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Best Lifestyle Bloggers: What Makes Them Special

Hello dear readers. Your favorite author is back again with some new content. Our team came up with ideas of doing roundups about all sorts of stuff to try and help you make up your mind about your favorites. Today’s article my dears will be about the best lifestyle bloggers to follow.

I will share with you a detailed list and leave you for your work. *Wink-Wink*

Stay tuned for inspiring lifestyles and don’t lose focus. Our list for today will be very special.

Cherish 365 A Good Lifestyle Blog:

best lifestyle bloggers

This is Cherish 365. A blog founded by Jennifer Borget a new mom with huge dreams.

Jennifer strives to make the world a better place by inspiring others to do the same as well.

She has earned her place in our best lifestyle bloggers’ list with her amazing sections.

Her *Make a Difference* section is very motivating. And her bits of advice about all the motherhood related stuff for women are very helpful. And much like most of the best lifestyle bloggers she only wants to please her readers.

Borget’s vision and passion are what make her lifestyle blog one of the best.

Amy Has A Dallas Wardrobe:

lifestyle fangs

Amy Havins is a beautiful mother from Dallas. And she is the person behind the successful lifestyle blog Dallas Wardrobe.

She aims to distinguish herself as a personal shopper in Dallas with a very good blog and brand.

And with being the devoted mother she is. Amy has a whole section for her child called “Baby” where she tells us the latest things about her son Ralph.

Sharing with us her routines in taking care of her beautiful baby boy. What she likes to dress him up in. She even shared with us his very first valentine’s school party.

Don’t you think her son has a beautiful name?? We guess so too!!

Thirteen Thoughts‘ Lifestyle Blog That saved a life?


This next best lifestyle blogger on our list is very special.

Thirteen Thoughts wasn’t made for the same reason the others’ were. This blog was created as a relieve for its owner.

Paula is the main creator of Thirteen Thoughts. When she was struggling with depression she picked up photography as a way to try and deal with her mental issues.

And as she started healing and evolving the blog evolved itself with her. It started as just a beauty blog. Posting makeup tips for women and all the other stuff related to beauty.

But with time it became so much more than that. For both her and her readers.

For her, it became a space where she could share her self growth and her personal development. In an attempt to help others who are struggling with the same problems.

Thirteen Thoughts has grown with Paula and she made her blog a platform for all women. Making her one of the best lifestyle bloggers to follow.

Inspiration Indulgence Is The Way To Do It:

personal blog

Chelsea Korpi is a high school counselor and fashion enthusiast from Wisconsin. She created this lifestyle blog in 2014 to document her travel trips with her husband.

But as she saw the genuine and empowering community that her blog created. She became more aware of the importance Inspiration Indulgence has.

She started using her platform as a way for women to be their better selves.

Giving them makeup tips and good fashion style to help their physical growth just like her “Self” and “Lifestyle” does for their mental and emotional growth as well.

Lifestyle Blog: Hannah Gale

best bloggers to follow

Hannah Gale Manifesto is an ex-digital editor and journalist who chose to become a full-time blogger.

She figured out how passionate she is about what she does. And she decided to make her own platform to share her experiences, thoughts and even the darkest corners of her mind. In an attempt to help all women evolve.

Hannah Gale is not just a platform for her to showcase her love for fashion and beautiful designs.

Her blog is for women and for girls that need help with anything. she provides them with skincare tips, outfits ideas, hair tips, and also makeup tips.

But that isn’t it. Hannah tries to help her audience’s mental health as well. Trying to give them as much information as she can about all the issues that she and her audience may share.

Hello Hannah!

hello hannah

Hannah created Hello Hannah as a way to escape her boring life as she had a 9-5 job, and was in desperate need of a creative outlet.

Hannah is a very loving blogger that shares with her audience all the things she knows.

She even owns a Youtube Channel where she posts reviews about cruelty-free products with her being a huge animal lover who owns two dogs.

But that is not it. Hannah co-founded the Talk Show “The Vegan View” alongside her three best friends. As a platform to share vegan tips and recipes with her community.

A Piece Of Toast? Yes, Please!

a piece of toast

A Piece Of Toast is a special lifestyle blog created by two incredible women and not just one. Sally and Molly Bernadette are the oldest between their many siblings who grew up in Kansas City.

Sally the mother of a two-year-old child and Molly the mother of two Pups. They both moved to Dallas to be able to co-run this incredible lifestyle blog.

Their love for pretty packaging, plush interiors, great fashion, and yummy food is what drives them to post amazing and unique content for their audience.

They make our best lifestyle blogger list for women because they are driven by something they both adore and are very passionate about. Which makes their content so much intimate and sincere.

We All Love Taza!

love taza

Love Taza is a blog created by Naomi. After she married her college sweetheart Josh. And as a way to share her trips and her beautiful newlywed life with her friends and family she started this blog.

But ever since she had her 5 children she dedicated her lifestyle blog to celebrate motherhood and family.

She shares with her beautiful community her motherhood experience. We all know she’s had many since she has 5 kids with different ages.

She doesn’t stop there. Taza shares her family trips and her recipes with her audience as well. Making them familiar with her stunning family and seeing them all as her friends and supporters.

And for these reasons, she won her spot in our best lifestyle bloggers’ list

Jess Ann Kirby The New England’s Beauty:


Next in our best bloggers to follow list for women is Jess Ann Kirby. The blog that was created by none other than Jess Ann Kirby. (No pun intended)

She was born and raised in the Coastal New England town of Newport. So, it was only natural for her to develop a huge love for the ocean and the outdoors.

She is not just any normal blogger though. Jess studied journalism and women’s studies. She, also worked in HR consulting for 5 years while she lived in both LA and New York City.

Because of her struggles with a lack of passion and purpose. She decided alongside her partner Craig to leave their 9-5 jobs, move back to New England and start JessAnnKirby.

Say Hello To Our Hej Doll!

hey doll

The lifestyle blog that will conclude our best lifestyle bloggers’ list for today is a very special and cute website.

Jessica Doll is a photographer, avid traveler and a very stylish Mommy who lives in the beautiful Golden City of San Francisco.

She has a passion for good design and has a great taste. As it is very clear in her pictures.

She started her blog for women. Because she wanted to share her favorite things with her audience. And we can’t thank her more for doing that.

She chose the name “hej doll” as a cute nod to her Danish roots. Seeing as “Hej” sounds and means “Hey” in danish. So she decided to add in her last name “Doll” to make the name more personalized. And we very much like it so that was a good call, Jessica.

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We reached the end of my humble roundup. I hope you enjoyed my special list of best bloggers to follow. All these talented and passionate ladies make me believe that God really is a woman (Hey Ariana, We love you)

Write To You Soon Babes… XOXO


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