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Best Ab Workouts For a Summer Body!

You will find here the best workouts to have the summer abs you’ve always dreamed of.

But first of all, let’s set something clear.

Working out, what a fun activity! You sweat, your muscles hurt. You feel like you are going to suffocate. Torture is a small word to describe the feeling of running 8 miles. Lifting 30 pounds on your chest and “trying” to do push-ups. I mean come on, don’t you wish to have a whole workout composed only by stretching? 


Can we talk about gyms? Big crowded places full of people so good looking they might have been shaped by Michaelangelo. And how sweet is this feeling of inferiority when a 17-year-old can do 50 crunches in a row when you are still feeling dizzy from yesterday’s workout.


 But you have to go to the gym to tone those abs and get that summer body. Because (let’s be honest) you lost yourself in Chinese take-outs. And Burger king coupons for free fries this year. You literally look like you are about to give birth to a Mutant Ninja Turtle, NOT EVEN THE GOOD LOOKING ONE!

But don’t you worry about a thing, we heard the cries of your cardiovascular system. 


So here is a  12 minutes-30 day home workout that will save your bikini body!

​​​ Upper Ab workouts

Dumbbell crunches

One of the best Ab workouts is Dumbbell crunches!

You can use for this workout a small dumbbell you will be holding between both of your hands.

Lay on your back. Put your hands on top of your head and keep them likewise. You will then slowly curly your upper back upfront and start reaching for the ceiling.

To have a clearer idea. Picture a little baby laying on his back trying to reach something on top of him.


Time: 40 seconds/ 15 seconds rest x3

Russian twist

For this workout, you will need a dumbbell.

For this Ab workout, You will start by sitting down, back straight. Abs tight. Hold the dumbbell as close as possible to your chest.

Lift up your legs and bend them to about 45°. 

You will be doing small crunches. By the time you lift up your back. Hold still, twist left and right (keeping those abs as tight as possible) and continue likewise.

Best workout: Russian twist

Time: 45seconds/ 15 seconds rest x3

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How can we forget the good old crunches? 

You will only need motivation to do them.

Best workout: Russian twist




Instructions: Keep your abs tight and back straight. Set a focus point on the wall for example to your head straight.

20 crunches/ 10 seconds rest x 3

Lower Ab workouts

Mountain Climber

 Set your body push-up style.

 Lift your knee to your abdominal, hold still for 2 seconds then move on to the other knee.

Time: 30 seconds / 10 seconds rest x4

Twist mountain climbers

Just like a regular mountain climber.

 Set your body push-up style.

 Lift your knee to your abdominal. This time you will twist and hold still for 2 seconds then move on to the other knee.

Time: 30 seconds/ 10 seconds rest x4

If you follow all the instructions above very carefully we guarantee you results within the first 10 days!  

No more excuses for working out!


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