Beauty Gurus As Relatable Moods

Alright, so the beauty industry has been quite controversial lately. With all the feuds going on, sisters being dissed, cosmetic lines flopping… It’s a mess. Youtube beauty gurus are quite extra if you ask me, they would each do the craziest things for the sake of entertaining content. But to be fair, they’re TALENTED people regardless. And it’s a good enough reason to appreciate their individual skills and just what makes them that special. Because no, Youtube beauty channels are not as overrated as you would think.

They’re relatable more often than not, and we LOVE that. they feel like people we would actually know in real life. The funny ones, the extra ones, the glamorous ones and then there’s the all of the above.

Starting it with the glam-no-matter-what, the gorgeousness that is Nikkie Tutorials:

beauty guru Nikkie tutorial

Okay, so weird flex but I knew her since day one. However, most people turned their attention to her after she did the viral Power of Makeup video.

The dutch 25-year-old makeup artist does her looks like Bob Ross does his paintings: with such love for art and creativity. What differentiates her from other beauty gurus is that she is just all about the GLAM, and she makes every product blend into her work of art. Makeup for her is more than just applying makeup products to our faces, it’s a way of expressing ourselves. As some of her creative looks show. She’s very, I mean VERY, talented. Here take a look:

If you’re-like us- living for that artsy full-face glam, Nikkie is the guru you’re looking for. Kim K and Drew Barrymore would definitely agree. With her, even the daily looks can be Glamorous. Which, I find truly liberating.

Hi how are ya, we’re now gonna talk about Jeffree Star being the SAVAGE queen he is.

jeffree star

The OG influencer, with one of the biggest beauty guru channels ever (as if there’s a need to introduce him). Jeffree owes his big follower/subscriber base to -of course-his hilariously savage content. He’s basically a human embodiment of sass. He reviews products for you in the most unapologetically honest way. No fear of throwing shade or spilling tea, keeping all of us that are thirsty for the drama well fed. Dissing everyone who goes out of their lane, calling out quite clearly NAMES and BRANDS. Why? because he doesn’t need any of that. Jeffrey has a “Thank u, next” attitude in every single one of his videos and honestly, we live for it!

See for example, if the beauty gurus community does a “ full face of brands I hate” what will he do? you may wonder. He’ll do a “ full face of brands that hate me”. Like the attitude on this man I can’t-

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When you know too much. ☕️

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Oh, and let me tell you one more thing, Jeffree will make you feel hella poor. But you won’t even be mad about that.

Okay next is…

It’s none other than the most EXTRA beauty guru: James Charles. ba dum tss.

beauty guru j charles

Sister sure lost a few followers and subscribers ( okay a lot ) amid Tati friendship breakup. His channel even became the fastest to lose subscribers and followers (including Kylie) among all beauty gurus. But hey, as long as you apologize for your mistakes we forgive you, James.

Anyway so I was saying, he’s that type of friend that would fake laugh to your lame jokes, just to make you feel more comfortable. He’s also that one person in school who would bring their light rings to graduation to make the highlighter pop. Like, he really did that I didn’t make it up.

He’s just THAT over the top.

Our favorite thing about James though is, of course, his ability to be himself and encouraging other people to be true to themselves. At least that’s how he started his career.

*sips tea in beauty guru*

sips tea

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Wrapping up the beauty guru moods with the definition of no filter needed: Jackie Aina

beautiful b guru

She’s such a fearless woman. She won’t have any of it if anyone tries to tell her what’s she’s supposed to be doing. Jackie celebrates her the way she wants to. She’s telling the world honey Imma do me so just do you! 

She’s just real about who she is. Now I’ll tell you what’s it like watching her videos. It genuinely feels like talking to a good friend. She’ll support you and inspire you to be more free. But she’ll give you a wake-up slap when you mess up you know what I mean?

Being a black woman, she inspires people with dark skin (and everyone else tbh) to drop those silly beauty standards and just speak themselves.

Tell us who you thought was the most accurate one, who do you relate to the most. Or you can just share who you would’ve added to the list. K she leaving bye.


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