Celebrity Skincare Routine: Get That Hollywood Glow

It is very clear that celebrities have the best life. From money to fame, they have it all. But that comes at a small price. Being in the public eye 24/7. From waking up in the morning to then running errands, or going out for coffee with a friend. Paparazzi manage to find them where ever they go. And they are just humans like us. They won’t be prepared and camera ready at any moment of time. But to look as flawless as they look. They have strict diets and some serious skincare routines. In today’s article, I will tell you how celebrities with beautiful skin look so astonishing. Each of them has a special celebrity skincare routine. Some go overboard and some just do simple things to keep their skin glowing.

Get ready to turn into a Hollywood beauty with these celebrity skincare tips.

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Celebrity Skincare Routine: Elle Fanning

elle fanning skincare
Elle fanning skincare routine

Princess Aurora is one of the prettiest princesses. Elle who plays the role in the blockbuster Maleficent isn’t an exception.

Miss Fanning is famous for her natural looks and charming beauty. She doesn’t wear makeup and prefers enhancing her natural grace. So it’s only normal for her to lead our list for the day.

In her celebrity skincare routine, Elle doesn’t use a lot of products. Which is surprising. She let out the secret behind her skin. Saying that she does not sleep in her makeup. Which I know most of you do, including myself.

She also said that she just uses a lost of moisturizer during the day. Without forgetting her sunscreen when she goes out. Don’t you think that her skincare routine is super easy?

Celebrity Skincare Routine: Blake Lively

blake lively skincare

Little miss gossip girl has it all. From the glorious career to the best relationship with husband Ryan Reynolds.

What could make her better?? Having a gorgeous skin will. Mrs. Reynolds said in an interview for women that she liked having a good moisturizer.

Just like Elle, she appreciates the effects it has on the skin. Her time in L’Oreal laboratories helped her see the differences in the anti-aging studies. Which made her very keen on protecting her skin and caring for it.

Celebrity Skincare Routine: Phoebe Tonkin

pheobe tonkin
phoebe tonkin skincare

We all love Phoebe. From being a beautiful mermaid in H2O to being a werewolf/hybrid on both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

Her role as Hayley Marshall gave us an opportunity to see her in a more natural look. Phoebe admitted that she never had great skin, and she was very scared to go out with a bare face. But a diet changed Pheobe Tonkin skincare. And for girls like herself that could be very helpful.

She became more confident in her skin, and she started getting more and more involved with it and all is because of her celebrity skincare regime.

She even started using Chanel products in her celebrity skincare routine after she recently became a brand ambassador. We love her very much and would love to have skin like hers.

The Beautiful Margot Robbie

celebrity skincare routine
Margot robbie celebrity skincare routine

Now we go to another Australian beauty. Margot Robbie is one massive actress. With a filmography like hers, we can’t help but fall in love with her talent. She made us love a villain, and hate a simple housewife. So it’s only normal for her to have gorgeous skin. Margot claimed that she has experienced dryness and sensitivity.

So she dedicated her whole celebrity skincare routine to cleansing the skin and delivering as much hydration as possible. And that’s all to it. I mean that’s what she does to look that perfect. Do a good cleansing session. Hold my pen I’ll be right back!!

The Queen Victoria Beckham

VB does her celebrity skincare routine
How can I get glowing skin fast?

Mrs. Beckham does not hide her love for skincare. I mean we can figure that out just by looking at her pictures. The woman is an angel sent from Heaven. And I’m you all would agree with me on this.

But she wasn’t always like that. If you remember her back in the days, she had some very nasty acne scars. Which caused her to get the nickname “Spotty Spice” by the press.*Aoutch*

But now at the age of 45, she looks flawless. After seeing a dermatologist her skin settled down. And she wasn’t worried about covering up her acne anymore.

Mrs. British use a lot of luxury skincare products in her celebrity skincare routine for acne. Such as Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygenante, and Sarah Chapman Skinesis Stem Cell Collagen Activator. She pairs them with a strict diet and frequent visits to her facialists. She herself will launch a skincare and beauty essentials in her brand VBB.

The Gorgeous Miranda Kerr

skincare routine for miranda
What face wash do celebrities use?

To another Aussie, we have here Miranda Kerr. The Victoria Secret Angel is no stranger to beauty. She has the most adorable dimpled face ever. And we love her glowing skin.

Miranda said that you can’t take any shortcuts to get great skin. You have to work for it. The 36-year-old supermodel is very committed to organic products. She admitted that her glow is all because she uses a lot of Noni juice. I mean where can I find that Noni?!!!

She also has a regular dose of coconut oil. Her being a certified health coach gives her more credibility.

And when she couldn’t find any certified-organic products that delivered results, she created her own line: Kora Organics. To help other females find their glow, and we can’t thank her enough for it.

She know what, when, and how she’s doing her skincare. She said that “Healthy skin is beautiful skin!”. And we can’t agree more.

Camila Cabello’s Celebrity Skincare Routine

camilla cabello
celebrity skin routine

We love it when he calls her senorita. Miss Cabello is such a beauty. And no one can disagree. She has a signature celebrity clear skin. It is flawless and glowy and we envy that so much.

She has opened up about her skincare routine. Saying that having makeup all the time can take a toll on your skin. And that she; just the other; values the cleansing process. And loves her Honey moisturizer. She sometimes finds the time to do some face masks and clay masks. That sure is a recipe for a good summer glow up.

I mean if this is all she does to look that stunning in all her award shows and Tv appearances. Then why can’t we try it too?! Felicia GET MY DAMN PURSE WE’RE GOING MASK SHOPPING!!!

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This brings us to the end of my article for today ladies. I hope you enjoyed reading about your favorite celebrities’ skincare routines. And I hope you’ll try them yourself and mail me the results.

Write to you soon my dears…XOXO!


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