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8 Best Reasons to Start Journaling

 Human beings are very complex creatures. Not only are they complex, but they are also weak and vulnerable. Regarding their developed bodies and intellect, they face a bigger issue: Mental health. The human mind is an incredible machine, but far from being perfect. It connects all the organs together and controls every single move and actions our bodies do. But this is only the physical aspect of it. There is another side to this coin: mental health. Some people like to refer to mental issues such as depression and anxiety as “ being dramatic” or “ too sensitive” or even “ attention-seeking”. They do not believe that mental issues are real diseases that make the lives of millions of people quite hard to bear. And this can be one of the reasons to start journaling.

The worst enemy we can possibly have is ourselves, our minds

What is journaling?

Journaling is the action of keeping a journal or a diary. It usually involves writing down the course of your day. What did you do? How were you feeling that day? and so on. It is often done at night, at the end of the day or early in the morning. Said like that, journaling might seem like a daily homework that has to be done. When in fact it is a therapeutic session of self-reflection and meditation.

I have been keeping a journal for every year for 5 years now. When going back to them. I realize how much I evolved as a person and reflect on thoughts and actions that were tormenting me in the past. And helped me with my depression.

So if you are struggling with past trauma, depression, anxiety, or just want to write down what you are feeling. 

Here are 8 reasons why keeping a journal is the best therapy for you.

1. Journaling helps in processing past experiences and events 

Reasons to start journaling are numerous, one of them is processing events that had an impact on us. Some events are hard to share with someone, even your therapist. Keeping them to yourself will do you no good. Write them down! Journaling, you will allow your mind to process them, reflect on them and thus find a solution or just relieve yourself from some the weight that had been holding you down.

2. Creating a safe space 

We fear judgment, and this keeps us from opening up. One of the best reasons to start journaling is that it will give you the opportunity to create your own safe space where no one will be judging and thus allow you to empty your mind of all the thoughts and the feeling that consume you daily. And we don’t want that, because your mental health matters!

Your journal will become your best friend, your ally, your confidant.

3. Helps to keep memories 

One of the best reasons to start journaling ( daily especially) is to keep track of important events and moments you will want to go back to.

4. Boosts creativity 

Whether you are a creative person or not, keeping a diary will help you explore the inner artist that resides in you! Remember your Diary is your safe space. So journaling doesn’t have to be all sentences where you describe your day. It can contain draws, poems, collages, pictures anything that makes you comfortable! The more you customize your journal, the more creative and comfortable you become! And isn’t this a good reason to start journaling?

5. Doesn’t have to be a daily routine.

Diary/ journals can be kept daily or not. It all depends on your mood. Don’t feel obliged to write every day. Remember, your diary is YOUR safe and secret place. YOU get to chose when you want to journal. But believe me, once you start, it’ll just become a habit. And you’ll feel good about it.

6. Reflect on yourself

When keeping a journal, people tend to shift views or split from their personal opinions to have more insights into their actions and thoughts. It is like being judged in a trial. The only thing different is that you are the judge, the defendant, the lawyer, and the jury.

7. Journaling is the best stress reliever 

Just like a stress ball, your journal can be a great way to relieve you from your stress. You can doodle or write down what you are feeling. And then just scruble on it. So why not making this a reason to start journaling? Just remember to be careful, you don’t want to ruin your journal!

8. You might discover new things about yourself

One of the reasons to start journaling is when Making writing a regular habit. You might discover hidden talents you never knew about before. When your mind gets used to it, it automatically evolves your thinking, the way you see things, the way you analyze. And who knows. You might become the new Charles Dickens

In the end, as Natalie Goldberg said :

“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.” 


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