7 Travel Destinations You HAVE to Visit This Summer

Hello Summer! You can now take your swimsuit out of the closet, put some sunscreen on and enjoy the sweet taste of SUMMER. Whether you are working or not, Summer has this vibe that no one can resist!
So if you have been looking for travel destinations for this summer, here are the best ones!

Summer travel destinations:

Travel destination: Italy

– Italy

How can we start this without mentioning ITALIA?!

Home of Ceasar. Italy has always been a go-to destination for years now. With over 40 Museums only in Rome, beautiful rides on gondolas in Venice, as well as beautiful chapels in Milan.

 Let yourself merge into the culture that inspired most of Dan Brown’s best novels!

Motherland of both the Renaissance and European revolution, Europe’s Boot-looking country is not only a source of art and culture, but is also a source of goods for you amateurs of cheese, wine, and real Italian food!

Going back home, only one sentence will be recited over and over again: Veni, Vidi, Italiam!
I came, I saw, Italy!



One of the best summer travel destinations this year is Japan! Country of the rising sun, this centuries-old Island has been one of the trendiest travel destinations for years now!

Over the years, Japan managed to not only keep its culture and traditions but also develop its economy with technology.

Not only will you be able to visit temples and get closer to the Japanese culture but will also get to see how evolved technology is there. And also meet different people out there

From both cosplay fans to Harajuku and also genderless communities, Japan is truly another planet!


Travel destination: Morocco


If Japan is the country of the rising sun. Morocco is the country of the setting sun.

This Northen African country is known for both its diversity and cultural background.

Fall in love with the raw beauty of Marrakech, as well as visit the most famous movie sets in Ouarzazate, and also drink countless cups of mint tea in Tangier.

Without forgetting the beautiful blue pearl Chefchaouen! And, eat one of the highest-ranked cuisines in the world!

Also, the words Tajine, Couscous, and Harira will sound like a delightful melody to your ears once you come back home! 




The archipelago of Indonesia counts more than 15 islands. Within these, there is one that has been rising: Bali.

The Island’s name means “ the supreme power”, well let me tell you that when you step foot there, you can feel this power. 

Mesmerizing beaches, beautiful temples, as well as sanctuaries are waiting for you there. 

In addition to this, there is the generosity and the hospitality of its people and the beautiful stars dancing with you at night between palm trees.

Summer travel destinations:


Travel destination: Turkey


If you were looking for a melting pot of cultures, then Turkey won’t disappoint you! Located between Europe and Asia, It is best known for its glorious history with the Ottoman empire.

The Blue Mosque is not only one of the most visited religious monuments in the world, but also one of the oldest ones in the world!

Let’s not forget the delicious food! You will finally get to tase those Turkish delights you have been craving since watching Narnia! And also eat shawarma and all the delicious street food you can find for less than a dollar in local markets!

With its beautiful resorts and sceneries, Turkey will conquer your heart!




The country of silver has been a land of wonders and revolution.

Be amazed by the coast of Patagonia, home of elephant seals, penguins, fur seals, as well as sea lions

Or flamingos found in the north of the country, and the Iguazu falls!

Without forgetting the amazing wine and architecture present in Buenos Aires.

Oh, Can we talk about tango? Argentina is the home of tango which is a sensual partner dance that first appeared in the 1880s.

This country is a must summer travel destination! I mean come on, who doesn’t want to go there?

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Travel destination: Zanzibar


This island located in southeast Africa is a land of surprises! Lose yourself to what nature can offer you.

Safaris, forests, crystal clear waters that are waiting to be explored! Zanzibar is full of beautiful unknown species that will fascinate you!

Don’t forget to scuba dive in those mesmerising turquoise water and meet the most friendly sea turtles!

From the beaches of Nungwi to the Christ Church in Stone Town. You will feel blessed!


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