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You’ll Never Guess Which Celebrity Relationships Ended!

Relationships are always cute and adorable. So we only feel the need to go ‘awww’ when we see two celebrities lost in each other’s love.

Hollywood is full of lovebirds and couples that make us feel so lonely. Celebrity relationships are just something that makes the media so much cooler to check.

So here is our first list of Hollywood’s most loved couples of all time.

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’s Relationship:

Ex-Disney star Nick Jonas and Ex Miss world Priyanka Chopra first met in the Oscar’s Vanity Fair After-Party in 2017. But Nick was the first one to make the move ‘Dming’ her on Twitter.

When they first met in the After-Party and talked for a while. Nick got on one knee and asked Priyanka where she’d been for all his life.

If this doesn’t look like the start of an amazing Celebrity relationship I don’t know what does!!

The 11-year gap did not stop them from tying the knot on December 2018, in a huge two wedding ceremonies. A Christian ceremony and an Indian one to honor both traditions. She wore two gorgeous dresses that made her look like the astonishing Indian princess she is.

Aren’t they just adorable?

Celebrity Relationships: David And Victoria Beckham:

They may not be a part of the British royalty but to us they are royalty. The couple endured a lot during the years. David and Victoria met in 1997 during a game between Manchester United and Chelsea, and fell head over heels for each other.

They quickly became the IT couple and were considered Britain’s most powerful couple. They were married in 1999 and welcomed their first boy Brooklyn.

Their relationship got stronger by the time David moved to Real Madrid and Victoria Beckham left her band “The Spice Girls” to become a fashion designer. But they weren’t left untouched from the media.

The rumors started to ruin their perfect image. And cheating scandals began revolving around David and his Real Madrid assistant.

People started to say that Victoria ruined his career as a footballer. But little miss Spice was having none of it and her love along with her huge support for Mr. Beckham only grew larger than before.

With their perfect family of 3 boys and one little girl.

The Beckhams are one of the most astonishing families in the world. I mean they really have it all from fame to beauty, and we can’t help but love them.

The Royalty of the Celebrity relationships. Mr and Mrs Beckham.

Celebrity relationships

Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus’s Weird Relationship:

Miley is the real life representation of controversy. Ever since her break through 2013 people start asking “what the hell is she on?”. Can’t say that we know but we love her nonetheless.

The couple first met back in 2009 on the set of The Last Song, and they started dating in 2010. From that moment up to 2013 their relationship has been off and on which confuses the hell out of us. Then they broke off their engagement and Miley Cyrus had her big transition.

Cutting off her hair and changing her whole style was what made Miley pop more and made people see her as more than just Hannah Montana. She even made a song about Liam called Wrecking Ball.

That song got me through many of my own break-ups to be honest so big ups Mils.

But by 2016 they were back together and stronger than ever. Leading to their marriage on December the 23rd of 2018 after a 2-year-old engagement.

Even when the whole world said that Liam Hemsworth must be very embarrassed of having Miley as a wife. His respond was just a video of him singing Party In The USA and calling his wife.

Don’t they look just adorable in their wedding attire. I mean how lucky are they? She has Thor as her brother-in-law and Gale as her husband….He married Hannah FUDGING Montana !!! Ugh we just love them very much.

Unfortunately, all the good things must come to an end. As this wonderful couple called it quits. After a few months of their marriage. Miley spoke about their split in a series of tweets. After people started accusing her of cheating with one of her friends *kaitlyn Carter* who herself just split up from her husband.

Together or apart. We only want Liam and Miley to be happy.

 Celebrity relationships : Liam And Miley

Liza Koshy And David Dobrik’s Relationship:

We all know the famous Viners Liza and David go way back. Since their Vine days Liza Koshy and David Dobrik were bound to meet since they have a lot of mutual friends such as Gabbie Hanna, Scotty Sire, Alex Ernst and others.

David and Liza met in one of their many friends’ and shared their first kiss on a rooftop. David even gifted her a golden ring with a rock she took after their smooch as a reminder. Isn’t this adorable??.

celebrity relationship

Many people thought their relationship was just a simple stunt for the vlogs, but we can’t help but love their chemistry.

Sadly their relationship came to an end on the 4th of June 2018, when they uploaded a rather emotional video on the tube explaining how their emotional partnership was over.

I’m sorry about the thumbnail It’s super depressing and I’m crying now!

But they still see themselves as each other’s best friend. And that’s all we want. Just for them to be happy. Tho that doesn’t mean we aren’t secretly rooting for them to get back together.

They had the cutest Celebrity relationship out of all the other Celebrity relationships on our list for today.

Celebrity relationships

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Crazy Relationship:

This couple represents Hollywood’s most iconic celebrity couple. Seriously who doesn’t love Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds together. With Ryan’s sense of humor and Blake’s sarcasm the most awesome tweets and IG comments were born.

celebrity relationships

Their meeting:

They both met in 2009 in the set of Reynolds’s not so cool take on Hal Jordan in the DC movie “Green Lantern”. Ryan and Blake were nothing more than friends. As Mr.Reynolds was married at the time to the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson. And Blake used to go out with Gossip Girl costar Penn Badgley.

Their Story:

Green Lantern may have been a terrible movie and a wake up to Ryan telling him that he belongs in Marvel (We all knew that his X-Men’s Wade Wilson wasn’t all that astonishing, but HEY!! Some people deserve three chances instead of just two).

At least it gave us Blake and Ryan’s strong connection.

In 2010 when Blake broke it off with Penn and Ryan filed for divorce, it was finally the chance for the lovebirds to go on a date. But it was not your typical kind of date. It actually was a double date where Ryan was with another girl and Blake accompanied a man that was not Mr Deadpool. Weird right?

Yet as Ryan said it was extremely uncomfortable for their date as they both sent loving gazes for each other. Or as Ryan put it ” Fireworks coming from each of their sides” and he knew she was the one. I know…It’s so cute. They married each other on September 2012 and now have two adorable little daughters with a third child on the way. They really are one of Hollywood’s best Celebrity relationships

Their love is phenomenal…

Look at this amazing group of people! And seeing as Ryan and Blake’s beautiful faces weren’t enough… They blessed us with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman’s face. Both Mr Wolverine and Mr Mysterio look extremely pleased being next to their friend and his wife.

Do these come in wallet size ? Asking for a friend…

Celebrity relationships
We thank ET’s talented photographers for this amazing candid of Ryan Reynolds and his Wives.

The Iconic Couple Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Split UP ???

This next couple is by far the hottest celebrity couple to ever exist.

The Iconic Couple’s Early Years:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis met at the set of That 70s Show. Kutcher was 19 years old at time while Kunis was just 14 years old. And that made Ash Mila’s first kiss… I know, It’s so cute!!

The producers broke off their characters’ relationship, since Ashton resigned due to busy schedule.

celebrity relationship

Ashton then dated many fellow actresses before eventually marrying the 17 year-older Demi Moore. While Mila engaged herself in a relationship with Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin before breaking up after 8 years.

But that doesn’t mean that the hottest couple didn’t keep in touch. Mr Kutcher punked Mila in July 2005.

In 2011, both Ashton and his -now wife- had split from their partners. With alleged accusations of cheating from Ashton’s part.

The Lovers’ Reunion :

The pair reunited the year after (2012) in the 69th Golden Globe Awards.

Kunis admitted that she didn’t know him at first since his back was facing her. But that didn’t stop her from thinking he had a hot back and getting shocked once he turned.

They talked for a while then Ash ended up inviting her to his Hollywood Hills Housewarming Party. With intentions of setting her up with his friend. But that didn’t end up as planned and the pair had their first off-screen kiss.

They started their friends with benefits relationship in 2012. Funny enough that they made two movies the same year about similar relationships.

After Mila broke it off, Ashton came back the next day and asked her to move in with him. And she accepted, obviously.

Official Start Of The Famous Celebrity Couple:

By February 2014 this famous celebrity couple were engaged. And by May she revealed that they were expecting. She gave birth by September to their first daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

celebrity relationships

Now to their Ninja Wedding. The celebrity couple spoke about their wedding that took place in Oak Glen, California on the 4th of July 2015. After many attempts to throw off the paparazzi. What was very thoughtful of both of them is that they only got married after the homosexual people got their rights of getting hitched.

Split Up News ??

Some news has surfaced saying that Mila Kunis and Husband Ashton Kutcher are splitting up after 4 years of being married and longer years of knowing each other.

Allegedly it was said that Mila felt suffocated by the No strings attached actor. And that he had a ‘big dark secret’ that only came out and made Mrs Kutcher take her 2 kids and leave.

The couple addressed the rumors in the most Kutcher-y way possible.

This love story made our most loved actors to be the lead of all the Celebrity relationships.

Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse’s Relationship:

Let’s be honest…We all love Lili and Cole very dearly and we were super thrilled when we found out that they fell in love and got together.

View this post on Instagram

comment ‘ camila ‘ letter by letter ??

A post shared by Lili Reinhart (@vlilireinhart) on

The couple met at the set of Riverdale which was Cole’s come back to the acting industry after The Life Of Zack And Cody. And Cole was immediately smitten by Lili.

And just like their characters, Jughead and Betty the two ended up falling in love. But they made sure to torture us first before confirming their relationship.

Posting pictures of each other on Instagram with adorable captions. And it was only confirmed when he posted a picture of Lili on her birthday with the caption “Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love.” Isn’t this adorable ?

Or when Lili wished her boyfriend a happy Valentine’s Day

Their relationship was adorable and very fun apparently.

As Lili posed as a subject for Cole’s photo’s and being his inspiration.

In an interview Lili called Sprouse the smarted person she knows, and she admitted to how talented and driven he is. While he said that she is the one that pushes him to be his better self and that she inspires excellence out of him.

The End Of The Hottest Celebrity Couple:

But all the good things comes to an end and our beautiful lovebirds split up. Introducing us to one of the most shocking Celebrity relationships to end.

Based on credible sources it came to our knowledge that the couple broke up earlier this summer and that they are not living together this season.

And their Comic-Con appearance was a bit odd. As they tried to put as many castmates between them as possible.

And what made everything so sure is when they had separate interviews for W Magazine. Cole’s in the rooftop of the apartment that they both used to share. While Lili’s was in a coffee shop and this was what made the fan absolutely sure of their split.

And ofc Lils and Cole had to troll the whole situation by posting pictures from the shoot and captioning then to send a message to all the tabloids that claimed to know why they broke-up.

First it was Lili….

Then Sprouse quickly followed…

It absolutely hurts us to tell you this but Sprousehart is no more.

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You have reached the end on my article for the day and I can tell that you feel lonely by now… Trust me girl same! These celebrity relationships just called me single in 70 languages.

Anyways babes stay tuned for the second part of Celebrity Couples. It’s coming soon!



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