques, interior design shops, and edgy restaurants are your thing, then first of all congrats you’re a couple that knows the trends. And second of all this city is definitely your cup of tea! There’s a lot to enjoy, and even a walk around the streets will feel nice. The hotel prices are at an average of 212$!

That’s why it made it to this list of cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S!

Cle Elum, Washington: Woodland Romance

The most popular destination in Cle Elum is Suncadia. A community and resort in Kittitas County, 80 miles east of Seattle. The area is as stylish as the name sounds. Carefully placed at the midst of Cascade Mountain forest, for the ultimate romantic woodland honeymoon! That’s why it made it to this list of cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S!

Take the stairway to the Cle Elum River. A unique place to celebrate your first moments as newlyweds. Wander around the forest with a full picnic basket, and let the beauty of the location guide you. While you’re having the most romantic getaway honeymoon. Honestly, this underrated cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S is one of the best.

Hotels in Cle Elum average at 248$ a night.

Sometimes, the best memories are made in unusual, unexpected places! No need for you to prepare a passport, or spend the entity of your savings in order to have a nice honeymoon. You can choose from these cheap honeymoon destinations in the U.S, for guaranteed fun, romantic and unforgettable getaway. Without falling in debt or breaking your balance.

But hey, we know that you didn’t expect some of the destinations on the list, and we hope we changed your mind about Paris, because honey buns, you don’t want to start off your new life chapter as a homeless couple, do you?

Oh, and one last thing, the featured image belongs to the gorgeous viviannn_v.


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